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  1. Did you put the sign on Whalburgers? I think there is one of them across the street. The funny thing is, they were supposed to shut the street down for us, the the detail shows up and they want to leave it open. It was an odd play, but it worked out alright. It is funny how disconnected pedestrians can be, you can put signs out, jump up and down, yell and scream at them and they don’t even notice. I guess we can all be guilty of forgetting our surroundings, but some people are totally oblivious. Andy
  2. That is the Landmark Center in Boston, 401 Park drive, near Fenway. The guy driving the Pete was cool, unfortunately the guy driving the Mack was a dud. I’d never worked with that crane company or trucking company before. We split the crane with another contractor that was installing a new chiller, so it was more of a debacle than usual.
  3. On mine there is also 3 bolts that hold the fan hub in place, once you loosen them there is another bolt the is used to adjust the belt tension on the drivers side of the engine. Andy
  4. If it’s like my 1969 Cummins 270 you need the loosen the 5 or 6 3/8” bolts around the water pump and turn it to get the belts on or off. I can snap a picture tomorrow as the truck is disassembled. Andy
  5. Saw this beauty in Brunswick Maine last summer while working up there. I’m not much of a ford guy, but there wasn’t anything bad to say about this one. Andy
  6. This is a job I was on last year changing out a few Roof top HVAC units. It was the largest crane I have ever worked with, and I’d never seen what the were calling a “Luffer”. I’ve seen Jibbs used in the past. Sorry for the crappy pics, it was a busy day. Andy
  7. Total guess, but CB antenna mounting bracket? It looks a little marred up, like it had one it the universal mirror bracket clamps on it. Andy
  8. Sounds like him and the congregation should pray for brains.....
  9. A confidentiality agreement for an old Mack purchase, who’d a thought? Either way, your a better man than I. If I spent a year or more rebuilding a truck, I’d want to enjoy it for awhile. I guess ya can’t fall in love with em. Looking good though. Andy
  10. After a year, I finally took the time to figure out how to resize and post pictures again! Hopefully everyone can see the images. Sorry it took so long for the reply. My friend and his buddy organized and run in the class, my friends name is Matt and the other guy is Kyle. If you email the address on the flyer it will go right to Kyle, I made him aware you may contact him. He is pretty tight with the track officials and management. NED is an NHRA track, and they are pretty safety oriented, but they are pretty cool generally. I doubt you’d have any issues. Andy
  11. Well, these fellas were talking about earlier trucks that have much less complicated wiring than your 87 would have. There are many companies that make universal type harness for hot rods and whatnot, personally I have used Painless performance, American Autowire, and Ron Francis kits. I was happy with all of the although the American Autowire seemed to be the best bang for your buck. Summit racing or Jegs are a good place to buy things like this, just find a kit that best suits your needs. Finding the proper terminals to fit your factoy connectors is likely going to be the largest challenge. Hopefully someone can chime in and get you a wiring diagram for your truck. Is the harness really in awful shape or are you just having a hard time troubleshooting? Electrical issues can be very annoying. Good luck. Andy
  12. Paul, my friend has a 55 Chevy and he and another fellow organized a gasser race at NED last year. I believe they are calling it “gasser mania”, and are having at least 3 more races scheduled this year. There is no ET limitation as I recall, I can put you in touch with them if you want. I believe there is a Facebook page for it, but I’m not on Facebook, so I’m not sure. Andy
  13. There White 3000 must have made 3 or 4 trips by me pulling some sort of flatbed last spring. I was shocked to see a truck that old working, it made my day. It was running down Herrald st in Boston I believe. I’m gonna try to see if I got a picture. Andy
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