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  1. Congrats, looks like a good start. If you can, keep us updated as the project gets underway. Andy
  2. Thank for the explanation Paul, many people consume garbage opinion shows as news and use it to shape an inaccurate world view. I assume it is not an issue that is unique to the US, but it runs rampant on the extreme ends of both our political parties. I’m sure Australia is a great place, I hope to visit it some day. Andy
  3. What kind of awful news source would compare Australia to communist China, or try to tell you the country is under a dictatorship? Maybe Fox? The MSM is very good at spinning world events and statistics to fit their chosen narrative. I like the way Tucker tells you how few cases they have, and how the serious way they have responded to the pandemic has worked. Then makes fun of the policies that have worked, lol. How stupid is his audience?
  4. Hayseed my comment was sarcastic, I would never make that comparison in a serious way. The post above mine made that comparison and I was making fun of it.
  5. Keyboard warrior mode fully engaged.
  6. Yeah Paul, you read it wrong, it’s not a put down. It’s just that your country is similar to Nazi Germany. Lol. In all seriousness, being that we have people here that are boots on the ground of sorts. What is your take? Some opinion news sources here have been highly critical of Australias response, what are you actually seeing?
  7. This is my favorite one, notice the date in the lower left corner.
  8. You are obviously under no obligation to post anything to support your opinion. I’m simply engaging with something you posted on a public forum, nothing to get worked up about.
  9. I’m not at anyone’s throat at all. Slow day at work and I just asked a question. I think a lot of the content in this thread is funny.
  10. Change my mind on what? If you substituted Biden for Trump in that quote I’d think it was equally ridiculous. There are a lot of things to dislike about Biden or any politician, a nameless quote is hardly the building block of an interesting discussion. I’m just pointing out the lack of thought in that quote. If I quoted a editorial article from a Canadian (for example) newspaper that said Trump was awful, would that change your mind? I could surely dig something up, but it would be meaningless. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, just asking some questions and trying to understand. If it is a meaningless or fake quote, that’s cool it is sort of comical. If it’s real, I think it reasonable to want to know the full context and understand the point of view.
  11. Can you provide a link to an actual quote, or is this just humor made to simulate real information?
  12. Your right, the writer didn’t say flawless, and I should have conveyed my point better without mis-representing what was actually said. My interpretation is that mentioning the positive results, and not mentioning anything negative that the author is being somewhat lazy and sensationalistic. The writer claims to have been told that capitalism is “an oppressive system designed to keep people down”. That is such a broad statement that it has no teeth. My point of questioning the source of the statement was to nail down who said it and in what context, because that does change things. Is it something a known politician actually said or is something a opinion news writer crafted to frame an opposing argument? Is it possibly an unfair or dishonest representation of an opinion? I don’t know the premise that Bernie and his supporters operate under, honesty I’m not familiar with his policies as I didn’t seriously think he would get the nomination. Assuming your take is accurate, I would agree that they as well aren’t engaging in a good faith discussion that is likely to generate anything positive. My take on Bernie is he feels the results for many in our capitalist society are that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, as you stated. Evidence probably does exist to support that claim, but the system being designed for that purpose is likely not the case. I don’t know if The Bernie people as a collective believe that. It would seem to be a very important distinction, saying the entire system is broken and is designed to work against most of the country is a big claim. If the premise is that they believe they have ideas that could help make the system work better for us, those would be ideas that I’d atleast be willing to listen to. They very well could be bad ideas, but listening can’t hurt. As our economy evolves with technology, so must the laws and the checks and balances we use to keep capitalism working as it has for so long. I appreciate the conversation as well, and I did enjoy the article. It was interesting, I had heard the term gaslighting before. I knew roughly what it meant but not the origin, it makes a lot more sense now. Thanks.
  13. I can illustrate my perspective a bit on one of the topics, and it is probably one that we can mostly agree upon. Here is a quote from the article relating to capitalism. “Capitalist countries are the most prosperous countries in the world. The standard of living is the highest in capitalist countries. We see more poor people move up the economic ladder to the middle and even the wealthy class through their effort and ability in capitalist countries than any other economic system in the world, but we are told capitalism is an oppressive system designed to keep people down. So, we ask ourselves, am I crazy? No, you’re being gaslighted.“ If I was to have a discussion with the writer I’d virtually agree without question to the first half of this paragraph. I’d want them to elaborate on who in fact is claiming capitalism it self is inherently oppressive. I’d want to point out that there are times that capitalism can not work as well for some of us as it does for others. Many reasons surly exist for this, but pretending it is a flawless system is unproductive. There were many workers in this country during the industrial revolution that worked themselves to death to die in debt. For all of the examples of people lifting themselves up with capitalism there are also many with the opposite result. This is why most in this country have unemployment insurance, social security, workers compensation, etc. That doesn’t mean capitalism isn’t the best system, I firmly believe it is. But the underlying goal of the writer is to paint every criticism of capitalism or attempt to make it more equitable for some as a promotion of socialism. Many people know and history shows us that Capitalism needs some degree of regulation. What people need to be debating and educating themselves on is to what degree are regulations needed. The free market needs to exist and flourish without being bogged down with too much regulation, and a common goal should be that hard working people aren’t left in the dust. It’s a complicated question and it is not an issue that can be decided hastily. Not accepting the writers oversimplification isn’t gaslighting, it’s simply recognizing that the topic requires much more consideration. We can debate the merits of regulation that should or shouldn’t be implemented, that would likely be productive. Having one side want to de-regulate everything and the other side roll the dice with socialism is a non-starter. There is too stark a difference between those two ideas that approaching any common ground would be impossible. The funny part is, that I bet common ground would be easily found between the majority of citizens. The focus should be on the majority of the citizens as opposed to the far ends of each party.
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