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  1. Pain is the schoolmaster. If you make it a complete pain and expensive to burn liquified dinosaur you’ll eventually welcome CNG.
  2. Your 2000 is a pre CCRS engine. The 2003 is a CCRS engine. The CCRS has things like double injection cycles, spring loaded push tubes, powerleash engine brake, head differences, different injectors that have no leak circuit, etc. Quite a few little invisible differences that make it a completely different engine. Been good if you had asked us before you purchased, but that's beside the point. The best bet would have been to fix your original power plant. If your on the horn with Mack engineering/technical that will be the best place to continue your push to a solution. Sneaky Pete is renamed "Misinformed Pete". You mistakenly jump from a tier 2 engine to a tier 3 emission engine. Pete doesn't want to tell you he needs to also swap the camshaft from the old engine, in all likelihood he may have already been told that from Mack? Good Luck 🍀 either way, hopefully I’m wrong!
  3. Same here. The logic built into these emissions system is all the same. It can be summed up...........”If I’m not satisfied with what’s coming out of your stack today your done working till I am”. PLN use to crack a million on old lubricants, be interesting to see how far modern lubricants push it past? Guy I know bought a fleet of pre-03’s from Manders Diesel and runs them profitably @ 7MPG, Maxi’s. 10-12 trucks. There are people making comfortable livings off old metal. The multi-million $ power plant south of here turned in their old D4 for complete refurb. All hoses, pumps, and a new Powertrain. Reason.....they don’t want an 1,100 degree regen going on while it’s rolling coal dust and pushing piles. If it would pop smoke on top of that coal pile(mountain) all worse case scenarios would play out. It’s case by case, not a cookie cutter topic.
  4. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13
  5. Fuel/water separator with a screw-top bleed. State Patrol just called Barry, want to know who 2000CL713 is? FUEL
  6. I'm a fan of the new process, DEF consumption aside. Seeing the new engines come in with no EGR cooler, no ER valves, no compounding turbo, etc, is great. There's a handful of brave locals who took Liebherr up on the 2,000 hour oil change using OEM oil and quarter life tests. The blow-by is clean. Downside...….. the move to 5( this is off-road ) is pushing them right back into the hardware they eliminated, so BUY BUY BUY for the next year or two before the DPF's are getting bolted back on. The way Scania has that DEF tank hugging the process they shouldn't need a freeze coil in the tank.
  7. Likely a 10-12% DEF consumer? OEM's are going to no EGR which means cylinder temps so hot there's barely particulates, but then have to mitigate the mega-NOx.
  8. I fill the first stage out of my fuel dispenser and fill the empty second stage filter with bleeder and the hand primer, for cleanliness.
  9. Volvo tends to give their filters away. I pay $1 more for Volvo OEM oil filters than aftermarket NAPA. Fuel is more than aftermarket. I use Volvo OEM fuel filters for a combined total 40,000 hours and haven’t lost an injector, I had one fuel transfer pump fail. Oldest unit is 22,000 hours. You may want to price out OEM before you go Baldwin.
  10. Is it a Mack Transmission? (go ahead Mr.Wild, say it or it’ll fester-up inside and make you sick) Run your air pressure max (120-13Opsi). Dump transmission oil and open the large window cover at the rear box of transmission. Observe rear trans box while an operator is shifting the range up and down between HI and Low range. See what you have..... If you want some live action take the operators keys, put them in your pocket, and have him use a turning tool in the engine flywheel to rotate the engine while you watch the disconnect.
  11. You won't being modifying turbo on Mack AC models (above 03). You won't be modifying anything on the MP series (above 07) without the risk of potentially serious, and expensive, repercussions. You can Modify all day on the Mack AI models (03-07)and up to the end of CCRS tier 2....so 2002 and I think a few months into 2003. If you want new stuff don't be an "end of life" user and don't come in thinking your going to build a "Hot Rod". Go get something good with a warranty. End of life use can be a nightmare for someone unprepared to spend big bucks, or do own work, to keep the emissions system up to par. New stuff gets good mileage and pays for itself on paper as the miles accumulate. Old stuff is reliable for an end of life user and fixable in your garage. I spend most of my day fixing emissions system gremlins. My Volvos need plenty of attention. I feel better about being a start of life to middle life user.
  12. At out our place we have Union and Salary workers. The union builds it, the salary tests it and does all quality control monitoring via the engineering group. If a junk product leaves this door adjustments are made on the white helmet side first. You don’t let your product quality rest solely on the Union or they’re in control of your future.
