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  1. I guess it is kind of cool, but I don't get it. Interesting for sure though. Andy
  2. Well done guys, I must say I would have considered pin striping that white car on purpose to teach them a lesson. Andy
  3. I don't know much about them at all, but I have been told that it was common that a turbo be added as well as pump and timing changes made. Maybe that is what you have. Andy
  4. Looks to have alot of life left in it. Andy
  5. Great job, I think I have one of those brackets that you could have. Andy
  6. There was a post, I don't know where it went. I think Mike had a pretty serious health scare, as I remember he was doing OK. I believe he was starting a lengthy recovery process a couple weeks ago. He had been updating via Facebook I heard, but I'm not on Facebook. I would hope that someone will chime in with more/better info. I hope he's doing well. Andy
  7. The guy who owns that truck is my neighbors brother...small world. Andy
  8. Wow!!!! Andy
  9. I can't believe someone hasn't pointed it out, your mirrors appear to be on backwards. Haha, good luck with the sale, looks like a great deal for someone. Andy
  10. Try McMaster Carr, they have alot of stuff and a good website. Andy
  11. Nice, I have a soft spot for astros, my father ran one for some time and I spent alot of time in the passenger seat. His was a later one with the big grill and lower door handles. Thanks for sharing the pics, Andy
  12. Thanks for the cool pics Jim, we need a couple shots of the Astro too. Andy
  13. I wasn't serious, besides you must have some good employees already to keep your equipment in that shape. Well done sir. Andy
  14. Looks real nice, what are the plans for it?
  15. You need a driver? Andy