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  1. Out buying my tool supply, bought a Mack MP8 book and Volvo D13J book (same engine), pulled essential tool lists...... Rocker Lifting Tool- Volvo/88800352 $1,338.18 Mack 85109250 $295.70 Piston ring compressor- Volvo/88800314 $499.09 Mack 88800314 $849.91 Injector Cleaning Brush kit- Volvo/9998599 $854.54 Mack j42885A $849.91 NAPA J-42885-A $591.25 Engine Sealant Volvo 1161059 $96.72 Mack 22618326 $32.86 The Volvo Rocker Lifting Tool is a confusing little science experiment of levelers and dials. I figure "Ok, maybe there is some rhyme and reason Mack might not fit somehow on a D13", so I went back to my factory training pics to see which one we used on the D13 Volvo? What's that in the middle of the pic.....? Impossible! ......it's the $295.70 Mack Cheap-Skate-lifting-Apparatus.
  2. Mack Technician

    Mack MP8 Tools Vs. Volvo D13 Tools, Buyer beware.

    However bad they are at ringing you out of your pocket change...........My supervisors and bean counters love them. They are doing well at our facility, speaking in terms of the heavy equipment line. I'd never be seen wearing a Volvo cap, but I'm starting to like them too. They are holding up. Hitting 18K hours on our first unit with only a turbo VGT sticking. The whole machine has "trick-outs" in it to make working on them simple. This one came in Monday and replaced a Liehberr LH60 Timber. That Volvo was a little over $400K and is replacing the $750K Liehberr. It pulls a 22% bigger payload of wood per trip and moves as fast as the Liehberr. Some BIG smiles on the department head's faces. I'm guessing in five years from now 50% of our fleet will be Volvo and in 3-5 years we will have our first Mack-vo replace a KW.
  3. Mack Technician

    What is wrong with people today?

    The Chinese would transport him to a Falun Gong prison, shoot him on one side of his chest to collapse a lung, render him unconscious, rapidly declare him dead by the state and take his kidneys before he passed. Here it will be three hots, a cot and possibly a college education.
  4. Mack Technician

    Mack MP8 Tools Vs. Volvo D13 Tools, Buyer beware.

    I don’t think so, but on occasion you can go direct. Back in the day tools had a lot more OTC or Kent Moore identifiers, not so much now. Seems like the OE’s are getting good at capturing the tool part numbers. The Volvo bunch completely hid the kits under world numbers, but Mack still leaks out some alphanumeric so you know there is a cross over.
  5. Mack Technician

    How to identify mechanical or electronic engine

    Cluster of wires coming out of injection pump rear housing.
  6. Mack Technician

    What kids heard at the farm

    The only advice my parents failed to give was "Don't drink the pump well water". When we kids watered the pigs and chickens we would tilt-head a mouthful out of the hand pump. One day the hand pump broke free along with the well's rotted wooden top plate. Remember looking down in the 3' casement and seeing green algae slime and dead, drown mice floating. Gotta heck of a good immune system out of it though.
  7. Mack Technician

    Lawn Crew Demanding Better Conditions

    Man of many talents....driver, mechanic, gardener and machine-gun-wielding extra in a "B" movie about Alien invasion. Same here, some fellas talk about growing sweet grapes, but when October comes never seem to have any on hand to show you. Most folks fill mason jars with grapes, sugar and water then hot-can it to make a pretty tasty grape juice drink, or a dry (or sweetened) wine. Alright, I'm going to stop Martha Stewart'ing the death out of Hancock's post now.
  8. Mack Technician

    Should not be a quiet passing

    The average joe will live and die without touching a day like Ed Freeman lived through. Stories of Hero’s like that guy help keep your perspective clear.
  9. Mack Technician

    carlotpilot happy 72nd

  10. Mack Technician

    Lawn Crew Demanding Better Conditions

    EZ, you appear to have enough fruit, but I have to throw this in. Black Ice Plum. Zone 3 hardy to -30. Love this tree, planted 2 more this year. Most of what we produce up here never gets enough grow season for high sugars (sour grapes, sour cherries, etc.). University WI River Falls crossed up a plum variety that makes sugar-balls and they ripen early. Threw one down last night and it was so sweet it made my jaw hurt. FYI- you would have to water it, but you already do..... Not sure why my pics are sideways, but you get the point.
  11. Mack Technician

    06 vision no boost

    BMT is dominating the Google search for all Mack issues. It’s become a great grass-root collective. Antique to new. I never used it when I was at the dealership since I was being spoon-fed current information every day. Now that I’m out and still tinkering on Mack/Volvo it’s like a golden crutch!
  12. Mack Technician


