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    Bad DEF fluid, What the?!

    No Liehberr here with DEF, still in interim 4. Afraid to get the second generation Liehberr Interim 4 because it consumes 8-10% DEF to compensate complete removal of the DPF (brother, it sure is a nice clean/open engine compartment though!). The machine Pictured is a Volvo L180H. It simply gave a monitor reading for impurity. I drained everything, flushed, ran some NAPA Ad/Blue through it and switched back. 8K hours and never another issues. Blue paint fixed it I guess? I shot the topside DEF supply through our spectrum and it came out in spec.
  2. Mack Technician

    Bad DEF fluid, What the?!

    Cheers Kampy! Your story is confusing me. Are you saying it is a small scale issue with your DEF, in ND, or seeing issues all over the map? I'm not selling it, but, in defense of the salesman, seems like DEF is pretty hard to screw up. Look to the truck purity sensing, containment and the operator. I had one issue on a Volvo with impurity...in other words the operator was filling the DEF tank with fuel, stopped when he realized it, told no one and brought it in with a code and "no idea what's going on". We had to paint surround blue and put DEF stickers in multiple places. The blue cap was not sufficient, if the operator is a day-dreamer your in big trouble. Volvo put the fills too close together and set up the bad future scenarios. Did you get your hands on some of the impure fluid?
  3. Mack Technician

    Mack dm vs granite

    Get a Granite and avoid DM, unless you get a mid-to-pre 2003 DM. DM from those 04-07 usually have low-spec engines. Mostly 300-335 AMI HP. Maybe you will have better pickings, that’s just from my shopping experience. CV-713 will have a better package. You will regret buying a low HP AI or AMI.
  4. Mack Technician

    EU PUMP ?

    It’s in this post, scroll up....
  5. Mack Technician

    EU PUMP ?

    Did you go through the service bulletin I made reference to? Mack doesn’t suggest changing EUPs for the issue.
  6. Mack Technician

    Leaving substantial oil after idling on 10 hour break

    Test injectors, verify how many bad, replace all if a couple are bad. Also good time to reset overhead on engine, since rebuild, now that your broke in. You have a CCRS engine, they burn through injectors faster than previous vintages. The fuel bangs the tips in multiple hits instead of one burst. Unless something has changed.....and Mack shaped up.....??...Locally sourced injector tips were generally better than remack injectors. Replace all your injector lines, even though they are new, per instruction from Mack. Not sure if you’ve been watching the threads ahead of you.....but folks are still lighting those AC engines up. Your heat index is 98-102 and you engine is capable of taking it to 1,800 if a fuel line fractures. Especially if you sleeping in it, don’t tempt fate, hate to see a brother on the news. good luck!🍀 let us know what fixed it.
  7. Mack Technician

    Trump and Commerce

    Still trying to find my Made in U.S.A. on our machine?
  8. Mack Technician

    Leaving substantial oil after idling on 10 hour break

    We had some guys who were chronic idlers and would idle the truck to cool it before shutting it off at the house. The slobber would climb up the stem of the exhaust valve, he would shut it off, plug it in, go to bed, temps would go sub-zero, slobber turned to adhesive bubble-gum-pus, bond the exhaust valves solidly to the guides and bend his push tubes upon start up cranking. At the dealership we had a winter law- No shutting off a customers truck (outside) that isn't at full operating temp.
  9. Mack Technician

    Leaving substantial oil after idling on 10 hour break

    Looks like unburned fuel slobber coming from exhaust manifold joint. Common with winter cold starts regardless of injector health or idling with bad injectors. Usually leaves two black pus spots on you EUP chrome cover. Are you adding oil to the engine? Does your bill include injectors, or did they reuse them? Slobber coming out of one manifold union joint or both? what are you boosting at when in a hard pull(PSI)?
  10. First I'd like to send a note to any other clueless BMT newbies..... NEVER click the delete at the bottom of your "New Topic" page "moderation action" unless you want to lose all three pages of your post. I'm dedicating this second post series to all truck owners who regretted buying an AI Granite and as a memorial for all the awesome tips from NELM and MACKPRO that I cast into eternal cyber damnation.
  11. AI Turbo and Injector Specs.pdf Power curve specs.... AI460.pdf AI427.pdf AI400.pdf AI375A.pdf AMI370.pdf AI350.pdf AMI335.pdf AMI300.pdf AI300A.pdf
  12. Mack Technician

    AMI 370 power increase

  13. Mack Technician

    What turbo do I need? AI 460. Etech 460

    FYI- injector numbers AC-427 uses 736GB421M2 AC-460 uses 736GB421M3 AI-427 uses 736GB419M3 AI-460 uses 736GB419M3 (same as 427)
  14. Mack Technician

    The Meeting 👍🏁🇺🇸

    Visual. Helps the torque effect. Looks tough when your chassis twists and lifts a steer tire off the ground.
  15. Mack Technician

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    I was doing a little reading on assault. She added just enough components to make it second degree by groping. The groping would be third or fourth usually, 4th a misdemeanor. BUT.......If she had a drink and one other person was used to carry out the act it becomes second. Huh, what a coincidence?
  16. Mack Technician

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    Taking the wife out for supper tonight to celebrate. Might take Ruth Ginsburg out with us. For the sake of chemistry we checked if Ted Kennedy is available to pick her up and take her safely home.
  17. Mack Technician

    AMI 370 power increase

    Pretty fair when you consider the price of a sub-par 300 series ( over $2K).
  18. Mack Technician

    AMI 370 power increase

    Your out of the XT era. Use what you got. Every engine generation of Mack has had Cheats until recently. Screws to turn, puff limiters to cripple, warranty seals to break, injectors to swap, manifolds to switch, turbos to manipulate, special austrailian smoke files, XT files, tuners, deletes, etc, etc, etc. You now know what yours is, on a platter, from OR Mack who just did it. Good Luck!
  19. Mack Technician

    AMI 370 power increase

    Looks like we have our blueprint and a good testimony!! Thanks ORMack. You willing to mention cost on turbo build?
  20. Mack Technician

    AMI 370 power increase

    I’ll check Monday if you want? My tune up manuals are in my box at work. When I get time, and if I have space allowance, I may scan and upload my AI charts to the main Thread.
  21. Mack Technician

    AMI 370 power increase

  22. Mack Technician

    AMI 370 power increase

    Yup, it’s messed up to pull with a stock AI460, you either are balls to the walls or panicking at an intersection because the torque dropped out and your stalling ocause you grabbed a low hole. They are IMO the worst version (if left Un modified) since they are torque bipolar and naturally your hauling big because it is suppose to deliver. Do turbo, manifold and injectors at the same time or you won’t be satisfied. If you’ve had bad luck with your locally available aftermarket try K&S. I’m not making a dime recommending them and you’ll be paying half as much as Rochester. I talked to Mike last week when buying some injectors and he said I sent 10 BMT operators to him (scattered over the lower 48) with 10 for 10 being 100% satisfied. Modify the 370. I believe Mack Pro gave a complete list of injectors and turbo numbers for AI engines two threads ago, including your 370.

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