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  1. Hey can someone point me in the right direction to the engine number on my R Model. Its a 6 cylinder EM6 turbo motor Thanks
  2. I think i found it on the plate behind the air box,The number is A16374 .What do you think??? Thanks again for your help Craig
  3. Hey Mate I looked right over the chassi rail and the only numbers stamped were VP944930P i guess this must be them????.Does not seem right though.They are located in front of the rear front axle on the right side chassis rail. Truck is a 1984 r model ,I do know the chassis was extended as it now has a 30 ft tilt tray on the back. Cheers Craig
  4. Thanks Jeff i will have a look in the morning & get back to you.
  5. Hi Guys Can anyone steer me in the right spot to find the chassis number on a R600 Mack i have just brought. Thanks
  6. Hi I am currently restoring a B421 and am looking for the B421 side hood badges If anyone can help that would be great Thanks
  7. New Full time job!!! Full resto of my mack
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