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  1. Nice truck. How much is the price?
  2. That's a good truck. British is lucky to have scania as a major supplier of trucks for their trucking industry.
  3. You're right. I think I saw this topic already and this thread is just a repost.
  4. Great pictures. The big lathe are awesome.
  5. Wow. Cool replicas. Just wondering how many replicas you have?
  6. Nice and cool U model truck. It looks like a solid one.
  7. Hope you and your family will get better soon! Take care!
  8. Great videos. At first the driver won't make the truck jump properly but on the second video he made it properly.
  9. I need to reverse my monitor first to see these pictures.
  10. Great value-liner. That's very sharp. I agree to alex. It looks like the truck was treated good by someone.
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