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  1. If you replaced a lateral fray belt without replacing Idle pulley & tensioner along with it then your were throwing parts at it. Since it's interior fray check for bolts backing out into the belt path or, as I recall, that shroud support bracket that runs through the proximity of everything on right side.
  2. Are you guys seeing many tip break off's when removing SS conical cups Vs copper cups?
  3. The 8888.... number at bottom of screen is a bag with replacement swag bits. If you see VOE on the box that is a “Volvo Original Equipment” number. That means it was cheaper to buy from Volvo. If you want the numbers Grab it since I have to erase pics soon, too little storage left. If you give Mack the Volvo number of any of these their system will automatically supersede to a Mack #.
  4. I'd argue it's a good system if the salesman specs it to the right application. We never had a frame crack on the trucks we ordered. I'd guess if anyone could bust one it would be a Michigan Log Train. The installs were on CL733's, long bed with Serco 8500 loaders, Cummins ISX, Rockwell full lockers, double framed, with a pintle plate closing the rear of the rails. The log racks were unitized w/8 point attachment and not free standing cribs, so that also adds frame strength via the one piece bed. On the other hand the amount of roll-over stress on an "Axle-up" turn should have still been able to break the frame if it was capable? IMO-Bouncing through the woods down a frozen snowmobile trail, for miles, with an overload constitutes a proving ground. Axle cracking is the real issue with the heavy set-ups. I've seen guys in the shop with the same truck set up (as above) and Hendrickson Z-member (loaded) air suspensions pull up their pusher & tag axles and the "Z" became a flat "------" under load. Those guys usually would crack the axle housing under the Z spring support pedestal. Camelbacks and Raydan grab a lot of the axle housing at the anchor points so they never seem to crack it. The Z spring guys also often get water in the axle before the cracks are found (hidden under the receiver), so now your putting a bearing kit in the diff while your fixing the spring pedestal cracks. Eventually Mack made a weldable Z-pedestal and less cracking happened. The crux of the issue with heavy vocational is axle tunnel crush from the spring u-bolts being compounded with overload on the same area of the axle. The U-bolt is pre-crushing the axle tube on the same spot your load is trying to snap the axle housing at. If your overloading you want a suspension with no u-bolt distortion, only weldment attach points. Camels and Raydan don't crush, so now your tunnel isn't being distorted before the load is applied. I had to pull the main members on one Raydan and re-bush the forward eyes on each side. I was able to do it with no special tools beyond our press. I really like the set-up. Simple, Beefy. I wonder if the salesman may have witnessed breaks with a Canadian Spread, if they make them? That would compound the front anchor twist against the frame esp with a shorter turn radius truck. They say you can run it uninflated if you blow a bag or have an air problem.----I'd guess you will also get less axle tip and less driveline vibration when the suspension of the link goes flat?
  5. We used to spec the Raydan (Air Link) suspensions in our Michigan log trains. Tough & Reliable, basically the “Camelback” of the off-road air suspension world.
  6. Billy’s looking a bit mangy this time of the year...
  7. Did you fix yours without replacing the dash cluster?
  8. It’ll show itself somewhere down the line.
  9. Google “Mack Service Bulletin SB-224-004” for instruction on testing.
  10. Think he is going to need the Hendrickson Chicken Gauge to set it. Google “Mack Service Bulletin SB136012”.
  11. The complete manual is available for free download. Google “Mack emedia”. Choose 1997 on year. Click on the book “5-101” description and keep clicking forward till you have “view” and file will open to view manual for print.
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