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  1. So our great president offers up Doral resort for the G7 for cost or free if it can be done legal wise, but the liberal loons go off the deep end, he will get free advertising, his company will make money, oh the corruption of it all, never mind the fact that it would be free or almost and that would save tax dollars, which the left really does not care about, they will just send the taxpayer a bigger bill, Democrats do NOT care about the average person, they stick it to the taxpayer every chance they get, now Trumps business can't donate Doral because at some point he could profit, well let's see do think any one would have anything that they would need to hear from Obama if he had not been president, another words he profits from speaking to brain deads only because he was president, otherwise there is nothing that comes out his mouth that any one would want to hear.(other than I am guilty of treason) You have to be completely insane to be a Democrat,. Now AOC has come out for Bernie, a complete anti American, save the world at the cost of the US taxpayer, but he does reserve the right for himself and others that think like him to prosper but the rest of us can live in poverty, think I saw that movie, did not end well for anybody. I only need to be God for 10 seconds and I can fix this problem.
  2. We used to put them in the bumper foglights so we could see the critters in the road in northern Maine, used to be a long dark road from Bangor to Houlton .
  3. Bet I would have spent more than 100 bucks. these work great.
  4. So after putting new headlight buckets in my 98 CH they were much better, I tried to see if the new LED in a new CH would fit, got not much info so I stopped at the chrome shop in Wildwood FL last trip and of course they did not have the lights either but they could order them, hate ordering something like lights unseen, anyway they showed up today, you can play shadow animals in the middle of the day, can't wait till it gets dark, I think next jerk off that does not dim lights will be in for a surprise, already lowered beam so should not bother anyone and don't drive in the dark much anyway, lights I got are Haizer LED HB1-9004 6000 lumens and 2 year warranty. I think they were 100 bucks with shipping, well worth the money.
  5. Spent most of my time in Aroostook County and Fryeburg , potatoe country, all we could haul back in 70s before deregulation. (produce)
  6. Well being from New England I am sure they will very happy you built in ME.
  7. You could be like me before I made attempt to be kinder and question their personal hygiene, some reason women really get offended when accused of not washing down there. ?? I have found when dealing with stupid people that it is better just go in for the kill and be done with it, I have better things to do than waste my time in war of mental masturbation.
  8. Fire them all and come back non union.
  9. I will agree on the 4 reverse gears but the rest I personally can do with out, but my only experience with the 18 speed trans and the old 2 stick which was fine
  10. Yep end the misery buy a fuller, spend have the money, last longer and shifts much nicer. LKQ 18 fuller new out of the box just over 6k, I spent 6k just to repair a Mack trans and still hate it, plus clutch and install, all in around 9k , screw your Mack trans.
  11. The piece of crap that was in the White House last said you would never seen unemployment down where it is today, also said that those manufacturing jobs were gone for EVER, EVER he said, really what happened, we have a President that grabs a little Volvo, better than grabbing a Weiner, calls out Rocket Man, tries to find out who really screwed up the election (Clinton) brings back oil, has really lowered unemployment, is really trying to fix the southern border problem (less warren/sanders voters) if the guy pooped out gold bricks and cured cancer the America hating left would still find something to impeach him, how about we impeach THEM, how about we declare the Democrat party a Terrorist group, they really hate America and really try to harm us, all the left talks about is about everyone else in the world and what they think, who cares what they(any other country ) thinks, how about we the working people of this country think, do you live by what others think or what is right for you ??? Impeach the Democrats and declare the them Terrorists.(not the NRA).
  12. Isn't it funny under Obama we could spend bunches of money to buy gas for our cars and trucks and it was all imported oil, but 3 years under Trump we produce so much of our own oil that we are now having layoffs in the oil field for having to much oil??? Just one more example of the treason Obama committed against the American people that gets covered up, Trump wants to investigate corruption in Ukraine and the Obama team (Liberal Democrats) want him gone??? And if you think that Obama did not sell out American coal for the benefit of third world nations your a moron, he screwed us to help his baboon farmer nations have cheap energy while we got stuffed with gas, and NO it was NOT about clean air it was about helping other nations at the expense of the American tax payer. Warren/Sander will bankrupt this nation and that is the plan, to make us no better than any other nation. Our new national slogan will be, America just another shit hole.
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