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  1. Thanks, I appreciate all the replies and effort you guys have gone to.
  2. Thanks guys, all pics have been a great help, I have managed to identify a lot of unoriginal holes. Appreciate every photo that has been posted. :thumb:
  3. Hi, does anyone have any info on installing new chassis rivets on a B61?
  4. Any additional pictures from anyone appreciated, thanks.......
  5. Mate, as they say "A picture is worth a thousand words" so they would be most appreciated. I don't have the rear spring hangers but understand they utilise the same holes as the cross members. Some pictures of the rear area, from air tank and battery box back, and any cross members from the one at the rear of the cab to the back of the truck would also be great help. Cheers, Marty.
  6. So, this is the right hand side, or the drivers side here in Australia. I guess I should have explained that the reason for there being so many extra holes is because the chassis was extended at some stage to accommodate a bogie drive; I am putting it back to single axle but my other B models are all bogies. So I am good with most of the holes up front but as you can see there is a hell of a mess at the rear. Any help is much appreciated.
  7. Guys, any help with identifying the unoriginal holes in the following pictures would be much appreciated. I plan on filling them in. This is the left hand rail of a right hand steer truck.
  8. Any pictures of the chassis from the battery box back would be great as i am trying to work out which holes to fill in. Also a picture of the 2nd last cross member would be helpful, the one in front of the diff.
  9. Thanks mate, That is an awesome start. Curious that we share the same surname as well. Cheers, Marty.
  10. Hi all, Looking for diagrams, pictures and information on the chassis layout of a single drive B61. I am currently building one out of 2 1/2 chassis that I have and they have all been extended over the years and additional holes added. I have the positions for the rear x-member and the one that the cab sits on but I am not sure if there is another one in between. Also looking for info on how the rear spring hangers are arranged on the chassis; lots of extra holes there. I am also trying to work out which holes in the chassis I can weld up that weren't there originally. Any pictures or drawing would also be a great help. Thanks in advance.
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