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  1. Rufino V


    Thanks everyone for your comments I really apréciate
  2. Rufino V


    I have to call the shop who did the job and fix it . Because they replace both differential. now I have to find out what is the ratio for this truck?
  3. Rufino V


    This is what I find out the Rea front differential ratio is 4.64 and the other is 4.17 this could be the problem . When I drive the truck made the clucking noise
  4. Rufino V


    This truck does not have a divider as far as I know. I think they install different ratio on the front rear differential
  5. Rufino V


    Yes I am new on dump truck job
  6. Rufino V


    I am not sure if they are the same ratio. How can I find out the ratio?
  7. Rufino V


    What is the power divider?
  8. Rufino V


    I have a 1988 superliner dump truck I recently change both rear differential and when I drive my truck with load it make a clucking noise looks like is going to brake the rear differential does anyone know what could be wrong?
  9. Rufino V


    Where can I find the trnansmission model?
  10. Rufino V


    Any one know how many tons hold the 2 axel dump truck 1987 mack
  11. Rufino V


    IS not like 1 L 1H 2L 2H 3L 3H 4L 4H 5L 5H ?
  12. Rufino V


    The diagram is DIP LO N REV
  13. Rufino V


    The truck does not have any shift diagram
  14. Rufino V


    Do you know any video where can I watch how to do the shifting, this is my first time driving a 1987 Mack truck
  15. Rufino V


    If I want to upshifting from 2 L to 2D do I need to move the selector from L to D before bring the stick to neutral?

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