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  1. Also, my truck has the fuel line plumbed out of the end of tank at bottom. I’m wondering if I’m picking up a lot of trash this way. It seems like filter would get more and more plugged though.
  2. Could a weak check valve on fuel return line affect my engine power?
  3. Thanks. I found out the engine I was interested in doesn’t have engine brake so I guess I’ll pass.
  4. I’ve found an ai300 with much lower hours than my poor running 400. Are there physical differences between these engines besides injector nozzles? Are the pistons etc going to be different?
  5. Does this sound right to you guys? IMG_1203.MOV
  6. They changed the pump at front of engine and the regulator. They also programmed it to 400 from 350. I picked it up today. It’s better but still not as good as my heavier pump. It runs warmer too which doesn’t make much sense to me. What’s my next move? They put stock injector nozzles in. If I change to older style manifold and 5” after turbo will this help with back pressure and maybe some heat?
  7. They’ve changed the injector nozzles. And it still has low power. Fuel pressure test shows good pressure at idle but doesn’t go as high as it should when idled up. Any ideas?
  8. They did an injector cut out test or some such thing and it appears I may need all new nozzles. I suggested they change to 460 and change manifold and turbo too. 😄
  9. Which non ai manifold do I need for an MR to swap to free flow and s400 turbo? Will it be the same as the one Log Dog used?
  10. Thanks. They ran the overhead today... thought maybe it would help and help with rough running. It didn’t need much adjustment. They are going to check pressure yet.
  11. It’s an MR. Hopefully figure something out Monday
  12. I think he does, he just meant I wouldn’t get the full benefit without changing hard parts.
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