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  1. Not my style, but I can respect the effort. Honestly though, at $40k it would seem to be wildly overpriced. I wish him luck. Andy
  2. Maybe Boston Fuel Injection in Charlestown, MA. If you are in New England. Andy
  3. The right guy will come along with the money and resources. It looks like a good restoration project, there appears to be a lot to work with. IMHO, it would be great to see it restored to as delivered condition, but it someone really hated the brown it could look good restored stock with a correct factory sales broucher style paint job. Andy
  4. That’s probably close, I do HVAC for a living but don’t mess around with automotive stuff very much. The couple of R-12 I’ve messed with ran around there. Overcharging is worse than undercharging so best bet to play it safe. I find the trucks more difficult to charge by feel if you can’t get the clutch fan to stay engaged. Andy
  5. I’ve worked union and non-union, it’s the same job. Whatever nets you the best sustainable living and the best work environment is the way to go. The people at that plant are happy, kudos to the management, they must be doing something right. Andy
  6. I’m in New England and I’m in the market for some wheels for a truck I’m working on. I converted the truck to hub piloted rears, it had stud piloted 22.5 wheels on it recently and originally it had 10-22s on 5 hole budds from what I can tell. I want to go back to the tall rubber, but stay tubeless. In keeping the somewhat appearance of originality I’d like to get 8- 5 hole hub piloted 24.5 wheels, preferably painted or powder coated black. Does anyone know a good source? The rims regardless of color seem to be rare on the used market, so if I can get what I want new without spending a bundle, that would be ideal. Any input is appreciated, thanks. Andy
  7. What’s the plan Paul, are you gonna be making some shake down runs soon? If so what day, I will try to get up there. Thanks, Andy
  8. Wow, that is a twin to the parts truck I used. Andy
  9. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/truck-trailer-attachment/for-sale/list?catid=35037&manu=spicer
  10. As long as I’m not working, I will be there. If it’s a Friday, maybe I would even drag my POS up. Andy
  11. Paul, let me know when you head to NED, I will swing in and spectate or give you a hand. Andy
  12. I saw a Chevy 4500 or 5500 last week, just as a cab and chassis. You nailed it, hard to miss being that ugly. Andy
  13. I thought the same thing about the frame being triple, and the picture from the back makes it look like a double, but than the pic that includes some of the fifth wheel plate makes it look like a triple frame. Not sure, Andy
  14. Joe is the guy I dealt with the most, I also talked with John who was helpful as well. This is the only parts source I have been to that seemed to embrace that challenge of finding difficult parts. They were able to find part numbers for the odd Wagner/Rockwell front brakes on my truck as well. I’m a little more at ease about locating valves and parts for the air brake system after dealing with them. Other places I’ve been just cock there heads to the side and ask for a VIN. Andy
  15. As an update on the project, I’ve got everything back from the blaster except the 3 axles. All the stuff I have back has been primed and painted. I ordered a Hougen HMD904S mag drill with the fabricators kit and any additional bits I should need. That should be here tomorrow. The frame rails showed up last week. Additionally, I went to the local spring shop and was blown away by how helpful they have been so far. The front springs and hangers are a mess, all the bushings and pins were junk and some of the hangers are beyond repair. They actually had nos hangers and pins in stock. They are gonna take the springs apart and install new rollers, bushings and centering pins. I also brought the air liner springs and they are gonna install new bushings and center pins in those as well. The spring shop is Palmer spring in Woburn, Ma., they are the oldest spring shop in America (EST. 1849). and they are definitely cool and helpful to people like us who have old, and odd stuff. Andy
  16. Very cool rig, thanks for posting it up. If it’s not too much trouble I’d love to see more pictures and hear the specs. It looks like a pretty original clean truck. Thanks, Andy
  17. With a flat tire it would seem. Andy
  18. Well, I did some thinking and decided to ditch the spokes. I really want to match the build of the grey truck as much as possible, so the rear suspension is getting a major rework. I located and picked up a 40k Airliner cutoff with 3.90 gears, not a real HD setup, but the grey truck had 38k rears so it will at least exceed the trucks rating. I got it completely torn down and it all goes to the sandblaster tomorrow. I sold the 11r24s Saturday, and plan on getting 8 hub piloted 5 hole steel wheels for the back. I’m waiting on a quote for the rails as well, as I’m gonna give it some more WB while I’m at it. Andy
  19. That is a slick looking rig, I hope it gets fixed up. Andy
  20. https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/pts/d/georgetown-international-truck-parts/6860775941.html My stuff for sale. Andy
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