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  1. The way I have always done it. Is to remove the shifter knob cover. Take the nut and the washers off of the top. Take the two torx headed screws out of the top. Then your knob comes apart in two pieces. Leave the bottom of the knob on the stick. Theres going to be a thin plastic tab on the red compound switch, cut it off and then put the knob back together now you have an 18 speed
  2. Is there any ABS or or V-Mac(Lightning bolt) lights on if there is an ABS fault one of those lights will be on, most likely the ABS light. Another trick to try is if the truck is a manual, unplug the transmission output speedo sensor from the harness on top of the trans. An electrical malfunction light(V-Mac) will come on. Then drive the truck when it's cold and see if it continues to have issues.
  3. Do not use a torch to cut the clutch brake out on a Mack Trans, they have a seal in the input housing that would be ruined if you do that. Use an air hammer with a sharp bit and cut it out. If the trans is a Fuller then you can use a torch because they have an oil screw on the input shaft instead of a seal that can't be damaged.
  4. The spec is 6 3/4 to 7 inches but make sure the petal can still push the lever for the engine brake when the pedal is all the way up.
  5. The metal tab is bent. It happens all the time, take a pair of vice grips and bend it back to the correct pedal height.
  6. It depends if you need a clutch usually what I would do if the truck doesn't need a clutch I would just unbolt the back box and just do synchros without having to pull the transmission. It is way easier to do synchros on a Mack compared to a fuller if you're doing it in frame. Fuller's run helical cut gears and makes it a little bit more of a pain in the ass to get the gears to mesh back together when you're going back together. If you do plan on doing the synchros in the truck you shouldn't have to worry about the countershafts falling on you like with a Mack transmission if you dont have the retaining plate in. Because everything comes out with the back box on a fuller.
  7. It depends on the type of engine you're looking for if you are looking for just a mechanical P-pump engine the 1994 E7-400 is your best bet but if you're looking for something newer any E-Tec engine in between 99 and 02 would also be a really good choice. Personally I have a 1995 CH with the E7-400 with a V-MAC pump on it and it's coming up on a million miles and hasn't had a major overhaul done on it. The problem with the 93 to 97 E7's is that they had weak oil pumps and ran low oil pressure so if you bought a truck within that year range I would recommend replacing the oil pump and doing rods and mains if it hasn't been done yet.
  8. Mack made a few different models of Transmissions their TM 309 Transmissions were very difficult to shift just because of how close the gears were but just a standard 2180 transmission in my opinion shifts almost as good as a Fuller but that's just my opinion.
  9. Have you thought about switching the exhaust manifold, Mack also put a very restrictive exhaust manifold on the AI engines to be able to pass the 2004 EPA restrictions. It might be a little bit cheaper then replacing the cam, if you're looking still looking for power after the dealer turns it up a little bit.
  10. I just worked on a 99 CH613 that had a bad transfer pump causing a misfire
  11. AI Engines are not EGR they run a overlapping cam and a restrictive exhaust manifold to pass emissions. They do not pump egr back into the intake manifold.
  12. Unplug the speedo sensor on the back of the trans
  13. I would not recommend buying any truck with a E9, Not because they're unreliable but because of the price to maintain then any more and how hard it is to find parts for them. I would recommend just running a trusty AI. If you're looking for more power out of it for relatively cheap, I would recommend switching the exhaust manifold. Mack put very restrictive exhaust manifolds on all of AI series engines as a way to restrict exhaust gases and get around EPA04 regulations. If you're wanting to spend a little bit more money I would also switch the cam with one off of an ASSET engine and the turbo(depending on the year of the truck).
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