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  1. Showing someone drive a fuller 18 is worthless on learning how to drive a Mack 18, better shooting yourself in the head. read the book and hope you learn, and I say hope, I think a triplex or quad was easier or at least consistent, I really like the 4 reverse but the rest I can live without, and yes I drive one everyday and with bigger loads than most people and still don't like it, one good thing about the Mack 18 is when super hero steering wheel holder shows up and we let them take a spin, fun to watch them walk off talking to themselves. I 'll post pics. of loads going to Juarez MX, great fun, night time is real eye opener, 150' long and 10' wide right downtown, overhead crane beams.
  2. Had Granite, bought new did same thing 460ai, no power, fan off and on all the time, sold as soon as we could, bet it stayed around 4 months, glad it left.
  3. Should have converted to a fuller 18.
  4. Bimbo from NY does not even know we fought a war in Japan. nevermind appreciate it.
  5. Sitting in a jail cell
  6. Just proves that there is no racism in the USA so they have to make it up, then when caught they are let go because we need to feel their pain, happened in NY and no one paid except those that were accused of something they did not do. I noticed that Sharpton stayed away from this one. good move two phony race claims and he might have been out of job, oops forgot if your a dumbocrat you need not worry about false claims, I think the liberal braindeads should all kick in and pay back the taxpayer for the waste of money investigaing Trump. MAPA, make America poor again (vote Democrat)
  7. Telmas work great, they are used in the coal feilds, lot of braking power.
  8. Geez I should not say that but I can't figure which is worse a company that takes Government bailout then goes bankrupt and tells the public they paid the money back or the dumb ass that would vote someone that would let it happen, MAPA. make America poor again, vote Democrat ! Think I'll run for congress , district 3 GA. bet i'd be in the news every week as I call out the real crooks, Democrats. I'll have MAPA shirts on sale soon $8.00 still working on shipping, trying to get a amazon like deal from posatal service. just need to find the right crook to payoff.
  9. Chevy/GM are like Democrats, they suck.
  10. Getting ready to mow grass for 3rd time this spring, rather mow grass than move snow.
  11. Really ? we just got rid of the biggest ass that no one thought could win, never mind got reelected, give her a couple years, look at the nit wits that want to BUY the black vote with free money if your family came from slaves ?? young people know shit and will vote for any stupid jerk off with a brain dead plan. when I retire I am going to become a democrat, gonna vote for all the free crap I can get, then the young brain deads can support me.
  12. 2nd weekend mowing grass, sure beats snow.
  13. You won't be laughing when she is president.
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