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  1. When they outlaw guns, I'll be an outlaw.
  2. This fella is a modern day "Wild Bill" Hickok. Watching that video I can't see how he did it...…... over 50+ feet, in a few seconds, single debilitating shot, moving target, at age 71, with the perps head moving inches over a crowd of his friends and family. Can only be a few of him out there. Texas Governor Presents Medal of Courage to Jack Wilson 01/14/20 5:07 AM | by Chris Eger Tweet West Freeway Church Of Christ hero Jack Wilson, standing, receives the Governor’s Medal Of Courage on Monday from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott at the Lone Star State’s Governor’s Mansion. How about that jacket print? (Photo: Abbott’s office.) Jack Wilson, a 71-year-old volunteer who jumped into action at the West Freeway Church of Christ last month, was presented with a medal by Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott this week The Texas Governor’s Medal Of Courage, established to recognize “civilians who display great acts of heroism by risking their own safety to save another’s life,” is the highest award given to civilians by the Governor, according to Abbott’s office. “When faced with an evil that few of us will ever comprehend, Jack Wilson responded with strength, bravery, and with love for those in the church that day,” said Gov. Abbott. “The courage in his actions cannot be understated, and Jack is not only a hero to West Freeway Church of Christ — he is a hero to the entire state of Texas.” Wilson, head of his church’s volunteer security team in White Settlement, Texas, responded to an active shooter who had what the AP describes as “extensive criminal record and psychological history” and felled him with a single shot from his Sig Sauer P229 in .357 SIG. Besides the honor from Abbott, Sons Of Liberty GunWorks in San Antonio presented Wilson with one of their rifles. “Thank you, Jack Wilson! You saved a lot of lives, sir. And, you proved again a good guy with a gun can make all the difference,” said SOLGW on social media. “Governor Abbott presented him the Medal. SOLGW presented him the Metal,” said SOLGW. “It was an honor to give a Texas Hero a Texas fightin’ gun.” (Photo: SOLGW)
  3. If you search there’s a guy in here who did it and laid out some of what he did. Not sure who it was. If I’m remembering right it involved cutting new ports in the firewall for harness bulk connectors. Personally, I’d have an ‘02 canabalizer truck at the house when I got started. Think ECM swaps and complete harnesses rather than reprogram since your jumping one whole generation.
  4. Did you check to see if your wiring diagram is in the dash panel pocket on the passenger side? It’s in the back side of the panel that covers the fuses. Someone rebuilt the complete injection pump? Or just the smaller fuel lift pump?
  5. Folks from Maine seem to embrace the simple things. You don’t HAVE to love Moxie, but they choose to treat it like family.
  6. Open season on computer generated accounts.... I once search a birthday girl because she seemed familiar, yup, it was a college basketball coach. Not sure what she was doing on BMT, or why she listed as an HVAC service. Coaching must have been her side hustle?
  7. Check your fuel pressure too. I’ve had engine misses from low fuel pressure as the engine meets the threshold of stall-out. The cylinder on the end of the lunch line would normally be the first to suffer. Your already poochy running on 5 so you’d be none the wiser by observing engine power performance. Be sure to list your fix!!!
  8. There's two fish in this picture. Mack's the little one who has very little to say about what direction they're heading. Sad, sad state of affairs.
  9. I’ve found bad valves without digging too deep. Usually I pull the rocker shaft, let the valves close and pressurize the cylinder through the injector bore with a rubber tip blowgun. Be interesting to see how much blowby slippage you’d observe with pan off pressurizing cylinder. Wouldn’t stick any limbs in there while engine can spin from air pressure.
  10. It’s really easy to drop the pan for a look and you’ll see any dirty secret.
  11. Be careful when putting cam roller followers back in, they’re ceramic. They can crack if you drop them into the bore and they strike the lobe.
  12. You said in your first posting “#1 pump came apart and had a misfire”. Did the EUP (electronic unit pump) shed its spring? Is that what you called “coming apart”.
  13. P.S.- I went through Mack’s engineering breakdown on CCRS base engine changes vs original E-Tech like your ‘01. It’s in the AI thread, page 5 (2nd comment) in reference to “ASET”. Google search “AI460 low power low torque” and it’ll take you there. Realize that it’s a buyer beware world, but the salvage yard should be given an ear full for doing that. Unless it’s a rinky-dink Mom and Pop establishment, or you failed to ask about its interchangeability, they’re responsible to know interchange. Good Luck 🍀 man!
  14. You pull and inspect the roller assembly that drives below #1 unit pump?
  15. I’m a few states away from my wiring diagrams, but follow the info stream. I was having a like issues recently, different OEM, and issue was an intermittently failing 30A power relay for a control module. Data would drop out, but allowed the powertrain to function and drive flawlessly and I also would have dozens of communication codes/errors when I’d link in with my laptop. I’ve never had the extra ground work, some must have. So long as you don’t monkey-up the wiring splice it can’t hurt to try. Monkey-up = scotch lock
  16. Same here. Steeler, your have a real humility that let’s you expose even your worst slip up. That’s huge. I’m still working on it. Someday I’ll tell you what happens if you forget to remove a camshaft installation shoe, but I’m currently still in denial.
  17. On Gray engines or Red engines? That’s weird. Cracked or hole?
  18. Your cam isn’t right either. The 6 injector pump lobes on the CCRS cam from ‘03 will not work with your old style pumps.....and you need your old style pumps to match your old style injectors...which need the old style heads. See the issue?
  19. ^ Yup, Trans wants to know engine RPM and can’t function without it.
  20. IOW- IF this IS a wet clutch, only fill with ATF.
  21. Would have been good to throw this situation into the mix before purchase. You accidentally bought an engine which is CCRS. Good news is it’s a better engine than your 2001( pre-ASET ‘02-‘03 is arguably the best E-Tech ever made), bad news is what your doing won’t work. CCRS makes multiple injections per power stroke, the 2001 doesn’t unless by some rare coincidence you got one of only a few CCRS that hit the production line in 2001. Does the old engine have an injector leak off line? IOW- look between the valve covers and see if a small “U”-shaped fuel line connects both heads. Then look at the front head of the ‘01 scrap engine and see if there is a little nipple for a line, just in front of the valve cover. Your new 2003 engine has spring loaded push tubes, does your old?
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