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  1. Even tougher Bob...……..I didn't know we were this old either?
  2. Your a gentleman KS. You’ve been christened Moderator and handed a warriors helmet. God Speed your journey to November. Swear to Moses I won’t post again.
  3. Two state solution is a good way to keep infighting down. Stick to thread topics 👍🏼. If I started a thread “Reasons I Love Trump” my expectations is KS will keep people from coming over and bashing. Ok, I’m out now for real.
  4. I’m out. Make sure you guys don’t get yourself buried in a fear casket. Everybody needs a splash of cold water now and then.
  5. Your parents should have spanked. Well put. It's a great lesson in Americans getting back some long lost stoicism. Problem is, nothing's happening. Nothings been happening for months. I talked to two local nurses who work at the regional hospital. The Covid has been them doing jumping jacks to look busy. I use to think it was a bug that would clean house, I have my doubts now. I’m going back to nuclear ☢️ holocaust.
  6. We have it. 3 pulled from my work this week for quarantine. Mandatory 6 feet or mask and we had to sign a Covid disclaimer Monday. Business as usual. No ones sick, no ones dying. Sniffle, cough, back to work. You continue to call me dummy, I’m going to call you hag, we mutually agree to those temporary monickers for this thread?
  7. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but here I go again. Covid 2020- If it seems like no one around you is sick and dying...(pause for reflection)…. it's because no one around you is sick and dying. The deaths occurring here are paced to the normal ebb and flow of people coming into this world and old folks going out.
  8. Both fine trucks. I'm going to have to go with Georgia Dave on this one, it has the horizontal square grill on the Ford. Even found one the same color. 10 coming. Likely had an Allison and T-bar throttle for the cat, but don't over think it?
  9. You mean stabbing a knife through a 9 month old baby's head while its traveling down the birth canal is wrong? Hold on..."I have a shortcut to an article, right here, that says its all done for the benefit of the mother's health!!".... it's here somewhere...
  10. Some aren’t complete loons. The true loon will have lost the ability to properly process information. Your mind and conscience are information processors, if you numb them you become a funnel instead of a sponge. Funnel = You take the info and direct the stream without absorbing processing it for its value. You numb your mind and conscience by lying to them constantly. Perfect Example...The loon keeps telling themselves a penis doesn’t mean your a man until common sense abandons ship and swims for shore. The conscience thought that’s your natural-born guide becomes utterly confused. Eventually they don’t know what’s real. They go to blowing up the thread with NYTimes fake news piece shortcuts because they need something beyond their (now destroyed) ability to process, discern and relay. They can’t think for themselves by hearing, discerning and deciding because the discerning conscience is fractured by being force to believe what it knows is untrue. Pretty soon they’re throwing opinion columns at you and saying “here, here, look at what this person thinks is the truth!!!”.
  11. It's in the Liberals make-up, they try to sap the life out of anything fun. Sapped NFL. Sapped the entire West Coast. Sapped NASCAR. Sapped Boy Scouts. Sapped Girl scouts, Ruined 41's construction project. They even ruined the small bit of relief and satisfaction you feel while going to the bathroom!!! BMT isn't the exception to the rule, it's a Marxist loon magnet. That said I want to dedicate this song to Teamster Grrrl/Maxidyne/Gearhead Grrrl, or whatever applies. My kids listen to it and we all sing along in the car. It's about a determined cat who simply refuses to be cast out and keeps coming right on back. Enjoy!! (I'll spot 10 bonus likes to anyone who can name the OEM of the cabover truck in the video?)
  12. Pimp’in ain’t easy and neither is Liberal Conversion Therapy. You boys did good, real good. I’m getting a mop to clean up the pea soup on the floor & walls and washing my damn face.
  13. Anybody who can’t stomach pea soup and a spinning heads needs to get the hell off this thread or shut up and help. Wild Dave get the Trump Holy Water. 💦 When her voice is starting to sound like Dr. Fauci’s hit her with a cup full.....
  14. Chill out and sit back bro. Maybe hold her legs down. Didn’t you ever see the movie The Exocist? When LCT finally happens, and the liberal demon leaves her body, things are going to get intense. You need to get mentally stretched down, I’m doing this for her because she’s likes Mack’s and is the only one who doesn’t hate union members.
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