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  1. My dealer sells that stuff too. All I ever bought was a couple maxi chambers, which seem to be ok.
  2. It has a fitting in the front below the water pump. And one in the back on the water manifold. I would think the flow would come from the front and go through the heater core and return to manifold. Except the arrow on my heater control valve points the other direction. Its been like that since day one. There is no way to reverse it.
  3. You wired right from the head to a switch bypassing the relays and clutch switch and dash switch.? I did that for a test once ,but didnt leave it that way. The way you have it you can engage the jake with the throttle depressed and make a lot of smoke.
  4. What did all this cost.? Looks much better.
  5. You hit the nail on the head. And i think its all from the unions protecting them. The Quarry i haul out of the loaders are the same way. They want to do as little as possible. They move the fastest when its their break time. And the longer they been there the worst they are.
  6. Should be right under this panel.
  7. Now that I think about it ,the lever moves a air cylinder which opens or closes the door. The air cylinder itself could of fell off.
  8. If your saying if your at 1800rpms and activate the jake that it wont come on til the rpms drop to 1300.? If so sounds like in the computer. It should come on at any rpm above 8 or 900 rpm. I have the same set up and mine does. The oil lines and pump just make the Jake work harder. Has nothing to do about when it comes on.
  9. The rod fell off that opens and closes the door.
  10. If you buy a sleeve from stemco all you need to do is bore a straight hole. The sleeve is straight on the od and tapered on the id. If you ream the axle at a taper where are you going to get an oversize pin.
  11. Are they 1/4 turn sockets. I bought the sockets from e bay and wired them together and wired to my dash light wire which eliminated the circuit board. Been working a year now/
  12. Thanks mack tech I have one on the way.
  13. OK thanks that is the number I need Thanks
  14. probably not. I seen a guy do it 2 times in a row.
  15. Dealership doesnt have any being too old.. Does your dealer have any ,? I could buy from them.?
  16. For a 2000 460 I used to borrow the one from my dealer but they lent it out and is now missing. The cover was like a dark red or purple. Thanks
  17. Thanks Jhancock appreciate it, but i wouldnt call 0.020 as being pretty close. Thanks again
  18. It came to my dealer as a service bulletin, and I wrote the dimension in the mack service book but someone borrowed the book and i dont remember who. If anyone remembers the bulletin or where I could find it let me know. Thanks
  19. There was a service bulletin a while back about the actuator pin adjusting screw for the valve yoke on a Jake brake engine . It gave a measurement and said to replace if below that measurement. I had it some where but cant find it. 0.980" comes to mind but not sure. Any body?
  20. Stemco makes a sleeve for this. You have to bore the axle and install the tapered sleeve which is straight on the od. and tapered on the id. http://www.stemco.com/product/ape/ axle surgeon does this also but they are pricey. normal price around here is 400 a side
  21. Mine will read the code with the truck running.
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