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  1. Early 60's heavy

    That is a cool KW. Andy
  2. Mal must really be cracking the whip over there, no time for a BMT update? Andy
  3. Cummins tach drive

    I'm glad you brought them up, I will probably give them a ring next week. I was trying to remember them before, when I was after parts. They seemed to be a good, old school shop. I may bring the truck up there when it's done and have them check the engine over. Thanks, Andy
  4. 68 u or dm mixer

    It looks like a 400 badge in the picture of the drivers side, but it is hard to tell, and who knows if it is correct. Andy
  5. I am fixing up a 1969 International F210D semi- tractor with a small cam Cummins, after going through all the work to get it fixed up, I would hate to have it burn up because I reused the old wiring. I m thinking the 15 curcuit American Autowire kit I provided the link to should do the job as well as provide me with options to add other things in the future. I would think that aside from modifications to operate the fuel pump shut off as opposed to ingnition, it should be a relatively easy install. Has anyone used one of these kits, if so do you have any pointers? Also, is anyone aware of a harness more suitable to this type of application? I have used a painless kit in the past for a car with good results, but I believe they have become a little overpriced over the years. Andy
  6. Cummins tach drive

    I have a 1968-1969 Cummins NHCT-270 in an off-brand truck, it seems to have a regular old PT pump on it. The factory mechanical tach is junk and I would like to get a new Stewart-Warner to replace it. Is there any way to tell if I need the 1:1 type or the 1:5 ratio? I'm totally clueless as to how I would figure this out so, I'm hopeful that someone here has run into this. Thanks in advance, Andy
  7. Are you still lettering, or retired? A friend of mine used to use a guy name Carl Klouse (I'm sure the spelling is wrong). He was on the north shore of Mass, but I believe he got sick and retired. Andy
  8. B-model ladder truck

    Seems reasonably priced. Andy
  9. CAT on it's back

    What does the IH have for a engine? I wish you were closer to me, I'd have you "fluff up" a couple of my projects if you wanted. Andy
  10. 1978 Autocar DC 87

    Craigslist has become a favorite hangout of people with no money, but big dreams. That is the biggest problem with CL. To me you have it priced low, I suspect you will find a good buyer quickly. Andy
  11. 1941 Mack NO

    Wow, that is an interesting looking rig, very cool. Andy
  12. 1948 ford f1

    Nice, I've never been much of a Ford guy, but that is a sharp truck. Andy
  13. Got up to Maine

    Hey Paul, that is terrible about your sister in law and the animals. If you want post or PM the address, I have a good friend who may be interested in the entire property. Andy
  14. Not to disagree, because it may not work, but sometimes you can weld stuff like this, I'd try it. I would media blast it and grind the area needing to be welded, than put some heat to it and then blast and grind again. To me it would be worth a shot, but Id try to find a guy who is used to welding contaminated metals (fuel tanks come to mind). Andy