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  1. I'm sure the laid off workers, their families and the local business will miss the key lime part but not the corporate willy wooden shoes.
  2. Two more places on my list! Thanks for posting the photos. Paul
  3. https://www.carbideanddiamondtooling.com/Long-Pilot-Adjustable-Blade-Reamers-.437-2.562-Inch-Adjustment-Range-King-Pin-Alignment-Reamers-ID-6599-
  4. Did you know they moved from Long Island to Massachusetts? Arthur Gould Rebuilders Inc 789 Wachusett St. Building C Unit 2, Holden, MA 01520 (508) 210-0891
  5. Go into Hanks Forum and look for the thread on pictures, there is a post on the old site pictures and quite a few of the members have licks to their photos.
  6. I never really paid much attention to Camaros and Chevelles but do remember up dating the 67 models with 68 parts to stay in your Super Stock class the following years. Did that with my 1970 Challengers and 1971 Duster for three years in a row. Would bet he has it in one of his barns.
  7. I've put out feelers for prices on100 pairs. That seems to be the minimum for a white based unit.
  8. Never knew he was a drag racer! The movie mentioned came out in 1968 so that dated the photo at early 1968. 1967 Z-28.
  9. I don't need an other BUT I bid on it. Too nice to not take a shot at. They are quick with minor work. Thanks for the heads up. Paul
  10. My photos I post anyone can use , I can't see not letting people enjoy them, just don't put their name on the and take credit for them. Funny about taking the bat and ball and leaving, that's what Rob Archer said in his post on Hanks forum.
  11. Look what GM just agreed to with their workers. I see a lot more going out to get their piece of the pie.
  12. Excellent work! I'd be sorely tempted to do engine turning on the dash panel! Paul
  13. The photo was taken from my pick up of my truck in my yard and there is not another Marmon with the paint scheme I painted on it. AS for copy righting the photos there were photos from Autocar, the original Sterlings and Pacifics that were factory releases but are copyrights by people who were not even alive than. Kevin (KSCARBEL) posted photos form Mack of their train engines and the like and got hit on here by a lawyer representing the "owner". Basically it is a grey area on image ownership and even the right to take the photos and in plain english a lot is scare tactics and B.S. .
  14. Two sides to the coin. I was flagged by a lawyer who apparently makes money on the web threatening legal action over a photo being used with out authorazion. The photo was taken by me of my Marmon in my driveway. Someone took it off my Fotki site, put their name on it, copyrighted it and put it in their Hanks album. Legally I can't do anything about it except comply.
  15. I'll bet that soon Ford and Mopar will follow, be a boon for the Asians and Germans.
  16. I think the 30's fire truck is one of Pats (patdbossct) I recall he kept some of his stored there.
  17. Only if it's the Sams Club giant cart full of Frito's
  18. Minutes of the meeting have it all and daughter in laws video. As for suing them, people are too quick to sue over every little thing, it is better to have them called out and beaten in the village election.
  19. Sorry I do not wear hats, sneakers or shorts.
  20. Eh not a big deal. Today for Indigenous People Day I serenaded the town with 5 hours of Mountain, Black Sabbath, Cream, Country Joe and the Fish, Mitch Ryder and Commander Cody.
  21. My ancestors came from Cape Elizabeth when it was still the Mass Bay Colony, due to a disagreement over privateering with the Crown in 1630, we had to go live with the Dutch in New Amsterdam.
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