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  1. Would take the sting outta a tow bill if it was that unit towing you.
  2. Glad someone had a camera on them that day. Great pic
  3. I've got one if Coenut doesn't work out. I held it up to my day cab r model and it's same. $100
  4. alex g


    Yes I phoned contact person talked to him he said he'd get in touch with me if they needed it. Thanks
  5. Here's what I have in rod bearings. I'll look for a set of mains if these are what you need
  6. I'm pretty sure I have a set. I'm gonna look tonight if I get a chance
  7. You might try calling number posted for a quicker response
  8. Could use a bit more information but I'm assuming your losing prime. Check fuel lines for cracks and check valve at pump may not be working properly
  9. The single axle superliner is from here in Ontario. He owns a very sharp green and black b model as well
  10. alex g


    I have a X107A. Not sure if it will work for you.
  11. Me too but definitely not new in box. That's cool
  12. Thanks everyone for all the help so far.
  13. I got a few pics of pump but I didn't have time to clean up to get any #s. I plan on running a sprocket and chain off the drive to the winch. It's not really set up to go direct too.
  14. Not sure I'll crawl under next week and find out.
  15. Thanks for the info. I'm going to run it off wet line on my truck so I have to get a hydraulic drive for it yet any suggestions on size of hydraulic drive? Also thanks for oil info I did not realize some oil was not compatible with bronze gears.
  16. Don't know much about them my old float had a winch and I never even looked to see what kind it was. Is there much that can go wrong with them I never had any issues with my old one in 5 years I had it.
  17. Thanks it should do me for my application I pull the odd dead truck up on the float. I'm hoping I won't need parts for it but for what I have in to it I'll probably just replace it if it gives me any major issues.
  18. Thanks for sharing that's a good video
  19. I got this winch to mount on a float trailer I'm assuming it's large enough to do the job but I'd like to know how many pounds it's rated at. The info tag is cut in half so I can't get any info from it. It has 1/2 inch cable and it's a Garwood.
  20. Good video to see the old truck at work. I see there planting alotta houses in the field across from you.
  21. alex g

    2018 improvements

    Yes Clifford would definitely welcome your truck. The Seaforth show was very good for first show. Very well run I believe it will be annual event
  22. Good video I like the boat passing thru at the end
  23. Where did you buy those in Canada. Cambridge Mack bought most of Tallman transports trucks at there sale. They had some with hood scoops or extra vents.
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