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  1. Hino is interesting in their model designations across the world.... what you guys call the M-Series is called the 300 Series in Australia. Hino Truck Sales Australia have a weird and wacky number system using odd numbering for their models: 300 Series - Light Duty Rigids (available in both conventional diesel and diesel-electric Hybrid) 500 Series - Medium-Heavy Duty Rigids (available in new Standard and Wide Cabs) 700 Series - Heavy Duty Prime Mover and Rigids https://www.hino.com.au/300 https://www.hino.com.au/500 https://www.hino.com.au/700
  2. G'day Dan! Great to see a V8 ValueLiner from Australia in really good hands Stateside! It's a really cool truck and you have a one of a kind rig with a pure heart! Joe
  3. The CL was sold in Australia - it had a choice of three engines: two Mack engines (E7-454 I6 with 454hp or the E9-525 V8 with 525hp) or a Detroit Diesel Series 60. As for the CL Superliner, the only CL that got the Superliner name was the V8 powered one, if I remember correctly!
  4. Here's a R164G V8 580 (the most powerful Scania V8 built when this truck was new) with open pipes....
  5. Owned by Ed Eminson from Dubbo, NSW - here's another shot of Bruiser:
  6. Mini Mack using Datsun mechanicals1:
  7. Here's a link for your eyes - this is a bit on Tony Champion, Obby's friend who owns all the Macks pictured: http://www.primemove...e/mack-champion
  8. Mack Trucks Australia has launched the MP10 engine into the Australian market as an option on SuperLiner and Titan models - see below. Where America gets a 605hp rating, Australia receives 685hp. The last all-Mack engine was in the Titan and was the EA9-610 16 litre V8 rated at 610hp.
  9. Name: Magirus Deutz Jupiter 195/200 (1964) Date Added: 23 June 2009 - 11:25 AM Owner: Joe Hupp Short Description: My new addition! I know it isn't American but it does deserve a spot here.... Barry, do you agree???? View Vehicle
  10. Name: Mack R685RST R-600 "Flintstone" Tow Truck (1969) Date Added: 30 September 2008 - 03:40 PM Owner: Joe Hupp Short Description: I haven't purchased this truck as yet but these photos are of the truck in it's current condition! View Vehicle
  11. Huey, The only Mack MIR I've ever seent was a MIR785RST - 285hp Maxidyne diesel engine and a twin stick 6 speed gearbox! Joe
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