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  1. I checked into it. They could slap federal charges on you for putting a shotgun shell in it. The loop hole is the rifled barrel makes it a single projectile firearm. So now I need one and if the perp who’s breaking in gets BB pelted I hand the boys their red riders. Buckshot = HPslingshots
  2. The guys up at PotlatchDeltic told me a story about the Liehberr LH50 they bought a year back. When they inspected the stick boom early on they noticed cracks. To make sure it wasn’t just paint they scrapped it down to metal. They cleaned the paint off and found bondo. They cleaned the paint and bondo both off to find a smugglers hatch cut in a square window. The mechanic said they popped the very poorly speckled-spotted-wire-quilled-up welded hatch off and boom was emptied. Whatever someone sent over was gone. Liehberr has to give them a whole new stick. No one found out what was in it, no word spoke about it. That hollow boom is a big cavity to fill!
  3. We’ve been in the hot seat plenty of times trying to get parts from Liehberr and Volvo. They both like to keep some big ticket items on the shelf in Europe. Last time we needed a Liehberr twin drive motor system one motor got stuck in Frankfurt’s customs and the other made it here only to get flagged in Memphis at customs.
  4. I was just looking at one of those the other day and wondering how you can legally build a shotgun with a 2” barrel? Must be a loophole because of the 45 interchange?
  5. I did a search for BigEatonTrucks.com, nothing comes up, it’s weird?
  6. You can get those off and on with the trans in chassis. It’s a real skill shot. May have to raise the cab a little, worse case scenario.
  7. 1. Gray engine amnesia is real and plaguing Mack dealerships across the USA. No guarantees your dealership has an experienced mechanic who will negotiate software changes well. Some guys have had to travel. Dealerships aren’t able to tie down the millennials and may not treat physically older mechanics as valuable. It’s case by case from what guys are expressing to me. When I was foreman in our shop I had a customer tell one of my older mechanics he should be greeting at Walmart. I’d love to have stuffed a fist in that guy’s pie hole, however the mechanic told him off before he said that...so? When folks are paying $120 an hour they want a young punk. Makes older, knowledgeable, guys under appreciated. Talk to your dealership and make them liable via promise..... “Hey, if I buy this Mack and become a new customer what can you do for me? Can you change my horsepower and update software on Gray engines?”. If they say “yes”, ask to talk to the mechanic directly, verify it, and get that mechanics name. 2. Fuel service places keep those injector upgrades private. They have to play around with tip swapping to find a new fit for each horsepower bracket. let them do it, don’t try it yourself, let them be liable so if it’s wrong the replacements are free. If you crack a tip out in the field and need a tip replacement Mike (K&S) will tell your vendor what tips to use. Your vendor will have access to the replacement tips directly from Bosch. Mike vends them cheap, good OEM quality.
  8. Try calling Grand Rock directly. I’d try Josh Stewart. The listing may not show up (or search) because they don’t want to confuse people who are looking for a stock part and end up accidentally buying a modification fit. It’s a practical line of thought for them not to list something which isn’t a direct fit. Personally, I have complete confidence in these AI trucks because I worked on them for years. They are a lemon, so you need to know how to make lemonade. This is the lemonade recipe. Can’t recommend these trucks for purchase except to say I’d buy one because I have my previous coworker at the dealership who can still drop files into them and provide all other internal support and I’m very familiar with them. The truck I used for this thread ran 600K+ miles with no mods or even a software update. It was making money and the fleet manager I talked to (before purchasing) was happy with it. You need to gauge your own risk and make your decision. I’m an “end of life” user my whole life. Never owned a new car or warranty. If a car motor goes south I want a quick, easy, low-tech, turn around repair which I can perform with the tools I own. I still don’t run an overhead cam in the family van simply because I have to fix it. These AI qualify as good “end of life buyer” trucks, easy quick fixers if they go down during season. I can say from what i’ve witnessed personally and heard on this sight I would never want a end of life truck with a stacked emissions system that starts with 4 or 5(tier). IMO-That’s a nice looking rig. If they are a 15 year old, unprofitable, fuel guzzling, junk pile, why the heck are they still getting an arm and a leg for one? Answer.... 1. Yes, they have doggy spots in low power band, but will run. 2. The bare minimum is a set of injectors. Leave the rest alone. Lot of guys only changed injectors and were satisfied.
  9. If that's the case rename it Four Branches, Virginia. Bet under the threat of litigation they would?
  10. Yeah, that was a good price. Now it's off to Nigeria for that baby. Sorry, I don't know those laws and it's painful to read that little green DOT bible.
  11. Terrible to slip and fall in your own BS. Once they are on the edge of total internal collapse make an out clause for them...……. We're renaming the town Cheshireville, Virgina. Seems fair?
  12. Physical redesign for the fuel gallery pressure regulator fitting. They used a pressure change to smoothen idle issues. Recall the visual identification for product improvement? I don’t see that bulletin..... He could hold a new regulator up to the old one and tell if it's updated, but I'd rather find the literature.
