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  1. Biomass agitators......earth breakers. They use them for pine plantations and clear cuts. It doesn’t drive, just agitates earth as it rolls, crushes seeds and sticks into the earth for better forest recovery.
  2. It’s a topside stiffener I believe, though it doesn’t appear it could serve any real purpose, kinda flimsy. Refasten it. May Have been unique to Visions with a free-hung fuller transmission if I recall.
  3. Yes, I can’t get it? I want to respect the Democrats like the person on the other end of the political power teeter totter, but wow, did anyone think it through? It’s not new, I saw this happen in High School. All the prissy, popular, girls got together and planned our prom like it was their damn wedding. They told us they wouldn’t allow boys wearing semi-formal on the court. We had no opinion or say on anything. We got disenfranchised. Us guys, however, weren’t segregated by popularity. When the vote came the guys nominated all the chubby, unpopular, C grade girls to court. The place went into uproar!!! Popular girls crying with streaks of Tammy Fay Baker eyeliner running down their face. Teachers yelling at us boys “look what you’ve caused!!” . The special ed teachers publicly chastising the up-ity teachers for being irate about unpopular girls getting a chance to be queen. When the smoke cleared the society teachers forced a re-vote and the popular girls got their way. The parents of the average girls and special ed teachers gnashed teeth at them the rest of the school year. That’s how Grope’in Joe got in. Just like those unpopular, “C” grade, freckled, chubby, loveable gals who otherwise wouldn’t have had a snowballs chance in hell of pulling it off. It took tons of party in-fighting to make Joe possible. Socialists pulling the hair of the LBGTQGF’s who were stepping on the environmentalist’s throat who was at the time hacking the feminist Indian want-to-be. Remember, the Republican Congress under Obama had a 15% approval rating. Disenfranchised brought Trump into office. The Dems experienced the same disenfranchisement. Only difference is they saw all the crazy’s trying to get into 2020 and grabbed Stammering Joe. They didn’t HAVE a viable outsider!!! Bloomberg was suppose to be their Trump, but he was a flop and they defaulted backwards for an old relic of the Obama years. I feel genuinely sorry for them......mmmm.....no I don’t, they worked up to this.
  4. Nice pic grabs. Lonestar are, I my opinion, the coolest modern chassis on the market and that road goat basher is frosting on the cake.
  5. They are a humpty unit with the box style exhaust process up high right behind the cab and direct couple between engine and trans. Short’n fat.
  6. For the first time I’ve had a distantly familiar individual, who I met only once at a funeral, get Covid. I worked with her son who is now retired in Florida. She’s 92, lives at a nursing home back here and has dementia. Her son texted me from Florida and says she’s fine. Had a cough and tired then it went away. Memorial weekend Friday the Northbound lanes were near a standstill with traffic jammed vehicles. On my way home from work I scanned them driving past from the open southbound. 1 out of every 8 vehicle were plated Illinois. Inoculated. The Hodag Country Music Festival committee has gone to bat and won the city council of Rhineland's approval to hold the big four day concert in 90 days from now. Mass inoculation 👍🏼. It’s going to get increasingly difficult for the talking heads to keep the chicken little, falling-sky, narrative going.
  7. Don’t start the big infighting yet! There’s always the possibility of Trump eating too much fatal Malaria Pez and Biden wandering off into a large forest somewhere, dazed and confused, and neither being on the stage? Got my money on the Donald surviving on the hydroxycholoroquine pez.
  8. Shock and awe. Heat. Dueling air hammers. Large bars. C4 🧨 💥.
  9. At work. Download the free, factory, engine service manual from Mack E-Media.
  10. Grade 8, keep it close, been done.
  11. As I recall, you can also cut a pipe the expanse of the inside of the frame rails. Lay the pipe crossways tight up to the open bell. Insert 2 bolts about 5” long into the bellhousing mount face wherever is close to the pipe... maybe 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock. Rest the engine onto the cross-pipe via the over-length bell bolts.
  12. I usually make a chain cradle between both steer axle leaf springs for a move across the shop. The pan is stronger than you’d think if it’s not rusted thin. Maybe lay a stiffener on the pan if concerned.
  13. Also, your primer is most likely your transfer pump. It’s unitized. You are set up right if the downsizing of lines occur at that juncture. Your transfer/lift pump is mounted to your high pressure injection pump. So you have three pumps in one location....manual hand pump....mounted to......driven transfer lift pump....mounted to.....injection delivery (jerk) pump...married by fasteners, seals and gaskets.
