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  1. Well, I did some thinking and decided to ditch the spokes. I really want to match the build of the grey truck as much as possible, so the rear suspension is getting a major rework. I located and picked up a 40k Airliner cutoff with 3.90 gears, not a real HD setup, but the grey truck had 38k rears so it will at least exceed the trucks rating. I got it completely torn down and it all goes to the sandblaster tomorrow. I sold the 11r24s Saturday, and plan on getting 8 hub piloted 5 hole steel wheels for the back. I’m waiting on a quote for the rails as well, as I’m gonna give it some more WB while I’m at it. Andy
  2. That is a slick looking rig, I hope it gets fixed up. Andy
  3. https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/pts/d/georgetown-international-truck-parts/6860775941.html My stuff for sale. Andy
  4. I apologize for not responding, there really hasn’t been any progress until this week when I dragged the frame out from where it has been to start going through the rears. That process is not going well, I will need some advice or suggestions. Over the winter I got the wiring installed in the cab, the dash is done. All the airlines in the cab are done, and the seats and steering column are in. It’s amazing, literally nothing in either of the two trucks worked, turn signals brake light, wipers, washers, gauges. With little effort and expense all of it is now functional. Back to the rears, I have the Eaton rears from the 1964 F-230 parts truck currently under the truck they are in one piece, but leak from everywhere and in my estimation are pretty well used up. There was some suspension work done to them in the last 4 or 5 years but there is likely more needed. Also they are 7.74 ratio I believe. The only positive in all this is that there are 8 fresh 11.00r24.00 caps and I have the 2 new steers as well. Where I switched the engine to the NHCT-270, I also changed the main trans to the spicer 8552-a that was behind it in the grey truck and the 8341c aux as well, so I believe that leaves me with a direct main and a .83 OD in the auxiliary. With the big tires, OD, and 7.74s it looks like my road speed would be 45, not cool. I’ve been looking for a semi modern replacement cutoff, but I’d like to find something that would work with the larger Dayton hubs so I can use the tires I have. I was thinking of trying to find something with a 4:56-ish ratio. So my questions are, is it realistic to think I could use my hubs, rims and tires on post 2000 rears of any kind, if so what do I want to look for? Second, are all truck frames standard dimensions? My truck has double 1/4” rails and if I was able to find a cutoff with the same I would be tempted to stretch the WB to match what the grey truck was. I’m desperate for some guidance, thanks. Andy I will post some pictures shortly
  5. Bad deal all around, but it sounds like it could have been alot worse. Hopefully nothing else is damaged. Andy
  6. What a cool project and thorough job, thanks for the updates. Andy
  7. https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/hvo/d/wakefield-1999-mack-cl713-elite-10/6816312317.html I have no affiliation with this rig, I stumbled across it on CL and thought it was expensive, yet interesting. Andy
  8. This guy has a bunch of old iron, used to operate under the name ARAN trading, not sure if that is still the case. I can look at these trucks or get more pictures for anyone seriously interested, they are very close to me. Andy
  9. Kudos to you for finding an actual body guy, looks like top notch work. Andy
  10. That's a funny but sad article. However, I don't know how are cameras gonna do anything except for capture some of these events on video as opposed to pictures. I think the SWIFT HR department is where most of the issues stem from. Maybe offer a better wage and try to attract more qualified employees?
  11. Im not too fond of one side or the other, but it seems pretty obvious that this guy is getting railroaded. Either way, I'd like to stop hearing about it. Andy
  12. Certainly didn't say the glare was an excuse, just a factor.
  13. Bad deal for sure, hope everyone came out okay. Judging by everyone in the video putting the hands over there eyes, I wouldn't be surprised if solar glare made things worse.
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