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  1. Wow, that is an interesting looking rig, very cool. Andy
  2. Nice, I've never been much of a Ford guy, but that is a sharp truck. Andy
  3. Hey Paul, that is terrible about your sister in law and the animals. If you want post or PM the address, I have a good friend who may be interested in the entire property. Andy
  4. Not to disagree, because it may not work, but sometimes you can weld stuff like this, I'd try it. I would media blast it and grind the area needing to be welded, than put some heat to it and then blast and grind again. To me it would be worth a shot, but Id try to find a guy who is used to welding contaminated metals (fuel tanks come to mind). Andy
  5. If it had the older style rims, it would look like a photo from an old sales brochure. The paint job is awesome. The automatic is a major bummer though. Andy
  6. Yikes!
  7. Hey guys, I'm back on this project. I worked on it through the end of December then moth-balled the whole thing for a while. I ended up gutting my kitchen, living room and bathroom, but it is almost 100% back together so on to some more enjoyable projects. I began rust repair on the cab, hopefully on the next month or two I can get some paint on that. I also hope I can get you guys to give me some information on the radiator/shutter assembly. I'm gonna try to get that apart and take some pictures then maybe I can figure out the next move with that. Here is a pic from when I stopped working on it late last December. Thanks, Andy
  8. I guess it is kind of cool, but I don't get it. Interesting for sure though. Andy
  9. Well done guys, I must say I would have considered pin striping that white car on purpose to teach them a lesson. Andy
  10. I don't know much about them at all, but I have been told that it was common that a turbo be added as well as pump and timing changes made. Maybe that is what you have. Andy
  11. Looks to have alot of life left in it. Andy
  12. Great job, I think I have one of those brackets that you could have. Andy
  13. There was a post, I don't know where it went. I think Mike had a pretty serious health scare, as I remember he was doing OK. I believe he was starting a lengthy recovery process a couple weeks ago. He had been updating via Facebook I heard, but I'm not on Facebook. I would hope that someone will chime in with more/better info. I hope he's doing well. Andy
  14. The guy who owns that truck is my neighbors brother...small world. Andy
  15. Wow!!!! Andy