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  1. I'll take a look tonight if I get a chance I have a turbo off a 2 valve I'll see what it is
  2. Great find good luck with it and post some pics when you get it
  3. Yes it's possible I'm assuming you have 4 inch now just get a piece of adapter pipe to go to whatever size you need
  4. Do you have a boost gauge? You should be running 25 lbs at least. Alot of power issues derive from this. Just a idea before you start modifying
  5. He still has it he decided to keep it. He hasn't been on here since 2018 if your serious I'd call him his # is on his post.
  6. I believe I have one I can ship I'm in Ontario Canada if you don't find one closer
  7. Very interesting video. That's quite a journey to get a trailer. Your very self sufficient I'm impressed. What's the plan when you get it home?
  8. Looking good... should improve ride as well
  9. Should make this a new post. Probably get more attention
  10. Just had a new pup arrive I was given this by a family who's relative worked in management at Mack I'm not sure if it's authentic but they seem to be hitting it off alright. Anyone else ever saw one of these?
  11. Welcome aboard. Sounds like quite a project you are thinking about. Not sure how fast you are planning on going but instead of changing complete driveline you'll get same result changing rear end.
  12. Probably a big job to install factory air but there are aftermarket options out there like a rooftop unit
  13. Have a great Independence Day my American neighbors
  14. Yes I try to go every year to Rodeo du Camion in Notre Dame du Nord Quebec. Lots of you tube video on it. Also yes it's almost a prerequisite to drink beer there.
  15. I think that show is in Onaway Michigan. We have those races here in Canada in Quebec.
  16. Well I doubt most of us have ever had to worry about hitting a kangaroo 🦘 so you've got that on us
  17. Never heard of the deep snow reason but I have heard of the bumper not going into a wheel on a collision.
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