  13. Mack isn't the only one falling short on finding good help. Not sure if I posted these from last year, so maybe a repeat...…. I had an issue with a new EUP failing in the first hour after installation. I spent 18-20 hours trying to figure out what I was missing since that was two failures with unusual symptoms (dumping fuel/black smoke) on one hole. After a while I started hole swapping and oscilloscoping the new failed EUP, yup, bad out of box. Little PO'd about the wasted time, ordered another and this one showed up...….. as is...…. not kidding...….. Right out of Liehberr's Newport News, VA PDC. Issue I had is it stopped at the dealership and they shipped it through to me. I called them up and had a good long heart to heart and showed the picture to the managers. They told me to send it back, I installed it, gotta move wood at this point. Ran out fine, better than the first one that failed in an hour.
  14. Sure you have the right injectors or just started doing it months later? That would be a symptom. Watch pyro. Check boost under load. PSI check charge air system. Check soot % on oil change and stay below 3. Gotta love a truck that isn't embarrassed to smoke in public.
  15. I think your comment chased him over to Mystery Doug. The last part sounds like one of the episodes the kiddos watched a couple weeks back. "Every organism goes through some form of withdrawal when deprived of food, air, and water. Without an addiction to food, water, air, all living things will die." I'm out!!! this thread has to make up its own ending.....
  16. 23K, nice find! I'd guess it's a left side ECM on MR. The folks asking you "what side" want you to be able to drop the engine in without making any external hardware adjustments. The base blocks are the same for these year-class engines, that's what matters. You can swap a bolt on component or two, especially if you have some left side revisions between engines, won't matter. When you have the donor and replacement in your possession your golden, throw nothing away till your running.
  17. Not good. I’ve been running back and forth hoping to be shot at, only to find I’m unworthy of gunpowder. With my two conservative pillars, Dave and Paul, now deposed my minds delicate chemistry is in physiological dire straits. I have no choice but to start following Keith. The whole thread he spared me knowing full well I would eventually submit to his intellect, authority, incredible alpha-numeric bullet points and irresistible narcissism then, ultimately, run to him to become his first cult follower and loyal right hand. As with any cult I will of course need to burn Dave and Paul as a sacrifice to show my loyalty to Keith.......sorry gents. Hope you like to smoke? 🔥 🔥 🔥 (Paul, PM your long pork recipe please) serious note. Dave can’t be in a cultist mindset. A cult requires a secondary revelation. A cult classic movie is a spin off of a first, as in all Frankenstein movies made since the original first. Mormonism is a cult form of Christianity, second revelation in the plates. Dave is following the original Republican party. The alt right however IS a cult of the Republican Party. Ironically, it’s not so with American Liberalism. The Democratic Party is a cult spin off of it’s original form, cow manure. 💩
  18. Nasty!............….That cam bushing story is hilarious though!So was it used injectors or something that sat in water down in Byhalia, Mississippi? Fred, you catch the diddy I wrote up on the AI post about the CCRS injectors? Mack Technician 1,079 Report post Posted June 18 REMACK BUYER BEWARE.....( OR AWARE) Heard a blood curdler this morning. Remack may be suffering from GEA(gray engine amnesia) too? Guy goes to a shop in Southern Wi (unconfirmed if it was Mack Dealership), truck is in need of tuning. Its an E-Tech (Pre-CCRS/ASET). Shop sets him up with a new set of remack injectors and some touching up. Truck runs just as bad or worse. Power is poor. Driver checks, fuel consumption is up. EGT's are consistently high. Customer begins a circle pattern of returning to the shop with complaints and failures for nearly 2 years. Over the course of the two years the truck consumes 4 turbos, 2 manifolds and finally cracks a head. Customer takes truck north 2 hours to the Mack dealership and suspect injectors go to the injection shop. Injection shop service man disassembles the injectors and finds the right tip in the wrong injector body. Remack put the right E-Tech tips into the wrong CCRS injector body's and bagged it. The CCRS injector body doesn't have a leakage hole or lower o-ring. The parts man gave the mechanic the right bag and the mechanic unfortunately didn't catch the different injector body configuration. Mack predicts(page 2 caution) a mismatch would have ruptured the seal at the fuel line connection to injector...…... SB.pdf 171.53 kB · 9 downloads
  19. I’d service the dryer before winter and monitor how long it goes till the oil starts showing again. Oil coating beads in the dryer neg affects their ability to saturate water. If you want a measurement take the compressor air line off the dryer and shoot it at a white piece of paper while running. See how much oil is actually coming through. Also can check fresh air supply to compressor to make sure there isn’t negative pressure causing oil to pull past the rings of the compressor.
  20. Fake(r) news. Read Genesis. The predictions Mark Levin made in early 2017 have been spot on. First major prediction fail is playing out. He said a large portion of the right would desert Trump when the Dems produced grounds for a pseudo-impeachment. I’d earmark Rand Paul as the author of the prediction fail.
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