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  1. Does anyone out there have any information and/or pictures pertaining to R-800 model Macks? Any help appreciated!
  2. "Big end" bearings for the conrod - connecting to the crankshaft... hmmm
  3. Hi, Anyone else had difficulties dealing with Watt's Mack Parts? I was after some big end and main bearings for a F-797 with a 375hp V8 Thermodyne... I emailed them to enquire about bearings and never heard back... I emailed them once again and they replied (told me they hadn't received my first email...) asking for an engine number and other details which I inturn sent in the reply email... I haven't heard anything since and subsequent emails have not been answered. Needless to say I'm disappointed with their Parts service, or lack of... - Rob
  4. I've driven both but didn't really think they sounded the same. The E-9 sure is a sweet sounding engine, the closest I've ever heard to one is a Scania 14 liter V8.
  5. We had some R-612 Macks come into New Zealand back in 1984 with hood scoops, rumour was they were a cancelled shipment for a plantation in Central America... approx 22 came in as far as I know... (320hp Thermodynes)
  6. Hi, Does anyone out there have any contacts that could supply Big End and Main crank bearings for a 375hp V8 Thermodyne?? ( late 70's model F®-797 ) Thanks, Rob
  7. Hi, Does anyone out there have any info on the Mack Lanova engines? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Rob
  8. MACK'S MP ENGINE 10/26/2005 Mack's new MP7 11-liter engine Mack’s new MP7 engine is available in the initial offerings of both the new Pinnacle and Granite models, the first in a new family of engines that will take the company through 2006 and, with modifications, onto the tough emissions rules of 2007 and then 2010. “The MP engine family is the future of Mack powertrain technology,” said Steve Homcha, Mack executive vice president of Class 8 programs. The MP7 will be joined by the 13-liter MP8 in 2007. The MP7 is an 11-liter engine available in the three traditional Mack performance co
  9. TWO NEW MACKS 10/26/2005 Mack Granite axle-forward dump truck Mack Trucks has unveiled a new range of vehicles for both highway and construction customers. The company's new highway-lineup flagship is the premium Pinnacle tractor, but there are also new models of the Granite and Granite Axle Back construction trucks. Each of the new trucks offers advancements in engine technology, driver environment, and electronics. A key feature in 2006 models is the new MP7 engine (see below). The Pinnacle, built on the Advantage chassis and having the familiar cab, is offered in a 116-in. BBC daycab
  10. It will be a sad day when we see the Mack name gone altogether! I'm sure glad I was around to enjoy what I'd say were best years of trucking - 60's , 70's, up to mid 80's... The Europeans will eventually screw everything, take a look at their vehicles - you'll be driving bonneted versions of these like the Volvo VT-800/880 with sewing machine engines - God help us!
  11. Hi, What's the chance of some information about this rig???
  12. I keep having to re-log on after already doing so, it's happening constantly - got any ideas???
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