    Go synthetic in cold regions. The benefits outweigh the cost in fuel mileage and component protection. On a cold morning the trans and diffs are so stiff you can just push in the clutch and stop rolling as though hitting the brakes(w/80w-90). You have to feed the gear boxes extra fuel to get them hot, poor efficiency. Park at the truck stop for an hour, diff temps drop and your right back where you started. At temps below -0- you will likely damage your synchro. When you run non synthetic you will clash the slider clutch of the synchro on your first shift. The gear lube is too thick and won’t squeeze out of the plates to allow synchronclutches to work. Synthetic doesn’t swing viscosity like EP so you don’t get clash. If you do still use non synthetic just cycle your synchro a few times before you move and you may be OK. In warm regions use what you like.
  13. Mack Technician

    Lawn Crew Demanding Better Conditions

    That's pretty good, I figured you guys couldn't grow decent apples with hard wind, soil, cold zone and only 15-17" of rain a year?
  14. Mack Technician

    Saudi officials supported 9/11 hijackers

    But, they are just a Creative Arts Group and we have Nikki..........
  15. Mack Technician

    Tuning the carb on my Chevy powered jag

    Good video. You know you got the tuning right when the trans scatters red punch on the Dakota Highway. Maybe better luck if you kiss the carb before reinstallation procedure?
  16. Mack Technician

    Jury awards $101 million in truck accident lawsuit

    Makes you wonder if Acker was Union? Shouldn’t matter, if I test positive the Union has nothing to say. A Union would, however, try negotiate this fool off the road to a lesser trainer position.
  17. Mack Technician

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    If you test drove two stock, unmodified, trucks.........one AC, one AI, and you where not allowed to pop the hood, likely +95% of people would choose the AC. Better performance at the pedal, better economy, just a lotta emissions stuff under the hood (some of which can be eliminated). IMO- if I could drop a properly modified 2007 AI-427HP vocational engine into a new 2006 Rawhide chassis I’d lay down my wrenches.
  18. Mack Technician

    Big Mac creator Jim Delligatti dies at 98

    Funny. Japanese folks really can’t handle sweet. On our honeymoon We hit a bakery in Tokyo that had all the outward makings of an incredible donut shop till you bite in and the things we’re all low sugar. Pizza was unbearable. Explains lifespan differential. When they came to America the Japanese friends wanted My wife to make “the S’mores things”. Put em into a gag. The taste and sensation of peanut butter also gags. Up here folks run to Chips. I think it was a small Wisconsin franchise back when, but now only three exist. Novelty. https://chipshamburgersmerrill.com/
  19. Mack Technician

    Maxitorque t2070 in a dm690s won’t move

    This is what you need....
  20. Mack Technician

    Maxitorque t2070 in a dm690s won’t move

    This is what you have....
  21. Mack Technician

    2004 Mack cx613 low power with road speed fault

    Makes you chuckle a bit when your calling for a five hour (warranty) tow, from the deep end of the Upper Peninsula, for a cheesy sensor. Not so funny once the warranty has expired.
  22. Mack Technician

    SCREAMING 12 Speed !!!

    LOL..You have to be ornery to enjoy rebuilding 12 speeds. Those Devils will make your SRT(standard repair time) look terrible at weeks end. IMO- I'd stick the kit in it. It has no major failed parts, so definitely a prime candidate (assuming loose, plug-popper shaft didn't lose a set screw into gears)? Keep receipts and clean the cases with aluminum cleaner so they shine like the sun. Pics are cheap these days, get pictures of gears laid out for inspection of wear and catalog. Spray fog interior and moth ball. If you eventually need to unload it you will find a buyer. BMT is a prime place to sell.....year ago I sent a carrier locker kit to Moscow, Russia for our man Vladislov.
  23. Mack Technician

    2004 Mack cx613 low power with road speed fault

    Manipulative, control freak, underhanded, narcissistic, corporate "Yes-men", engineering Bass Turds!
  24. Mack Technician

    SCREAMING 12 Speed !!!

    High polish on the gears. Don't hate your rebuilder fellow, he likely did a good job. You need to replace the gears that are high end during overhaul. They become so polished you can shave your face looking into them. They don't teach you it at school, but when the high driving gears loose surface X-hatch they get a polished whine. It resounds under load, but not jaking, because you use the side of the gear that has X-hatch remaining. We eventually made it standard procedure to replace top gear(s) on rebuilds if any polish, they are undersized to the mate gear so they wear fast due to RPM contact cycle being so high. Turn up the radio, Buy your retiree Mack technician breakfast, it will run out fine.
  25. Mack Technician

    2004 Mack Vision CX613 $6000

    This is why most hated the AC engine you have........Both engines built the same year. First is a nice clean AI e-tech and the second is a spaghetti science project called AC e-tech. You are looking at the AC (second).

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