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  1. I have this gauge in my collection, I re-purposing it for a 761 Brockway... Tom
  2. Here is a copy of the factory brochure on Huskidrive... The engine in my 68 360 Brockway came out of a 69 361 Huskidrive Brockway and it's an NHCT 270 (like mentioned above...)
  3. Thanks 57 bcr. The reference to the Bolus story in the Oct 76 issue was in the Sept 76 issue with this cover... The dealer was actually called "Key Brockway"
  4. Does anybody have a copy of the October 1976 issue of Overdrive magazine? In the Sept issue, they mention there is going to be a full write up on Bolus Brockway in Scranton / Dunmore PA. Just trying to see if this story ever made the October issue. Here is a pic of the cover... Thanks, Tom
  5. The 16th Annual Brockway Truck show is coming up this weekend, Aug 6-9. If you are interested in coming up for one day, Saturday is the day. My Dad's truck was fortunate enough to be picked as the Truckers Choice last year so it was used for the posters and dash plaques. If you are able to attend make sure you stop by and say hello...
  6. Hi Freightrain... It looks like he was able to salvage the bearings from another column. But I believe you are correct, the steering wheel tightens against a spring which in turn preloads the bearing and keeps tension on it. Tom
  7. Does anyone know if steering column bearings are still available for B models? I have a friend restoring one now and he need to replace the bearings in the steering column. I believe they are called radial / thrust (or axial) bearings. Here is a pic... The ID is 1.00" and the OD is 1.665". There are no markings on the bearing. When I made a new column for my Dad's 361 Brockway, the bearings were NICE 515. They have the same ID but our OD was 2.00" Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Tom
  8. Hi Sam... I found the clutch fork you need. You can PM me for more info. I tried sending you an email through the Brockway message board, not sure if it went through. Tom
  9. Hi guys... That is a 1954 147WL... I actually bid on that truck on eBay about 14 years ago. Here is a link that I posted over on the Brockway site last year. http://www.brockwaytrucks.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4364 At first look I would think its a 1955 or 1956 based on the 'B' on the grill guard but in the truck paper it was listed as a 1954. If you have any other questions, just let me know... As for the cab windows, it depended on the model. Some had them, some didn't. Tom
  10. Hi Bigdogtrucker... Are you close to the 358 Brockway? I'm just curious what the serial number is. The (2) earliest 358's we have on record are serial numbers 64048 and 64315. You mention the 200 series dash, so is the speedometer in the middle of the dash or over the steering column? Thanks, Tom
  11. I believe the truck is still available...
  12. That truck is located near me and I don't believe it's for sale...
  13. Here is a link to some additional pictures of the Brockway prototype... http://www.brockwaytrucks.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?p=9481 In the Brockway museum, on the upper level, there are a dozen sketches displayed of this prototype that were donated by the original artist...
  14. Careful Maddog!!! I happen to know the Brockway guy who put Bondo on his fifth wheel plate!! And he may be at Macungie!! Tom
  15. Where did you get the LED's to retrofit to old incandescent lamps? I would like to convert a pair of round Signalstats...
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