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  1. Some aren’t complete loons. The true loon will have lost the ability to properly process information. Your mind and conscience are information processors, if you numb them you become a funnel instead of a sponge. Funnel = You take the info and direct the stream without absorbing processing it for its value. You numb your mind and conscience by lying to them constantly. Perfect Example...The loon keeps telling themselves a penis doesn’t mean your a man until common sense abandons ship and swims for shore. The conscience thought that’s your natural-born guide becomes utterly confused. Eventually they don’t know what’s real. They go to blowing up the thread with NYTimes fake news piece shortcuts because they need something beyond their (now destroyed) ability to process, discern and relay. They can’t think for themselves by hearing, discerning and deciding because the discerning conscience is fractured by being force to believe what it knows is untrue. Pretty soon they’re throwing opinion columns at you and saying “here, here, look at what this person thinks is the truth!!!”.
  2. It's in the Liberals make-up, they try to sap the life out of anything fun. Sapped NFL. Sapped the entire West Coast. Sapped NASCAR. Sapped Boy Scouts. Sapped Girl scouts, Ruined 41's construction project. They even ruined the small bit of relief and satisfaction you feel while going to the bathroom!!! BMT isn't the exception to the rule, it's a Marxist loon magnet. That said I want to dedicate this song to Teamster Grrrl/Maxidyne/Gearhead Grrrl, or whatever applies. My kids listen to it and we all sing along in the car. It's about a determined cat who simply refuses to be cast out and keeps coming right on back. Enjoy!! (I'll spot 10 bonus likes to anyone who can name the OEM of the cabover truck in the video?)
  3. Pimp’in ain’t easy and neither is Liberal Conversion Therapy. You boys did good, real good. I’m getting a mop to clean up the pea soup on the floor & walls and washing my damn face.
  4. Anybody who can’t stomach pea soup and a spinning heads needs to get the hell off this thread or shut up and help. Wild Dave get the Trump Holy Water. 💦 When her voice is starting to sound like Dr. Fauci’s hit her with a cup full.....
  5. Chill out and sit back bro. Maybe hold her legs down. Didn’t you ever see the movie The Exocist? When LCT finally happens, and the liberal demon leaves her body, things are going to get intense. You need to get mentally stretched down, I’m doing this for her because she’s likes Mack’s and is the only one who doesn’t hate union members.
  6. Your intelligent enough to have mastered the art of playing dumb. Yup, not a clue who TeamsterGrrrl is. In the words of your college morality 101 teacher “Huh, wipe my computer drive clean, you mean like with a rag”.
  7. You also said “you don’t feel safe”.
  8. Charlottesville, you probably don’t remember because your ~ahem~ “Not that other person”.
  9. Last time she accused the BMT antique truck members of plotting to kill or attack her at a truck show. Funny how history repeats itself. It’s possible the ol’timers have hired Hatcity as the hitman???? He does look Italian?
  10. Saw him in concert a few times, a Southern Gentleman, and boy could he "Saw a fiddle".
  11. LCT (Liberal Conversion Therapy) is a tough business Sir. Where I lack assertiveness and determination for the patient you excel, even to a fault.
  12. Everybody is determined to find some piece of published literature to grasp with both hands. A little piece of fake media hope or some government statistical guess-work, which will change tomorrow (2.2 million), to make you feel at ease. A little doctor who sounds like he smokes 3 packs a day to give comforting advice. A tiny morsel of some new revelation concerning the KILLER FLU Covid-19....... “This just in, doctors believe Covid lasts 3 hours in outer space”. Instead of a copy/paste/shortcut marathon folks.... your common sense. Rely on it, use it, or completely lose it. The reason no one you know is dying is because......no one you know is dying. If your the rare exception to the rule, chances are you looking at withered old Sam in the casket and saying “well, I’m glad he got Covid and went unconscious and died rather than deal with the cancer coming out of remission again. Lucky bugger had a good life, 80 years is a fair shake”.
