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  1. I had similar in my R model. It was the starter. Can you jump the solenoid on starter itself?
  2. I don't disagree they knew how to build them. Driver deserves alot of credit as well
  3. That's impressive. Did they say what was rebuilt/ replaced over the years? Truck makers would go outta business if they kept making trucks like that
  4. alex g

    Battery box

    You aren't the last of the flip phone guys but you are certainly one of the few😁
  5. alex g

    Battery box

    $300 you can text me or call me 289-332-0101. Alex. I thought I was only guy on earth not on Facebook or Twitter. Nice to meet the only other guy
  6. alex g

    Battery box

    is this what your looking for. I have a new one. Steel bottom stainless top. Pm me if interested
  7. Cable should just unscrew. Check cable to make sure it turns while truck moves. Could be broke where it goes into transmission. Valve cover gaskets are no big deal to change. Not sure if you can get rubber.
  8. You can take rad out and a rad shop could flush it out for you. I have a 41 Plymouth and had same issue. I ran water and dish soap instead of antifreeze and flushed it out about 5 times. Running it til it's at operating temperature then repeating. That slime is probably just buildup from running water all those years.
  9. No my daughter sent it to me I'm not sure where she got it. I'm going to look up akward family photos though. Thanks
  10. I saw that F model at Lititz a couple years ago. It sure is nice
  11. I have a western grill if that's what your looking for. Pm if interested
  12. I think his last name is Fetterly. Ive seen him advertise in wheels of time
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