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  1. So check the pressure of the line that feeds the air to the selector?
  2. I took the selector apart and replaced an o ring because it was leaking air. After I did that is when I have the problem.
  3. I changed o rings and now air is coming out of exhaust port and hole in bottom of cylinder. What am I doing wrong?
  4. What weight oil should go in the transmission?
  5. Steve L could you do me a favor and explain or show me a picture of what the gear box shift cylinder is please? Thank you
  6. I forgot to mention the hose for the port On the front left wasn't connected to anything underneath on the tranny. Would that be the exhaust port? That is where all the air is consistantly coming out.
  7. Hi all, I'm new to this forum but I need some help. I just bought a 74 Western RL700l dump truck. It has a 10 speed maxitorque transmission with a PTO on the side. The side of the tranny has D107 on it. The selector has D, L, N, R. It is not moving out of N. The selector moves freely but the transmission is not coming out of N. The air hose to the top left blows a lot of air out all the time. Do you think something is stuck? I'm lost, replaced the O ring on the innards of the selector, the one that goes over the port holes. There are four ports on the back, one on the top right, and on the top left on the bottom not on the wall like the others. Any help would be appreciated!
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