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  1. hurstscrambler

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    What a cool project and thorough job, thanks for the updates. Andy
  2. hurstscrambler

    Spotted on Craigslist

    https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/hvo/d/wakefield-1999-mack-cl713-elite-10/6816312317.html I have no affiliation with this rig, I stumbled across it on CL and thought it was expensive, yet interesting. Andy
  3. hurstscrambler

    64 B61 in Mass.

    This guy has a bunch of old iron, used to operate under the name ARAN trading, not sure if that is still the case. I can look at these trucks or get more pictures for anyone seriously interested, they are very close to me. Andy
  4. Kudos to you for finding an actual body guy, looks like top notch work. Andy
  5. hurstscrambler

    Real Swift

    That's a funny but sad article. However, I don't know how are cameras gonna do anything except for capture some of these events on video as opposed to pictures. I think the SWIFT HR department is where most of the issues stem from. Maybe offer a better wage and try to attract more qualified employees?
  6. hurstscrambler

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    Im not too fond of one side or the other, but it seems pretty obvious that this guy is getting railroaded. Either way, I'd like to stop hearing about it. Andy
  7. hurstscrambler

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    Certainly didn't say the glare was an excuse, just a factor.
  8. hurstscrambler

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    Bad deal for sure, hope everyone came out okay. Judging by everyone in the video putting the hands over there eyes, I wouldn't be surprised if solar glare made things worse.
  9. hurstscrambler

    Getting closer

    Wow, great job. Andy
  10. hurstscrambler

    My 1979 R686ST

    Looks great, congrats. Andy
  11. hurstscrambler

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Sounds good, did you say you were gonna put a 400 Cummins and a 13 speed or something like that? Andy
  12. hurstscrambler

    1970 Marmon COE

    Looks sharp to me, I'd be proud to drive it. Andy
  13. hurstscrambler

    Stop off in Mass Monday

    Brockton is Rocky Marciano's hometown I believe. I wish I was around as well, I live about an hour away and will be working even closer in Needham. It just probably wouldn't work out for me. Good luck, Andy
  14. hurstscrambler

    1969 International F210D

    That makes sense, the upper push valve is for the tractor, I assumed the lower would have just been for the trailer. I think the air system is going to be the most challenging part of the truck for me because of how little I know about them. Thanks for all the replys, it is very helpful. Andy
  15. hurstscrambler

    1969 International F210D

    That would make alot of sense I suppose, but everything still was connected. Also both push pull valve appear original as well, they share a bracket and have IH branding on them. Sorry for the bad pic but it might help. Andy

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