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  1. I have a complete steel dash cab in good shape.
  2. Just priced on from Mack $667. Talk about sticker shock. Mine ended up being speed sensor. Good luck
  3. My late friend Wayne's 1976 Autocar
  4. Was there again this year had a great time. Had to be biggest show yet. Here's a few pics
  5. I don't see many bears where I live but I'd say that's a large one
  6. Good point. That makes me feel so much better🤔
  7. On the topic of shops the only reason any of my trucks go there is for annual safety or e test. I don't know how anyone can afford shop rates. I went for e test this year and watched mechanic shift 3 gears before pulling in to shop. Not exaggerating. I bit my lip and kept my mouth shut...wasn't easy. I wonder if they drive there own vehicles that way.
  8. I have a set of stainless Air Breathers off a western star. One has a small dent. $300 for the pair
  9. When they built driveways for windmills near me they used same process with tankers and spreader trucks and that strange machine. I believe it creates some kind of a stronger base but they still spread a foot of stone over it.
  10. Not being smart but I'm assuming you mean Hood
  11. My electronic malfunction light comes on when antifreeze reservoir gets low. I'm assuming your problem is bigger than that. When you say you have no power do you mean engine power or power to dash and gauges?
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