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  1. The average daily death rate for New York City on any normal day? 420
  2. Good job performance can erase a lot of vanities shortcomings?
  3. Happy Birthday & stay 6 feet away from all wimm'ins...…… it's the LAW!
  4. Holy Moley!!! Hard to maintain social distancing when they're that cute.
  5. If Trump swats the bug by June he’s in good shape to get the economic engines started again by election time. Hard to know how bad Biden’s dementia is going to be by fall. They definitely shouldn’t let him eat off aluminum dishes or chew any more window sill paint chips for sure. Liberal Governor of ours, Tony Evers, did a great favor. Proper kind of socialism. Dropped the fees and opened all the state parks back up. We went hiking Rib Mountain State Park for some pre-covid cardio, lotta people out pumping it. Fresh air therapy and folks were in a good mood. If they have it together they’d waive fishing licenses for a month too. Not the year, but a month during opener.
  6. Sweet video, the ol’Mack’s still doing it?
  7. Our filthy neighbor of 10,000 years still remains the greatest offender here...... The CDC high estimate number for Flu deaths since October 2019 is 63,000 dead. Corona has 9,109. Don't care for either of them, but this annual scourge has never gotten so much attention and the flu deaths are being considered perfectly normal and outside of our personal control. With all the distancing precautions being taken the Flu spread has to have been stunted also, so how bad would the high flu number have been by end of May? 80,000? More? This is also flu bloom right now.
  8. Think Uncle Sam is probably nervous about how well China first introduced or at least hosted a new virus, shut up or killed whistle blowing doctors 🤐, let it spread globally and now ,ironically, is controlling Covid like a tame pup. The globe is begging on their knees for their PPE goods. The dollars is sacked and western economy’s tanking. The Hong Kong uprising is officially squelched. China killed off some of the excess population which has been state policy since 1979. Covid keeps getting artificial fang extenders back home and no one can determine how wide spread it already is or if half of all the cases aren’t even getting reported and so can’t calculate the real morbidity stats? Be a great time for China to pull some island building or Japan prodding as they tend to. Be a real bad time for our defenses to drop. China did it in two months from the comfort of a hammock. Think Trump is putting those heavy tariffs on China’s ventilators and PPE? There’s some serious global trust issues right now. The carrier was looking at 16-20 deaths which may or may not be still avoided right now. Ugly situation. Not to mention everybody is sitting at home preoccupied with Covid and nothing to do, including the Moms. Who’s leaking this stuff to the media constantly? Our government has become C.sack full of Chelsea Mannings?
  9. In this case I was 7 hours away in MN ice fishing, so she was on a solo mission. If you don’t feed the 5 they’ll turn on you. Could be Corona, but I doubt it. He’s been better for a week with no other symptoms. He’s the one who gave me Corona when I started this thread. He got a cough and sore throat, passed fast. I got it from him and was laid up in bed for 4 days with an elephant sitting on my chest and 102.3 fever. No GI issues at all, could eat like a horse. Got better, chest still funky, went to work 4 days and fever and elephant returned which usually means pneumonia. Only 100.5 fever that round and only lasted 12 hours.
  10. You left this one out....... “..... and kitty will never give you Covid 19”.
  11. Dave said they don’t actually shoot them. They use the real-scale enemy models to search, find and lock on to, but not blow up.
  12. Got a taste for how fast kids can pick up and spread. We’ve been respecting the stay home order. Wife had to take the kids to Walmart with her after a couple weeks of home stay. It’s the only public exposure. Cleaned hands before and aft. The 2.5 year old picked up pink eye inside of the single 1/2 hour visit.
  13. I was able to mail order some Vegemite. Kraft makes it. Different. It’s a paste that tastes sorta like like beef boullion. Moxie can only be explained using visual aids.
  14. If I see bacon show up with a single can of Moxie you’ll being seeing some of the maple syrup I’m watching boil down.
  15. Thought I’d throw it out there, you were jumping up and down like Ebenezer. You kill it on more big auction payouts than anyone I’ve know. Sold to Snap On? Maybe there’s mercy in it somewhere. A fortunate motor monkey will be getting a free pack of Corona masks with every $150 worth of tools purchased?
