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  1. I think the electric car thing is sort of neat, but you won’t find one in my driveway. I hope that the people who buy them are happy and get what they expect out of them. Here is an interesting video about a Tesla that was in The Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week event. Andy
  2. Freightliner of Boston helped me out with this, I didn’t think the dealer would be anxious to help but they did. Also was able to get some odd ball parts I needed ordered, so it was a successful trip. Thanks for the help, Andy
  3. Cool, thanks guys. I appreciate the help, Andy
  4. It looks very cool, the pace of your progress and quality is remarkable. Andy
  5. I’ve got to get some fresh oil for the 8552A main and 8341c auxiliary transmissions in my truck. They are original to the 1969 IH I’m working on and I can’t really find any difinitive info on what I need for oil, I’d appreciate any guidance. I’ve searched the web, but there seems to be a lot of opinions. Thanks, Andy
  6. I did the google thing to death but couldn’t find what I need. Unfortunately. I don’t have the vin of the truck this setup came out of. I do have the vin of a truck that is pretty close so maybe I will give that a go at freighliner of Boston. I went and looked through the seabrook truck centers yard and found quite a few similar setups, but there were enough differences that I’m left with a lot of uncertainty. Thanks for the ideas. Andy
  7. I’m putting this suspension in my truck, I disassembled everything, blasted and painted it all. I’m trying to reassemble and all of the axle attachment parts have arrows that I assume all need to be pointed forward but that isn’t making sense with what appears to need to happen to the pinions. The axle seats are different degrees (one set is 3.5 the other is 5.5). With the arrows installed facing forward the axle seats point the pinion further up and I put the 5.5 in the rear most axle. Now I’m thinking I need flip all the arrows going backwards and the 5.5s need to go in the front and the 3.5s in the rear. Any input would be appreciated I don’t want to screw this up more that I already did, I should have taken much better notes while taking these apart. Thanks, Andy
  8. Well, I got the frame itself is back together and everything has been painted. I just need to bolt it all back together. This year has been very busy and there really hasn’t been any time for the truck. I need to order some rims and tires and I still need to round up parts for the rears like all the brake parts, airbags, shocks. Etc, etc. I’ve been saying this for almost 3 years but it should come together pretty quick. I also put in for a little vacation time in December so hopefully I can get this project moving soon. Thanks for inquiring, how is your project going? Andy
  9. Not my style, but I can respect the effort. Honestly though, at $40k it would seem to be wildly overpriced. I wish him luck. Andy
  10. Maybe Boston Fuel Injection in Charlestown, MA. If you are in New England. Andy
  11. The right guy will come along with the money and resources. It looks like a good restoration project, there appears to be a lot to work with. IMHO, it would be great to see it restored to as delivered condition, but it someone really hated the brown it could look good restored stock with a correct factory sales broucher style paint job. Andy
  12. That’s probably close, I do HVAC for a living but don’t mess around with automotive stuff very much. The couple of R-12 I’ve messed with ran around there. Overcharging is worse than undercharging so best bet to play it safe. I find the trucks more difficult to charge by feel if you can’t get the clutch fan to stay engaged. Andy
  13. I’ve worked union and non-union, it’s the same job. Whatever nets you the best sustainable living and the best work environment is the way to go. The people at that plant are happy, kudos to the management, they must be doing something right. Andy
  14. I’m in New England and I’m in the market for some wheels for a truck I’m working on. I converted the truck to hub piloted rears, it had stud piloted 22.5 wheels on it recently and originally it had 10-22s on 5 hole budds from what I can tell. I want to go back to the tall rubber, but stay tubeless. In keeping the somewhat appearance of originality I’d like to get 8- 5 hole hub piloted 24.5 wheels, preferably painted or powder coated black. Does anyone know a good source? The rims regardless of color seem to be rare on the used market, so if I can get what I want new without spending a bundle, that would be ideal. Any input is appreciated, thanks. Andy
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