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  1. Was owned by Broome Bituminous out of Vestal NY. 1993 Superliner.
  2. Mack was out of Montrose Pa area and was sold to a Binghamton guy who turned it into a Tandem axle dump and still looks good to this day.
  3. Was bought new from Triple Cities Mack in Binghamton NY by Coventry Milk haulers . Had nothing but problems and ended up trading back in 14 moths from new . TC mack has it for sale for 88k and at that time it was 16 months old. It is a 2010 Mack Titan with a 515 hp . Sold it to a guy in Pa area who ended up trading in a Coopersburgh KW in Pa . there were asking 58k for it. I wounder who has it now and how it a running???/
  4. This truck was owned my a local company in my area called Lancaster. They had 3 of them when the sold them off they went at a very low price.
  5. New 2018 Titan. One of the last built. From the greater Binghamton area. The same company has two Mack Superliner with the E9 500's heavy haul tri axle's
  6. Here is a 2015 Mack which was bought used in Nov of 2014 for $122,000 . Why does titan have a very poor resale value?
  7. Its only worth what the buyers wants to pay for it.
  8. Just google them there lots of pict of Titans.
  9. Looks like the Pellatiers traded there Mack Titan in on a New Cat Truck. Milton Cat has it for sale at $89.900. Another low resale Mack Titan hit the lots for sale.
  10. This is the twin truck I had posted I think. They want 117,900 for this one. The other one they wanted 109,500 for it. 2010 Mack Titan TD713 with a 42 in Flat Top Sleeper; MP10-565C Mack Engine 605 hp; Diesel; 333,471 mi; 18 Spd OD; Engine Brake; Mack Suspension; 394 Ratio; 225 Tires; All Aluminum Wheels; 273 in Wheelbase; Tandem Axle; 20 lb Front Axle Weight; 44 lb Rear Axle Weight; Drive Side: Left Hand Drive;
  11. I dont blame that guy for not telling were her got it from. He wants it to be one of a kind.
  12. LOL @ some of you bashing the looks of a mack truck:) May be you wish it was a Volvo:)lol Just joking with you all.
  13. Who want's to buy a very inexpensive 2010 Titan heavy hauler ?2010 Mack Titan TD713, 605 HP Mack MP10 Engine, 307,218 Miles, 38” Sleeper, 267” Wheel Base, 4.33 Ratio, 20,000 Front Axle Capacity, 20,000 Tandem Drop Axle Capacity, 44,000 Rear Axle Capacity, Cozad Ramp, Mack/Hendrickson Air Suspension, Maverick Leather Interior.; Gross Vehicle Weight (lbs): 44000 The price is $109,500
  14. Yes the CHU and the Granite hold its value better than a Titan as I keep good trac on Truck prices what they cost new and sell for used.
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