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  1. Hello. I have a 88 rw with a Mack e6 350 that is equipped with the Robert Bosch pump. Truck runs about as good as it should for a 350. The truck is not an everyday runner. Have done some miner pump tweeks Based off of what the Cummins 5.9l tweeks. . I was wandering if anyone has any experience with grinding the fuel plate. if anyone had experience or tips doing it on a e6? thanks.
  2. I tried one on a e7454 didn't see much difference. Your better off going straight for hard parts like sending the pump out to flow more fuel and haveing the injectors honed. You wouldn't want to forget about a turbo also. Then find someone to tune it for the extra fuel. All depends how much more hp your looking for out of it.
  3. All I have is a r model tractor. It does need some finishing. Pm me for pics. Thanks.
  4. wow that is a very sharp truck.. if my superliner had a heavy front axle i would put big front tires on it in a heartbeat.. thats a nice mack lots of horsepower what more could you ask for... i had a exhaust box my dodge ram cummins that made years back with dual stacks and the sound was just right even cut some of the drone out..
  5. wow!! thatll get you over the hill.. you got any pictures of this beast?
  6. true.. but it also depends what kind of horsepower your pushing... the more horserpower the heavier plate load you need to hold everything from slipping.. he must be cranking and doing alot of slipping off the line to get it going in 7th gear...how much horsepower was it runing?
  7. doors arent too bad little rust on the bottoms. i do have a title for the truck. looking to get $4000 for the whole truck. thanks
  8. That's a nice old r700. What's top speed with that truck? What gear do you think you'll try with the six speed?
  9. Superdog. What kind of rig will you be running? Have hooked to a sled already?
  10. What if I were to leave the engine alone? Should be ok considering the truck used to haul d8s and d9s. I wouldn't think a 10 sec pull on a sled would be all that bad on the engine could it? Thanks.
  11. Yes itwas a former Connelly truck. Good eye!!
  12. nice.... What kind of plan have you come up with to get the 325 to 425? Injectors and turbo. Or are other ways of unlocking extra power?
  13. I like that color combo. I think goin yellow and black on the frame and hubs would take it one step further.
  14. Was your uncles 400hp r 700 reliable being pushed that far?
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