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  1. I think I found my answer on another thread The "shim" is installed to bring this clearance back to somewhat normal for the clutch brake to travel or compress. A flywheel surfaced that many time is probably best replaced.
  2. Thanks for posting video. I apologise in advance but I have never wrenched. My old boss always added a "shim" what was he trying to achieve He said it made brake last longer It did "soften"
  3. Triple frame, single axel, disc brakes, auto trans...I am guessing it was specced for a fire tank truck
  4. Thanks I was just looking around and found it, Maxidyne. I was kind of confused because if I run the VIN it says it's a 688 but it's a 690
  5. VIN 1M2B209C1WM0xxxxx Is this a decent dump truck motor? I don't think It's the stock motor, truck is a 1998 T2070 Trans 1st time poster, long time follower!
  6. Model number cross reference https://www.macktrucks.com/parts-and-services/support/body-builders/news-and-events/new-mack-model-description-cross-reference-chart/
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