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  1. I am trying to find a input shaft for a TRQ7210 Quadraplex transmission. It needs to be for a twin disc clutch 2 inches in diameter 10 spines and 25 teeth. This is the part number at least this is what was given to me. 764KB395A Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry for not replying to questions guys I have been in hospital and out of touch with the world for the last little bit I will separate bed from truck and take $5000.00 for it as a tractor and leave the pto and hyd tank in place thanks.
  3. It is a single frame truck and would be a better tractor than a dump and I would be happy to pull the bed off if it is not wanted I could use it on a different truck Thanks
  4. Thanks for comments on the truck I don't know about craigs list though I bought the truck a few weeks ago down in the flat country of NC and just got it to try to move it on I prefer the LT series trucks better as for the frame it looks fine to me no welded plates on the rails. Thanks guys
  5. Tandem axle dump runs good. Has quadraplex trans 673 non turbo engine Mack rears on camel back suspension. Has 8 almost new matching tread recaps has new relined brakes on rear axles, 4 new lock down brake chambers 4 new slack adjusters numerous air lines replaced, front tires are matched 80%. cab is solid both fenders are solid left side has been dented and has had body filler put in it and is cracked. both doors have some rust on the bottoms passenger side is worse. grill is very nice hood is good but has some small dents. Truck needs a floor mat and a headliner. $6500.00 as is or will s
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