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  1. Have mack dealer run the vin or should be an Id tag on tranny running the vin through mack will only tell you what it was originally if changed out will need to find the tag
  2. Mackey how does your 7 speed shift the one we have is a touchy bastard 4th almost always grind no matter what you do
  3. My father is a sucker for superliners but I would take a heavy haul rd over a superliner any day just my opinion
  4. No luck looked at a few but none really made me excited to bring home
  5. Yeah got a lot going on around the place right now few new toys to play with... been trying to save a few more old macks the last few months just haven' found the right one yet
  6. Yes to be used as a gravel plant... or on site screen for some of construction companies we work with
  7. Yeah gotta love it no emissions and no laptop need to diagnose what is wrong...
  8. Well we made it home yesterday with the screening plant took all day and didn' go without incident guess you will have that on a machine that hasn' moved since 1993
  9. Mackey yeah we got a lot of work on the books this year the most we have had in 10 years.
  10. Thanks attack, next weekend picking up our screening plant then the sand box will be complete
  11. Went this past weekend and brought home our new toy. Nice to get the puppy out and stretch her legs after a long winter. Spent some time and money on her over the winter... new injector pump new air compressor went back to 24.5 rubber and all new a.c. unit and a.c. compressor.
  12. I saw that truck on Craigslist for sale down near Florida for the longest time then disappeaed.
  13. Not a puff limiter sits on top of pump at the back guess this would be what you call an lda
  14. I m installing a rebuilt pump on my 89 superliner e7 400 mechanical. The old pump had the rack control airlines all removed was wondering if someone could tell me where they connect, I believe the one from the pump runs to a t-fitting on the intake manifold and then another line from there goes to the transmission. If this correct where does the line going to the transmission hook to on an eaton fuller
  15. 6368, is that maroon truck still for sale that you were looking at?
  16. Try key switch or regulator under dash above the glove box or we had one this summer where we changed out all the ground bolts from on the block ground the alternator engine block and cab grounds... the later was doing the same thing yours is be charging fine then volt meter would drop off
  17. He has a freedom edition superliner with 800 original miles also... I have tried dealing with him on other trucks... hard to make a fair deal with someone who doesn't want to deal... his truck lot is a graveyard for most trucks until he gets a price he is happy with if not they just sit there and rot away
  18. I have a set... use them every time when putting tires back on... tires seem to wear good
  19. Found a set of 3 ring binder service manuals ts442. How do I tell if these will work for my trucks 1986 to 1990 r models and superliner. Will there be a publication date on them somewhere, not sure what date ranges the ts442 covered.
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