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  1. Yes sorry locking differential. Just not sure who sells them. I can get the gear ratio from mack I assume
  2. Do they make lockers for these rears or do you need to swap the whole rear out?
  3. So now onto bigger projects. Has anyone added power to a em7 275 H.P.? I would like to get a little more umph out of the old truck and the dealer doesn't have any real clear answers as to whether the truck can be turned up or not without paying them to dyno it and do scans etc... Just wanted to check with you guys before I went that route. Is there any way to get more power out of this truck without the dealer? I called these guys http://www.rochesterfuel.com/products/mack-performance/ the new injectors seem reasonable to get some more power out of it.
  4. So I bought the quiet pipe from Iowa 80 that Dogg rescue recommended and now I'm getting an obnoxious whistle at full throttle. I have to take the exhaust apart again and figure it out but, other than that the truck sounds much better and is more enjoyable to drive. Thanks guys!
  5. I straight piped my truck a few months ago and now I hear they passed a law banning it. I've been looking at internal baffles such as these. http://www.truckpipestore.com/mobile/5-x-60-internal-baffle-tube Wondering if these quiet the truck at all? Has anyone used them before? Thanks Eric
  6. Picture while polishing the body with the new medium gray paint which I'm not sure I like. Second Picture is with my new hub covers rears also have them Ill try and get a better picture tomorrow
  7. I want to re paint my steel bud wheels. What paint do you guys recommend? I saw some high heat wheel paint at auto zone in a spray can any good?
  8. Got a call from my driver and the electronic malfunction light came on and the speedo stopped working. He then hit a bump and it started working again and then stopped again. Any help on where to find the wires that may be causing the problem. Truck is a 2001 rd manual Trans. Thanks!
  9. Just a picture on the job. Had a new tarp put on and my new grille my father in law made. Truck exhaust rusted through the other day. Made for a long loud day!
  10. Wow some really nice trucks this year. The a&r excavating trucks belong to member reel addiction on here. Do you have any more pictures of the orange rd and granite with the silver stripes?
  11. No single frame. Thanks for the compliments guys it's a work in progress.
  12. Thanks guys. I think I have to agree on the grey wheels.
  13. Got the trailer painted, cut the front plow mount off. Slowly getting there. Thoughts on black wheels with chrome lug covers? Gun metal grey?
  14. Anyone know what color was used on my truck for the interior paint? I have some trim pieces I'd like to sand and re paint.
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