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  1. Thanks for the information Big Dog!
  2. I need to find the driver side removable fender panel between the fender and hood for a B61.
  3. I just had the injector pump and injectors rebuilt on my ENDT675 engine. We started the engine and it runs fine but it surges from low idle up about 2-300 rpms. once you rev it up to about 1200 it levels out. Is there an adjustment screw anywhere that i might could adjust to correct this? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the information. Does anyone have the plate that fits between the fender and the hood on a B61?
  5. Thank you for the information. I will check on that tomorrow.
  6. Not really sure but I think it’s a single over. Haven’t been able to read the numbers on the transmission so much grease covering it. It has the aluminum box on the back.
  7. I have a b61 with a endt675 engine Tri-plex trans and 6:34 ratio rears. Top speed now about 43 mph at 2100 rpm. What ratio could I go to and Still keep good pulling power and go 60 mph. Pulling a small lowboy and D5 dozer.
  8. I need the left fender panel between the fender and hood on a B61. email; wonsmta@gmail.com
  9. NLC

    B model parts

    Yes I am interested in the panel and the pulley when you get it out of the brush. Probably could make the intake pipe work also.
  10. NLC

    B model parts

    Looking for a crankshaft pulley for a endt 673 engine, also the air intake piping from the air filter to the engine for a 711 engine in a B67. Also the plate between the fender and the hood on the drivers side on the B67.
  11. Ok thanks I will take a look there. I need a crankshaft pulley and I need to know what engine I have. Thanks for the information.
  12. Thank you for the information but my engine does not have it stamped on the timing cover
  13. I am looking for a crankshaft pulley for endt673 engine and the air cleaner piping for a b67. Also the tach and odometer cables for a b61 and b67.
  14. Just bought a B61T cab and chassis but the chassis is from a gas truck. It has a turbo engine with spin on filters but no stamped numbers on the block to identify it. Could it be a late model endt673? All of the pictures I have seen of the 673 engines they have cartridge filters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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