  14. Realize the Kevlar braid line Mack uses is outrageously priced....but change the suction lines if they look old. They love to capillary tear inside when they’re old and make flaps. If you substitute use a line branded as “suction” hose. Seems ridiculous to think, but some 5,000psi hydraulic hoses can’t withstand the vacuum created in a suction application. They are engineered for high positive pressure only and don’t hold up well in negative pressure. Mack E7 PLN is a great motor, worth restoration. Saw a handful of line hauls continue past the million mile mark with original base engine.
  15. Got a bad D2 from Mack not long ago, out of the box. Wuda pain. You need to gauge the system and figure out if the Governor is lying or if you have a leak somewhere. You don’t know what the Governor is sensing coming from the wet tank because you have no normal gauge there, it’s isolated from primary and secondary by check valves. Wet tank is the third unmonitored tank your Governor uses. It a septum tank usually.
  16. Yup, 8 till pump would be best. What is the “fuel pump bleeder”, can’t picture what your talking about? Your low pressure system is........tank, to primary filter, to fuel pump. Then..... high pressure pump outlet, to secondary filter, to injection pump inlet & helix gallery, through restricted orifice overflow valve, to ~atmosphere~(tank) combined along with injector nozzle leakage fuel.
  17. That’s right. Suction side has to be larger than pressure side. Fluid dynamics.
  18. His motivations are complicated.... Dave’s the guy who jumps in the pool to save the drowning lady, swims over to her, and when she claw rakes him in the face like a wet, drowning, cat....He punches her, with full steam, blowing her teeth out, breaking her nose and jaw and making her permanently cross eyed due to frontal lobe brain damage....then drags her to safety.... and tells her unconscious body “Mack transmissions suck!”. I have to believe he means well and saves a few (Democrat’s) who are tough enough to survive the initial rescue attempt.
  19. The state lab is taking charge of the Covid19 antibody testing and not private medical. You’d be foolish to turn in your DNA signature for an examination and recording by the state. Early on they expressed a desire to study/compare genetic susceptibility to Covid. I was given an exemption when I was in fourth grade to having my fingerprints taken by the state for their “Missing Children” program. Rest of the class got it. Maybe mom and dad were hoping I’d go away on a summer vacation with the human traffickers? Glad they did. Zoom ahead 20 years co worker Dan had his friends car stolen one night. The police took Dan in for questioning because his prints were found in the car. Dan needed an alibi for the night it was stolen, he was a suspect. His 4th grade “missing child” prints were in the database.....oops. He has never committed a crime or been printed for a criminal offense. Same scenario here, you test this, your in for life and the DNA crossing system means they can track your kids off of yours. Google “police attempt to collect dna samples from ancestry DNA company 2019”.
  20. Happened to my sister that way. If your lawns decorated interestingly enough people come. Eventually a couple asked to get married on her yard.
  21. You do have an awesome parks and Rec Maxi. The open cabin system is great and you have a real buffalo herd you can rent a cabin near for nothing. Did it, awesome, kids went nuts. The fishery is incredible and your wardens aren’t jerks and the people are fun. Prairie Home Companion was born of Minnesota’s loins. Really, Its the (one of the) best state for Rec, period. New Ulm is the birthplace of the German WELS, where my wife went to college, where her parents both graduated and her grandparents also graduated and now they’re screwed because of poor choice of location. Your Governor is a complete A-hole. He was slow to start and now finished poorly. Sorry, it’s just hard love. Great state, bias leadership.
  22. Great, but I have my reason for what I said and to quote King Walz....... the reason I said it is “there’s no perfect answer”. How’s that for a great retort when questioned about my motive? Honestly, that works for everything. “Why didn’t you do your homework”........”there’s no perfect answer, mom”. “Why didn’t you pay your taxes”.....”there’s no perfect answer sir”. “Why were you speeding”......”there’s no perfect answer officer”. “Why are discriminating against Christians Walz?” ......”there’s no perfect answer”. Etc, etc, etc...
  23. You always have a plan Dave, I’ve been witness to it. You kill an auction block and leave the owners broke and crying......but what the heck are you doing with old chopper bodies? How’d ya make money on THAT? Yard planters!??
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