  13. Depends on what you want. I’d take an AI over interim 4 or final tier 4 engine any day. MP series has some short comings that are impossible to remedy. AI has short comings that are more simple to remedy. We run a fleet of tier 3 AI engines at work. They do great for reliability. If you have good fleet service support, and a knowledgeable mechanic, get a final 4 MP engine. If you want easier reliability and the ability to diagnose and fix stuff yourself get an AI and convert out the exhaust recirc. I’ve noticed the resale value of the Mack AI vintage hasn’t seemed to drop despite a shady reputation. I’ve talked to fleet owners who don’t like MP, but appreciate the extra MPG enough to keep buying them. I have a buddy who loves his MP8 so long as the warranty has him covered. His brother wanted to buy his truck once warranty was up and he refused to sell it to him as an act of mercy.
  14. What are you using the truck for.... straight truck, tractor, dump? How much are you hauling? The difference is when the fuel is delivered to the cylinder and how much. If you deliver fuel slightly later in the power stroke you lose HP (ability to accelerate more quickly) but gain torque (ability to maintain speed). Pay attention to the torque rise column on the chart I entered.... AI- delivers lots of power in a tight RPM range. Delivers good torque in a tight RPM range. When you hit a hill speed begins to drop and torque rises 27% to try to maintain your pull. So you lose speed faster and have to shift, but overall you have more tow power. AMI- delivers less HP than AI(varies). Delivers less torque than AI (varies).....BUT, as you begin to lose speed up a hill the torque rises 60% as your RPMs drop. So AMI works harder to maintain your hill climb as speed and RPM begin to drop. Your buddy with the AI made it over the hill faster, with a larger payload, but burned more fuel and had to shift 5 times.
  15. The rough idle was also a campaign, it was fixed by adjusting the fuel pressure with an updated regulator fitting.
  16. I spent two days this week up in Bemidji with four guys from Liehberr Corp and Dealerships. We were doing software training at a Lumbermill. The trainer was explaining how in some European countries you need a permission slip from the government to work overtime and the reason we can't get parts in mid-summer is because of European "Holiday". You ever read Socialist work laws? I'm picking Germany since Liehberr is German. Working Times Working hours are very flexible in Germany. Under German labor law employees are ALLOWED (HUH??)to work eight hours per day (48 hours per week). Saturday is considered to be a normal working day. With a five-day week, the permitted weekly working time totals 40 hours. Most business is conducted from Monday to Friday but retailers and manufacturing industries usually operate on Saturdays as well. Sundays, in contrast, are generally considered to be days off. An extension of the working time to a maximum of ten hours per day is possible under certain conditions. Overtime has to be compensated for with additional time off. An overtime bonus is possible but it is not legally specified. Overtime bonuses have to be paid only when required by individual contracts or in applicable collective labor agreements. The statutory amount of work breaks depends on the total number of hours worked per day. Employees are entitled to a break of 30 minutes when working between six and nine working hours per day. Employees are entitled to a 45 minute break where more than nine hours a day are worked. Breaks may be split up throughout the day, but divisions may not be shorter than 15 minutes. Statutory breaks of at least eleven hours exist between shifts. Vacation and Public Holidays Full-time employees (meaning employees working more than six months within one calendar year) working six days per week are entitled to a minimum of 24 paid vacation days (the equivalent of four weeks) per year. Accordingly, full-time employees working five days per week are entitled to a minimum of 20 days per year. The employee is entitled to a pro-rated period of paid vacation when working for less than six months within one calendar year. During the typical six-month probationary period at the beginning of any new employment contract, employees are not normally entitled to take any vacation days. The number of public holidays varies from one federal state to another, with a minimum nine public holidays to a maximum 13 holidays in some regions of Germany. Maternity Leave Employees should inform the employer of any pregnancy and the expected delivery date as early as possible. A maternity protection period starts six weeks before the expected birth date and ends eight weeks after delivery. Pregnant employees are only allowed to work during this time if a doctor certifies that the work will not be harmful to the health of the mother and child. (In cases of premature or multiple births, the employee is not obliged to return to work for a period of up to twelve weeks after delivery - without having to provide proof of medical necessity for this extended absence.) During the maternity protection period, pregnant employees are entitled to the average sum of their wages for the three months (or 13 weeks) period prior to the pregnancy paid by the employee’s public health insurance (or the state in the case of privately health insured employees) and the employer.
  17. Now I feel pressured to say something nice about Liberals....... here we go. Liberals are fun at parties because they don’t like to fight when they drink, they’d be more likely to run to Canada instead.
  18. Too bad it’s a keyed sensor. Be fun to build a small break-in harness that has your resistor in-line. You could pop the 1K OHM harness in and out without cutting stuff.
  19. That’s messed up...... you need to work backwards and figure out what your transmission is in terms of model and what your top ratios are....list your trans model and diff ratio and tire size on the thread. Someone will do your calc.
  20. If you bid $13K you won’t beat Manders Diesel. They’ll be bidding on that unit.
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