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  1. Thanks Paul. Looks like you have done the research. I would be adding an exhaust brake for little reason seeing as to how my engine is a EM6-300R. This engine is governed at 1800 RPM, so the brake effect would be almost non-existant. I would guess my next question would be: How much does the engine brake cost for this engine? I probably wouldn't ever need it.... but would like to have it when we travel through the mountains. Thanks again, Jeff
  2. I have a R-Model, with an EM6 300, that only pulls a 16K 5th wheel trailer. I was wondering if Mack ever used an exhaust brake? What would be the downside of using one on my truck? Some of the exhaust brake manufacturers are using a 4" brake assy. in the exhaust that just clamps in a flange like the turbo to exhaust pipe connection. This would be easier and cheaper for me to fit than to retrofit to a Dynatard or Jake. Jeff
  3. Rob, did you ever find a valve cover for the Dynatard? I have a pair of them sitting on a shelf that I won't be using. E-mail me for price and shipping info. Jeff
  4. On radial tires, I always set toe to dead ahead or less than 1/16 toe in. Bias tires require more toe to drive straight. Also, for marking the tires, I drive a nail into the end of a 4' piece of 4X4 at a 45* angle and cut the head off. Jack up tire, place nail against center of tire holding board down with knee, turn tire to mark. Do this on each side and then check toe with tape measure (just don't ask the Ol Lady to hold the "dumb end" of the tape) Jeff
  5. Boy Barry, you must work fast. I got the E-mail to order the calendars! Looks like my Dog made the grade! WooHoo!! Thanks, I'll get my order in, Jeff
  6. Hey Barry, what's the word on the calendars? Just wondering if you recieved my truck pics and when the calendars will be available. Jeff
  7. Just one now, I had 3 parts trucks, but the city beautification Nazis decided that was too much. I still have as many parts as I could hide behind a 6' privacy fence though.
  8. I have run into this problem several times. Before going to any extremes, look for a vent on the rear of the shift housings,(if I remember right, it will be on the lower left side of the shift cylinder) sort of looks like a hole with a screen or rock type filter in it. If this is stopped up, the shifter can't let the air off of the off side of the piston. Jeff
  9. It is definately governor related, my EM6-300 did the same thing until I installed the fuel rack "patch" kit to stop the bouncing at highway speeds. All it consists of is a very light spring and a roll pin in the fuel rack. Jeff
  10. Turning the fuel up can get into your wallet, 3 flats netted me about 3/4 MPG less on a 2000 mile trip last week. But I will say that the dog pulls much better now. Jeff
  11. Looking good, usually my light at the end of the tunnel is the oncoming train Jeff
  12. :bmod1: Thanks Trent. I don't think I'll really have a problem with EGTs or boost, seeing as to how I'm only pulling a 16K 5er. I don't want to soot the trailer up, so I will only turn it up until I see some light smoke. Jeff
  13. Hi all, I'm looking to turn a little more fuel to SuperDawg. Right now it is at factory specs with a EM6300R, the seal hadn't been broken. I want just a little more pulling power. This pump is one that I'm not familiar with. American Bosch, what to do for a little more fuel, no more RPMs. Thanks for any help. Jeff
  14. From one woodworker to another, that is some fine work. We sure want to see the final pics of that project.
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