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  1. Somebody’s had the intake pipe off & didn’t put clamps back on
  2. What is that on the end of the exhaust?
  3. Well what was the problem? Did you get it fixed?
  4. My condolences for your grandpa. i see you got your fire truck back up and running
  5. Couldn’t it be just in the shifter knob?
  6. I know they ride good, compared to regular camelback What is TB&A box’s?
  7. Wouldn’t think they would have those on a dump truck
  8. How does those plastic strips work?
  9. Why wouldn’t you just drove it home? Take a little longer & little extra fuel but cheaper than hauling
  10. Very nice looking truck. Bobtailing them dogs are very responsive; not sayin you don’t have problems
  11. Looks like a ford next to it; both look like possibly 8V-71’s
  12. No argument but I still stand for what I posted.
  13. Hossiers, want never forget, we had a set & didn’t know back then to check measurement (circumference?) around the tire. Anyways 1 tire was 5/8” taller. Car would leave toward guard rail. Hard to steer when front tires in the air for 60’. O what fun we had
  14. Never seen a Mack that needed or wanted that many rpm’s. That sounds like driving a 2 stroke Detroit.
  15. It’s beautiful; I thought it had the purple color but my eyes aren’t real good anymore.
  16. My local Mack dealer sold the original bostrom seats real reasonably (high back). But that has been several years ago.
  17. Didn’t have any idea; I have seen the movie. Sounds rough!
  18. Most of those breakers are the same; swap them around & see if that fixes it. If does that breaker is weak. Mark it with something so you know which is which
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