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  1. You are obviously under no obligation to post anything to support your opinion. I’m simply engaging with something you posted on a public forum, nothing to get worked up about.
  2. I’m not at anyone’s throat at all. Slow day at work and I just asked a question. I think a lot of the content in this thread is funny.
  3. Change my mind on what? If you substituted Biden for Trump in that quote I’d think it was equally ridiculous. There are a lot of things to dislike about Biden or any politician, a nameless quote is hardly the building block of an interesting discussion. I’m just pointing out the lack of thought in that quote. If I quoted a editorial article from a Canadian (for example) newspaper that said Trump was awful, would that change your mind? I could surely dig something up, but it would be meaningless. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, just asking some questions and trying to understand.
  4. Can you provide a link to an actual quote, or is this just humor made to simulate real information?
  5. Your right, the writer didn’t say flawless, and I should have conveyed my point better without mis-representing what was actually said. My interpretation is that mentioning the positive results, and not mentioning anything negative that the author is being somewhat lazy and sensationalistic. The writer claims to have been told that capitalism is “an oppressive system designed to keep people down”. That is such a broad statement that it has no teeth. My point of questioning the source of the statement was to nail down who said it and in what context, because that does change
  6. I can illustrate my perspective a bit on one of the topics, and it is probably one that we can mostly agree upon. Here is a quote from the article relating to capitalism. “Capitalist countries are the most prosperous countries in the world. The standard of living is the highest in capitalist countries. We see more poor people move up the economic ladder to the middle and even the wealthy class through their effort and ability in capitalist countries than any other economic system in the world, but we are told capitalism is an oppressive system designed to keep people down. So, we ask o
  7. That article on gas lighting is an interesting perspective, but as the case with many subjects these days it grossly misleading. The 6 or 7 topics that were touched on have been criminally oversimplified by the author. That’s not to say that some fair points haven’t been made, but the author clearly has no intentions of having a good faith discussion about facts, circumstances, causes, results, etc.
  8. I think I still have the spare axle that came out of my 1969 IH, they are budd wheel hubs and I believe it is a Rockwell 12k axle although the ID tag is gone. I’m not familiar how to identify the part. I will try to locate them and snap a picture this weekend.
  9. Your are certainly entitled to your opinion, I would never suggest you are not. However just because you have reached an ill-informed decision, others don’t have to accept it as fact.
  10. That’s nice, I guess the judges should have asked you before ruling.
  11. Do you mean the Viking guy with RWB face paint?
  12. You guys are sounding wacky and digging deep to remain in denial. Have you seen the footage? One of the guys was a legislator from West Virginia. Not everything is a conspiracy. The people being identified are real Trump supporters. It goes without saying that the behavior of the few that broke in and caused damage are not a representation of everyone who voted for him. Anyone with a double digit IQ knows that you can’t some-up a group of 70-whatever million people based on the actions of however few were at the rally, and actually causing issues.
  13. I gotta say, they’ve identified quite a few of the people that broke into the capitol. They aren’t all antifa people. Seeing the videos footage is pretty interesting. Losing an election sucks, but there will be another one in 2 years, and the power will shift again. Then in another 4 years we are likely to get a different president. I’m not passionate about politics, but it seems like an overreaction. I hope this settles down in the next couple weeks. Andy
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