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  1. Saw some up state N.Y. in civi hands converted to mushroom farms.
  2. Bought this at Hersey a number of years ago, all about how he got the whale and how it basically financed his first race truck. Here is his Great White Shark tour truck.
  3. They aren't only logging they also have Therault Boys Trucking, C.A. Logging and A.F. Therault Ship Building (a few billion a year on Navy /Coast Guard contracts and sub contracts for Bath). could have been used in any of those but probably the ship yard for transport. One of them is in my VNVA post in Scarborough. I could mention the Desert Storm Mack and see what he says at the Veterans Day gathering. Paul
  4. Thank god Mack made those snail ears optional. First thing I asked the sales rep was can I get one with out the snail ears.
  5. Our 07 Rousche Focus and our 2017 Fusion both get 2 to 3.5 mpg more on real gas. Performance seems close on both fuels. In the mid to northeastern U.S. we get different blends for winter and summer, with winter blend being "oxygenated" on top of the ethanol, that could be the difference between where you and I are.
  6. Running 10% ethanol in gasoline reduces emissions but also lowers MPG between 25 and 33%, since bio diesel requires more of it to generate thermal energy equal to straight diesel it make sense you will use more. That said Cat and Sandvik-Tamrock make diesel powered underground mine trains and trams that through a series of exhaust coolers and particle filter burn 90% clean in conjunction with running ultra clean diesel and minimal electronics and no DPF
  7. How do you get fired from Swift? Come in low on your daily accident quota? Not have an internet worthy wreck? Back up incident free? Just curious.
  8. Must be kin to the mcyuppie who built a big house next to our potato farm in Riverhead L.I. (been there since 1918 when grand parents started it) and whinned about the "smell, the dust and the noises 7 days a week". So to be a good neighbor I stopped growing potato's . . .and planted cabbages. Masks the smell of top soil pretty well.
  9. Won't change. I got home this morning took my 55 chevy off the trailer, did a few dry hops and put it in my barn, had a code enforcement officer pull up and tell me driving by he heard a lot of noise. Told him my barn is in the middle of 1160 acres and I have no neighbors with in 5 miles and who the hell said you could drive the 3/4 mile up my gated and posted driveway?
  10. Might be easiest to buy a universal cable and cut and crimp the drive end on, assuming the housing is o.k.
  11. Like the Jimmy and the Great Dane, would look good in my barn.
  12. Message Steelman (Carey Leitch) on here he's in Fredricksberg Va and might be able to fabricate one for you.
  13. That's the M747 trailer you want? The place I bought my AM General power units had four M747's in the yard, tired but sat level and straight. I'll dig out the contact when I get back to Va.
  14. Wouldn't it be cool if the trailer you bought was with the RD in Desert Storm!
  15. Since the facility was shut down pretty much intact anyone ever asked if it was left there?
  16. 41chevy

    Tire irons

    I used a tire service that used one on my M917, I was impressed.
  17. They seem to be willing to work with me as far as requesting info on trailers, weights and terrain. More pertinent questions than the others.
  18. I really feel for you! All three of ours passed away over the month after my wife died. I'm convinced it was from broken hearts because she spoiled them constantly. Paul
  19. I use the 3 AM Generals and the old Autocar on the business. I don't need a zillion horses I need a specific low to mid power band but mainly from idle to 30 mph. And new for the contract on the Federal site. My Marmon is not set up to go off the pavement and it is too old for the feds to allow on site. As for high power, don't need it for big granite I need gearing. The biggest blocks weigh in around 120,000 +/ - The toy is my B mixer. . Plans for a Claiben nose, a MP-8 and M drive but the big job is when I left Virginia a few months ago was I laid out the measurements to quarter the cab to make it wider and longer. All in pieces and probably never have it complete.
  20. Granite blocks.The smallest are 10' x 10' x10 and the largest are 10' x 10' x 40 and steel / concrete prefab wave diverters built to needs. Gabrielli in N.Y. and Excel in Va. both got specs I wanted but Gabrielli is talking with "engineering on best power plant to use for my needs" with my trans, rears, load and terrain. Thats about 40% highway with the rest split between quarry roads, compacted dirt and ocean beach. Anthem day cab, with painted accessories and stainless bumper cover, twin 142 gal tanks, Maxi torgue T300, 65,000 dual reduction rears on Camel back. Most likely a MP8 445SE-HE for my low and mid range power band .
  21. The Steeda Fusion my wife wanted we talked to the Ford Dealer that sold them, spec'd out what she wanted got a price as financed and paid cash for it.Ford Credit figures making money on the finance charges so base price was lower. 258 miles on it sitting in a container since she passed away. Warranty may be excellent but I've talked to Excel in Virginia, Gabrielli in New York and TEC Mack in Maine get different stories on option availability and all pushing the "everybody gets 505 h.p with. M -Drive" which I do not want. I want my last new truck exactly spec'd as I want and that's that. Today I contacted Autocar direct and spend the better part of an hour talking about the new conventional, tentative cost and when production is due to start. Apparently I'm one of about 50 or so asking about a road tractor configuration for construction.
  22. Best thing I liked driving a B was the look people give you when you run through a few gears backing up. :)
  23. I'm thinking if I have to jump through hoops just to try and get what I want than what will be the act to get warranty and general support? Brand loyalty be damned I'll be talking to Autocar tomorrow.
  24. My chassis was a left over or a cancelled order that nobody wanted to buy because of the manual trans.
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