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  1. I have a set of 44000 lb Camelback rears 200 series carrier with bronze bushings 393 ratio with only 12000 miles wondering what the value is of these rears.
  2. Has any one out there encountered this problem like I have with the hour meter reseting on the total display and not on the trip side. Is there a way to retrive the real time in the computer or is it gone forever.
  3. Hello Mack fans..... I have a CH 613 with a 460 HP and the Oil temp has been running up around 200 to 210 with no big load on. Water temp is running around 170 and Oil pressure is 60 to 70 psi running down the road . My temp always did run about 20 hotter then water temp on a regular basis. Is there anything I should check like oil cooler. I just Changed the oil and put Baldwin Filters on .Would the spinner have anything to do with the temp running hotter. Any help would be nice. world_wide
  4. I own a 2001 Mack CH613 that had an engine fire and burned the cab, hood, engine and tires off the truck. Insurance company paid out as a total loss I bought the salvage back as this truck only had 12000 miles on it at the time of the fire. My question is this. Would anyone be afraid of using the frame rails of this truck for any type of rebuild this truck is a double frame.fire only burned around engine and then spread to cab nothing from the back of the engine was burned on the frame
  5. I own a 2003 CH with a 460 HP I have experienced many computer code flashes and every time I take it into Mack they tell me it was a ground problem or it will not repeat it for them. One dealer in West Virginia said it was the turbo waste gate causing the fault. This seems to only happen when under a hard pull and for us its most of the time. We haul loads grossing out at 220,000 and this is getting really annoying has any else experienced this problem too. Looking for a cure..
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