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    I have problems posting when I go to choose files. It still won't let me post some pics. I download them on my phone and I'm able to post them after they sit in download file for a bit
  2. I believe I have some new heater cables. I'll look by weekend. I think there are different sizes. Do you have yours off?
  3. alex g

    - 200

    I get that too. On my phone I moved pics from camera to downloads. I can post old downloads but not recent ones. No idea why
  4. Good luck with your project. Looks good.
  5. I thought I had the only duct tape model fridge 😁
  6. Here's my other signs I have both sides. There approx 11x7 ft.
  7. Here's one of my signs it's from a dealership I was told Oakville Ontario. Two sided and it lights up. It's about 5x5 ft.
  8. I'd like to have had that truck when my kids were little and drop them off at school with it.
  9. Thanks for the posted pics Keith. Heavy Gunner it's actually stainless steel. I figured I'd leave it as it is but I'm waiting til spring to put it up. I. Going to get truck lettered with my name on door same as my R model
  10. My wife had a custom mailbox made for my birthday. It's a one off but if anyone is interested the guys website is Sault Built Fabrication. She sent him pics of my R model he built it from that. My northern corespondent Snow Dog is gonna post pics later today for me since of my technical difficulties.
  11. Not sure how I posted this but hopefully more to come
  12. Yes...sorry to high jack thread. I used to have Tapatalk to post pics then I couldn't anymore so I cancelled it and was able to log in on Google and post pics. I got a new phone now I can't anymore. Still have Android on this one but something has changed
  13. Just tried Tapatalk. Can't figure it out it keeps asking me to update my credit card.
  14. Having issues posting pics but when I figure it out I'll post my signs
  15. Welcome aboard. Post pics if possible
  16. Happy Thanksgiving from your Canadian neighbors
  17. alex g

    Mack Vision

    I have a never installed set of stack brackets for your truck. Pm me if your interested.
  18. This guy is really a trendsetter. He's conserving fuel. Catching a ride on a empty parking lot. Even saving axle fee on toll roads
  19. Maybe it was a rush load. Had to be there on time. Lol
  20. alex g


    Nice...keep the rodents away
  21. Sounds like you have a flap stuck open in your heater. When you run heat controls can you hear anything moving inside?
  22. I remember the screen door grills from when I was a kid. Cool
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