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  1. Thanks guys. Still searching..... Mike had no luck with http://forums.justoldtrucks.com "Service Unavailable"
  2. Hi guys. It's been awhile since I visited but here is my latest project. Can anyone provide me with information on this coupling as I cannot find anything on the 'net. Thanks. Rod. When it's restored it will look like this;
  3. Quite possibly could be RS instead of R3. Makes sense. What is the significance of 611 and LST (not being an R model man). Rod.
  4. A friend has an ex-USA (LHD originally) R600 with chassis number R3611LSTxxxxx. This stamping does not look original. Is there such a beast as a R3611LST? Thanks. Rod.
  5. Hi guys. I bought one of these years ago. Reasonably priced and so far no rust. I have though, installed a stabilising rod from the area behind the bonnet (hood) up to the centre. Very cheap to make and install. I was a little afraid that as these monolithic road-trains go past that their bow-wave would blast my visor off. This company is only about 45mins away from me, so if I can help let me know. Rod.
  6. Hi Guys, Has anyone fitted shock absorbers to the bogie of a B61? I've just replaced the rear axle assemblies to give me (a lot) more top speed. Now I notice that I've got a bit of axle bounce - bob-tailing. A mate suggested shock absorbers. Comments and suggestions appreciated. Thanks. Rod.
  7. Hi Guys. Just to clarify and enlighten. These (problem) wheels were off an NR (military) Mack. Here is what they originally looked like.
  8. Hey Rob. Great to hear from you. re the power steering...not yet. Still have your pictures. Found a very good local engineer who put the rear axles in for me and mentioned to him that my next project would be the power steering. This axle swap set me back a few dollars, but well worth it. I cruise now on about 1500-1600rpm, still a gear to go and NO earplugs. Didn't know a '61 could be so pleasant to drive. (Also been a bit pre-occupied buying some old farm tractors ) Rod.
  9. The Dream Becomes Reality. Slideshow, sort by "caption" in "ascending" from "the beginning"
  10. Hi guys. Sorry, been absent for awhile. Just to give you an update. I swapped my 9.02 axles for 4.64. Wow. talk about smokin'. My top speed has now gone from 65 kph (40mph) to a THEORETICAL top speed of 126kph (almost 80mph). Most of the local country driving, I don't even get into O/D now. Now I have to balance the wheels
  11. Ok. I know I'm a novice and yes sometimes I need help. So. Every now and then, with my quad-box, when changing the compound box it won't go into any gear no matter what revs I use, with and without using the clutch. I use one hand to change, so the main box is in gear. I have to pull up on the side of the road to a stop and then it slips in beautifully. Without flaming me what am I doing wrong? (It only happens about once every six or seven trips). Rod.
  12. Some of my fleet. 1961 Mack B61, 1970 Freighter low-loader, 1951 Ferguson TEA20 and Massey Harris 44k.
  13. Hey Packer. Sorry But I must disagree with you here. I was always curious as to what position my shutters were in, so I rigged up a cable to show me in the cab the position of the shutters. I must admit most of the time they are either fully open, or fully closed, however, there are a lot of occasions where they are midway. Interesting to watch them move whilst traveling. Rod.
  14. This is the guy (Ken) www.hy-waysunvisors.com.au I purchased one for my B61 years ago. I think his email is hywaysunvisors@ozemail.com.au Rod.
  15. A question from the other side of the world Hypothetically. If a drunk driver, who has no health insurance, is involved in a serious accident and is taken to the emergency section of the hospital, then what happens to this driver? Are they treated and then sent a bill later? Thanks. Rod (from DownUnder)
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