  16. Out of curiosity, do you have the inner hub of that gear? You can see residual blueness at some of the spoke breaks that typically occurs when the gear is overheated during installation. Be interesting to see the color of the center chunk. I’ve never seen those break, but I did see one get forgotten, cook too long and turn blue. At that point it’s junk. If someone is shade tree fixing they may use a torch to heat (overheat) the center during the sweat-fit install. That also denatures the metal for a break. Torches can’t heat uniformly and usually go hot too quick.
  17. CDC must be in trouble. They’re turning to Odds and Ends for suggestions.... 😉
  18. What’s that Dave? Your donating them to your local Red Cross chapter and taking a tax deduction instead of selling them! High five man 🙌
  19. A WHAT on WHERE???? 😯 Good as that bacon looks, think I just lost my appetite....
  20. Company had the first positive test on a production worker yesterday. I'm not making it up to fit this narrative...………..It's Wallula, Washington....population 179. It came into the door in the middle of flat, dessert, nowhere S.East Washington. Guy wasn't traveling. Took 5 other workers out with him, mandatory quarantine for them.
  21. I’d just put a new one in. You can get those pumps for under $300 and they have a life expectancy.
  22. I simply think folks would lose even more of what we’ve already lost in personal privilege if they can’t escape. It’s the last liberty. 100 miles is a problem. I’m surprised they want that level of “removal” from society. We have my mom holed up in the family farmhouse. She’s ashes if she gets it. Stroke survivor and diabetic, 72. If I had a cabin up here I’d move her into it. Cheers Gunner! 👍🏼 To your good health and continued sound judgement.
  23. I’m with the Mud Duck. Not so opposed to migration since it’s already here. Let’em roll the dice if they want to, they’re moving further away from good hospitals and into the land of Indian medicine men dancing and slapping your fevered body with a dead eagles plumage. Personally, I recommend folks getting a Covid plan... 1. Start exercising and doing cardio. It kills by depleting your oxygen via pneumonia. Exercise helps your heart run better on lower levels of oxygen. I can’t go to the gym now but there’s woods trails and a highway. You can do jumping jacks in your living room if that’s what you have. Beats sitting around wringing your hands. 2. Go on Ketosis. Drop some weight fast. I’m shooting for 20. It’s less inflammatory foods. Fat contains blood flow, more fat means more blood needed, means more cardio stress to pump extra circuits. You can drop a couple pounds a week. 3. Begin a regiment of Elderberry Extract. It’s the only supplement proven to turn you around faster during a viral infection. I doubted my wife and she proved me wrong. So I figured I’d still prove her wrong by looking up data, and data from .gov medical library placebo study also proved me wrong. People get well days faster and need less intervention “rescue” medications. 4. Shift to a CAG MOF attitude. Come And Get Me Mother “blank”. Puts you in control. I know I’m getting it eventually and it’s going to be from work. Don’t let a mindless, pus coated, Zipperhead(Paul quote) prick virus eat your lungs without first turning it into a complete p&$$ing match. 5. Use BMT as an outlet for your rants, unreasonable prejudices & fears, crack pipe theories and Mack truck needs. I apologize outright for blowing up this sight, but it gets boring if you follow this stay home order properly.
  24. If they changed the horsepower it must be running the latest file? Surprised that didn’t help the smoke stumble issues. Did you tell them about the stumble issues? if it’s the “hardest to get at” its probably #6. Mackpro once pointed it out, and I believe it to be true, the heat shield is the only thing saving 6 from repeat premature deaths. It’s the hot zone. Are your shields on? Radiant heat exposure is a killer. Months back I grabbed an engine harness on our 2011 Liehberr and it shattered like glass. It became a big copper furball. I cut back into the heat shielded area and it was still soft and pliable. All exposed spots where radiance could absorb into the wiring were shot. A number of guys in here have had harness issues in the harness branch that services the EUPs. Getting to be some old rubber on those wires and also exposed to heat if no covers.
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