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  1. B77 -CL

    Definitely seems like alot of money, but still cool. Andy
  2. B77 -CL

    What a sharp looking truck, alot of potential it appears. Andy
  3. That sucks to hear, do you have any recourse with whoever you purchased the truck from? Andy
  4. Not a mack but still turns heads

    That is a great looking truck, and it is even cooler to see them out still dragging things around. I have seen the Brockway that 66dc75 posted pictures of on 128 NB the last two mornings around 5:45 AM around Waltham, and it indeed was pulling a refer. Small world I guess. Andy
  5. B-73 Restoration

    Excellent news, We are anxiously awaiting updates! Andy
  6. That is a shame, one way to look at it is that although it is used up, at least it made a living for someone for many years. Andy
  7. Made some more progress

    It looks excellent! Andy
  8. 1978 Autocar DC 87

    Well, I hope it went to a good home and that the buyer didn't beat you up too much on the price. Andy
  9. 19XX B30X Mack Dump Truck

    This truck is 15 minutes from me if anyone wants me to check it out I'd be happy to. Andy
  10. 1969 International F210D

    It's definitely a bummer when places like that go out of business, it gets harder and harder to find quality craftsmanship with limited options. I got an American autowire universal kit for the truck, I'm impressed with it although I haven't installed it yet. I put a painless kit in my AMX and it was ok, but it was expensive and to me not as well engineered. Andy
  11. Spicer auxiliary rear seal

    I had looked at that manual, and it shows the front and rear as using the same seal. I got the number off the front seal and ordered two from NAPA, then I took the rear apart and couldn't find it. I guess that manual shows a later version with a traditional seal. Unfortunately, I don't work on stuff like this very often, so I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks, Andy
  12. 1969 International F210D

    Thanks for the advice guys, I ended sending the chrome to Paul's , it is due back this Friday so I will be posting the results. It appears that Browns plating went out of business a while back. I got some weatherstrip installed in the truck, as well as some of the glass. I found NOS vent window assemblies on eBay, as well as the 5 marker lights. I also was able to get new air horns from Grover. My friend finished body working the visor, and we painted the dashboard, visor, and grill shell. I was able to get the dashboard layout done and painted as well as the heater box rebuilt. It definitely has been going slow, but there has been some progress, I hope to get the cab almost completely assembled before dropping it on the frame which unfortunately won't be until spring. Thanks, Andy
  13. Spicer auxiliary rear seal

    I'm swapping the Spicer 8341-c auxiliary transmission in my IH, and in the process I need to swap the rear driveshaft flange. I figured I would replace the seal, but there doesn't appear to be one. Is this possible? I'm I missing something? I included a picture of the back of the transmission with the speedo housing and flange removed, as well as pictures of the speedo housing and flange. Thanks, Andy
  14. Isn't that the R700 from the movie moonfire? Andy
  15. Mackvader jumps the fence

    Oh, it won't let me watch the video, bummer. Andy