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  1. I’m saying that I don’t need a permit in my area for a tent garage, for a metal one I’m sure I would. In the end I may add a small amount of square footage to my existing garage so the truck will fit and be less of a nuisance. In that case I’m sure I will be talking to your buddies in the building department. Garages are never large enough. Andy
  2. That is a shame, there not cheap. I figured they would be decent. I don’t really want to deal with permits and all that, that is why I was heading in this direction, but it sound like a waste of effort. Who makes a decent metal building? Andy
  3. Anyone know these guys? They aren’t too far from me and I need my driveway paved. Andy
  4. I’m looking to get a fabric temporary garage to store my truck in. I wanted to see if any you guys had them or had any experience with them. I have enough room to keep the truck indoors for the most part, but if I’m working on another project or painting it will need to get moved outside that will be where the tent comes in. I had a single car tent years ago that served me well, it was shelter logic brand. To get something suited to the New England climate and the size I need it looks to be about $4500 from the same manufacturer. That is a bit more that I was hoping, anyone have any input or suggestions? Thanks, Andy
  5. To save my life I can’t resize photos to post them. I have the PS fender on the truck and the air cleaner is on so the truck is safe and easy to move around the yard. It is going in for an alignment and hopefully some other small repairs at a local shop. It fits on my friends low bed by about an inch which is a relief. Still a lot to do, but I’m trying to get it insured so I can get some plates put on it. I have a few questions that I’m hoping to get some help with. -I’m having some trouble with the clutch. The clutch brake, which is new only engages a little bit and you have to bury the clutch pedal. I tried to adjust more throw into the pedal but the adjustment is maxed out on the clevis yokes that attach the pedal to the cross shaft arm. Another issues is that the main box goes in and out of gear pretty easily but sometimes it is difficult to pull it out of gear even when the clutch is full engaged. The auxiliary box is very difficult to get out of gear when the truck is stopped and clutch is depressed. It feels as though the clutch isn’t fully releasing, and due to the additional linkage involved with the auxiliary it sort of binds with that extra strain in the driveline. I have no experience adjusting clutches on trucks like this, where do I start? It is an Eaton clutch 107063 59MO G00. -I need a set of rear fenders either half or full. I want something that won’t look out of place, so stainless or painted steel. Any suggestions? I’m hoping to find something at a reasonable cost. -Is there a source for tachometer and speedometer cables out there? They both appear to be pretty basic but I’ve yet to find a place that will make them up. Thanks, Andy
  6. They didn’t use deadly force for a DUI arrest, they used it for apprehending someone who assaulted an officer and had a weapon. They didn’t just shoot him for the DUI. It’s hardly “dreaming up” a charge, someone called on him because he was passed out behind the wheel.
  7. It dose not matter if they had the evidence at that point, that’s what courts are for. They had enough probable cause for arrest. Arresting someone and having charges stick are two different things.
  8. If he would have shut his mouth and taken the arrest like a man he would still be alive and maybe even that DUI attorney could have got the charges dropped. But we will never know because he ran like an idiot, assaulted an officer, and stole a weapon. He made a very bad choice, I don’t even think he was being an asshole. He seemed like a decent guy, I feel bad for his family. I understand that they want to blame the police or racism for the situation, but you enter a dangerous game when you start disarming people that carry guns. Plus, the cops rarley let you “sleep it off” anymore, especially after a 3rd party called them and it’s known that you’ve been driving. Imagine for a moment that the cops said okay, walk to your sisters and then he jumped in another vehicle there and hurt or killed someone later on that night. There would be public outrage that this guy has been questioned and not detained earlier in the night. Even if the charges didn’t stick, it still may have taught him a lesson and kept him from getting behind the wheel. This guy 100% caused and escalated the situation. In retrospect, it would seem as though the cop didn’t need to shoot him, but things like this happen so damn fast. If your willing to take a police officers wepon, maybe your willing to carjack someone with said weapon while running from the law? There are a million scenarios.
  9. I must have missed the part where the cop was arrested, there was a trial, and he was convicted of murder.
  10. And it happens that fast..... Nobody wants to get arrested, but a DUI beats a trip to the county morgue. Mack Tech nailed it, Rayshard made a bad decision, and he paid big time for it.
  11. Good deal! Let us know how it goes. I was hoping to get out again this weekend, but too much other crap to do. Hopefully soon. Andy
  12. That’s cool Larry, I’d like to make it to one of those UMTR races one of these days but who knows when? What does the wagon weigh in at these days? BTW, I have a T+D shaft setup on the engine in this car and they appear to have been worth the money. Andy
  13. That’s true, it was $200 for the driver and $10 for my buddy who was helping me. Then $170 for the cage certification. Plus a couple of celebratory beers and Lobster rolls aftwards. Expensive day, but better than hurting the engine. I hope they start doing street nights again soon or nostalgia days. It was very slow, if the car was up to it I could have made a ton of passes. I had head gasket problems previously and I wanted to dump the oil before making a ton of runs. Everything looks good, so I should be good to go back up at any time. Andy
  14. After a very long build process, I finally got my 1969 AMX to the drag strip to make a few passes. Knowing there are at least a few other racers here I figured I would share it. I went Saturday to a test and tune/track rental and after getting the roll cage NHRA certified I was able to make a few shakedown passes. The first pass was a mess as I screwed up staging the car so it ran a 15.50 at 107 mph. For the second run I didn’t use the 2 step for my launch and was rewarded with a 10.70 at 123. For the third and final run the car went 10.26 at 134. I’m very pleased considering that was the cars third time down the track and this was my first time driving a 4-speed car at the track. I have only ever raced automatic trans cars and I believe my previous best was an 11.40 at 115. The car is. 1969 AMX with a N/A 431 inch amc engine, jerico 4-speed, Dana 60 rear on 28x9 MT slicks. So so what’s the word, has anyone else been out racing yet? It seems like some tracks are opening up. Andy
  15. Well, it’s a pretty crappy video, but I figured out how to do it. Maybe I can post up something decent if this works. Thanks, Andy
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