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  1. Thanks kscarbel2 for reply, Pics are great, the c500k with k100 Cab (from the 80's to 2004 I think) and the successor K500 with Daf xf Cab (from 2005 till now) are similar in specs with the C500 (Medium Duty), The Kenworth K953S had the specs of the Kenworth 953 Super 1993/1994 (Heavy Duty) with the K100E Cab, the difference is in the wheel base , and I couldn't found any specs for the k953s and even for the 953 Super from the 90's.
  2. Hi Guys, I need your help, if some one know something about this monster (Specs, Pics, any informations...) then feel free to post, All what I know about it is : the K953S had a cab from the K100E . The trucks had 450-525 hp diesel engines. with a cooling radiator behind the cab.
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