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  1. Here's a R164G V8 580 (the most powerful Scania V8 built when this truck was new) with open pipes....
  2. Owned by Ed Eminson from Dubbo, NSW - here's another shot of Bruiser:
  3. Mini Mack using Datsun mechanicals1:
  4. Here's a link for your eyes - this is a bit on Tony Champion, Obby's friend who owns all the Macks pictured: http://www.primemove...e/mack-champion
  5. Mack Trucks Australia has launched the MP10 engine into the Australian market as an option on SuperLiner and Titan models - see below. Where America gets a 605hp rating, Australia receives 685hp. The last all-Mack engine was in the Titan and was the EA9-610 16 litre V8 rated at 610hp.
  6. Name: Magirus Deutz Jupiter 195/200 (1964) Date Added: 23 June 2009 - 11:25 AM Owner: Joe Hupp Short Description: My new addition! I know it isn't American but it does deserve a spot here.... Barry, do you agree???? View Vehicle
  7. Name: Mack R685RST R-600 "Flintstone" Tow Truck (1969) Date Added: 30 September 2008 - 03:40 PM Owner: Joe Hupp Short Description: I haven't purchased this truck as yet but these photos are of the truck in it's current condition! View Vehicle
  8. Huey, The only Mack MIR I've ever seent was a MIR785RST - 285hp Maxidyne diesel engine and a twin stick 6 speed gearbox! Joe
  9. Thanks Barry and Mike! As I said earlier, this was the first show Rod had taken the old girl to west of the Blue Mountains - have more but will wait to post them into another topic! Joe Celebrating 2 years as a BMT member today!
  10. G'day guys! Thought I had better share this photo of HeyCharger's 1961 Mack B-61 - first time out at the Golden Oldies Truck Club Truck Show in Dubbo, NSW, Australia! Joe
  11. Joe, Mack owned Brockway from 1956 to 1977 - when Mack closed Brockway down in 1977, Mack Trucks Australia were fortunate enough to be able to obtain the dies to the cab on the old 527 series and made the cab for this, the MIR700: 3/4 RHS: Head on: This is the 527's cab on a R785RST chassis! Joe (huppypuppy)
  12. Mike, Your 4000 looks good - is it all original??? Joe
  13. Dan, New MAN TGX 26.440 Military truck for the Australian Army Transport Corps! Joe
  14. Dallas, Ya lucky sod - how did ya manage to pull this one off???? Joe
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