  13. Good similarity because she’ll have you F’in Goofy before November gets here. Imagine going to a bar after work to talk, laugh and relax and a lady sits down next to you and belittles her husband for the entire 3 hours. That’s what it eventually becomes.
  14. Yup, bodyguard is China and Maxi is North Korea. I was just joining when she was going out the last time. I recall her threatening Barry with Volvo’s Corporate discrimination policy as to imply she was going to contact Volvo and report him. In a matter of very short time she was banished after the threat and I believe the term “Douchebag” was used to describe her actions/threat.
  15. Drain your coolant and pull the lower radiator hose away from the oil cooler manifold entry port. Check for a cylindrical screen filter that’s intended to keep chunks of scale and debris from entering the tiny passages of the oil cooler and wrecking it. Clean the screen as needed, it may be plugged. If not plugged report back.
  16. She’s counting tenfiveo’s comments and reminding him when he says something sexually politically incorrect. Who’s censoring who?
  17. Re-educating Maxidyne is causing you to build long exhaustive paragraphs to satisfy her one sentence retorts. It’s a fruitless, disproportionate, wasted effort and she may be sitting in her Birkenstock’s giggling her head off at your sweaty dance. Your best bet would be an administrator request her third (or fourth?) removal from the site for relentless conversational antagonism. Once they have enough complaints they boot her off and she comes back quiet for a short spell and then goes right back to incessant annoyance in about roughly 12 months time.
  18. That video is wicked funny. Blessed 4th gentlemen. I got the guns and bibles out today to celebrate. Was shooting trap off the upper deck for breakfast. When we were done and cooked my son came to me with a single, unspent, 12 GA round he found. My brother in law had a hard time connecting, so I laid $10 on the patio table and said “let’s have your wife take one shot for the $10”. She nailed that sucker, powdered it. I’m out $10. She was feeling pretty good about it. She doesn’t hunt 🤷🏿‍♂️.
  19. Your topic shifting, and personalizing a comment directed at an incompetent Governor, when you should be criticizing his handing of your state. All roads don’t lead to Trump. Walz is a teacher. He needs to go to the dictionary and make reference to the terms protest and riot. Once he knows the difference he may someday become the Governor you wish he was. Plus, he’ll know what to do when a riot starts since he’ll know the difference. He also won’t have to beg the Donald to clean up his incompetence and’ll retain some dignity. I’m not bragging since we have an “I wanna be a Governor” school teacher too. The situation isn’t very much better here. Going Canoeing, I’ll be back at evening to continue your conservative re-education and we can work on negative effects of open borders in the years before the Fall of Rome and how it contributed to Rome’s eventual destruction.
  20. Calling people a “name caller” is calling someone names. You need to stop. Translated- He’s a milky soaked, soggy, Dem who can’t make a decision to even support his own party (aka ultra-moderate) much less make a snap decision, when called upon, to stop the destruction of his state. If your student shows up at a Bush rally wearing a “Bush Sucks” T-shirt and a 4 X 4 board reading “ burn the Bush” they aren’t letting’em in. They’ll melt his snowflake ❄️ and show him the door. * If I gave you the CB handle Lady Blah Blah (after Lady Gaga) it simply a term of BMT endearment and, actually, more of a descriptor than a name. *Milk Toast isn’t a name, it’s a term in the dictionary under “Milquetoast”. If you look it up it’ll say.... A very timid, unassertive, spineless person, especially one who is easily dominated or intimidated. It fits his personality to a “T”. I’m using a term, not a name. Milk Toast is less French and more phonetic.
  21. I’ll see your thousand and raise you two. No doubt now the dem vehicle to get Biden elected is Covid. They’re beginning to use it as a main ingredient in the campaign. It’ll also serve as a way to get stammering Joe off the debate stage. A debate will be an epic failure. If Joe was a Mack he’d be throwing a 6-4 blink code — Complete loss of communication between ECM and Mouth on the J1939 CAN line.
  22. Minnesota Milk Toast is now pleading a case to Trump......so the taxpayer will be left to pay for his incompetence. Another blue state joining the race to bankruptcy.
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