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  1. alex g

    R model plowing thru water in Aussie

    Good video I like the boat passing thru at the end
  2. Thanks for remembering that but I sold it
  3. Where did you buy those in Canada. Cambridge Mack bought most of Tallman transports trucks at there sale. They had some with hood scoops or extra vents.
  4. alex g

    X107 A transmission

    I have a X107 A transmission. Never used it can say the oil is clean and magnetic plugs are clean $400
  5. alex g

    Bulldog mascot

    I'm interested when you get them
  6. Put my moose bumper on for winter and added some new mud flaps. Not any moose around here to avoid but lots of deer.
  7. I've started trucks up with some pretty nasty old fuel in them. I'd put fresh fuel in and drive it til it gets better. Fuel filters will do there job
  8. I don't have this bumper anymore so I can't take a pic but if you look on either side of the license plate there are two bolts. Take them out and behind them is the hinge to tilt the bumper. I had hinges built that bolted to frame where original bumper bolted and installed moose bumper to them. Hopefully this helps
  9. I'm wanting to change my steer axle on my 88 R model to Hub Pilot. I called local parts dealer Traction and they say it won't convert. I then called local Mack dealer and they told me same thing. I'm hoping someone has had some luck with this and would appreciate any input before I give up hope. My front hubs are 89032-R
  10. alex g

    Cruiseliner interior parts

    You got a pic of the heater cover you need.
  11. I just got this ceramic Bulldog it's about 2 and 3/4 inches tall. Guy said he worked at Mack and it was in his office when he got there. I've never saw one before. Anyone else ever see one?
  12. Thanks Superdog. It's a neat addition to my collection
  13. alex g

    Highway Through Hell

    The statue of limitations hasn't expired for most of us to have a reality show if we were caught on film
  14. Very nice I remember a time when it was common place to see a R model pulling a dump trailer or just on the road. I think I'm getting old.
  15. alex g


    Welcome aboard were not limited to Mack truck pics I'd love to see pics of your KW
  16. alex g

    Highway Through Hell

    Coincidentally I just watched episode and he was wearing a Mack hat.
  17. Possibly if you told us make and model of truck would help
  18. Does it look anything like this?
  19. How did they come to conclusion you have no compression in those cylinders? You will have a very bad miss if you are down 2 cylinders
  20. Personally I don't think you caused damage by using either although it's not recommended but it's not like your the first one to ever use it. It sounds like to me you have a turbo pressure leak wether it be turbo issues or a leak somewhere in the system. 04 Mack's are very troublesome and famous for turbo issues.
  21. alex g


    If anyone is seriously interested in this truck I have personally seen it and it's a very clean good looking truck
  22. A used set for my drives I mean. I'd eventually like to do complete truck.
  23. Thanks for the info Superdog I'm gonna order new for front and see if I happen to find a used set at wreckers later. Around here it's not easy to find any at wreckers unless you happen to be there and find them yourself.

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