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  1. VGT Calibration.

    Should I feel power building before 1200 rpm's?
  2. VGT Calibration.

    "04 AC 427.
  3. Clutch Brake Adjustment

    Thank you for the good info, guys. I learned a lot. I'm going to see what I can do with it. But more than likely the entire clutch is going to need replacing. It's got several inches of free play in the pedal, and almost no room for adjustments in the places talked about. It's not slipping or anything. It still grabs nice and firm. I spend a lot of my time in parking lots and city streets doing bump and go under an asphalt mill. Stop, move 25 feet, stop, move 25 feet, stop. Over and over. It's hell on a clutch. AND your clutch leg!! How much (just a rough figure) can I plan on paying for a clutch job? Material and labor. I plan on using all new parts. No reman. parts.
  4. E7 eng brake

    The one on my '04 AC Engine is pretty strong. It works pretty decent at 1700-1900 rpms. I try not to use it any higher than that just because I don't want to accidentally over-rev it. I think it works just as well as the one I had on my Kenworth with a C-15. Except the Mack is only a 2 stage. My Cat had 3 stages. I do mostly local city and rural driving. I have it turned on basically all the time. It's perfect for back road stop signs and city red lights. I've gone down some pretty big hills at 80,000 lb plus. But I've never used it descending a mountain. So I can't speak for a long downhill distance. But I think for a 12 liter engine, it holds its own.
  5. Heck, I turn my A/C on just to kick my fan on to keep the engine running cooler. But I run the city a lot. And spend quite a bit of time idling. I'm also really obsessive about coolant and oil temps. I wish it had an override switch to where you could elect to run it manually. Here's a question for the gurus- if I unplug the A/C compressor, will the fan still kick on if I turn the switch in the cab to the on position?
  6. 12 speed PTO

    I used the Newstar pto that was on mine for my wet kit. But it was previously used to run a Tuthill blower for unloading fracking sand tankers. It spins fast at 160% of the engine's rpm. My pump is remote mounted and uses a driveshaft. Do you know the optimal rpm speed for the pump's maximum flow? That will tell Chelsea or Parker, or whomever you deal with what size and speed you need. And it will tell you when you're approaching over speed of the pump. I'm sure you can Google the numbers and get all the specs on the pump. We ended up having to size a Parker pump that fit the pto speed. 21gpm @1600 rpm. I'm lifting a 235 inch stroke 5 stage dump cylinder. It goes up pretty effortlessly with a 20 ton load at 800 engine rpm. Which is about 1300 rpm on the pump. All of this may have absolutely no particular bearing at all on what you're doing. It was just the experience I had because I was matching a pump to existing pto.
  7. VGT Calibration.

    When I bought the ole' girl, she had spent her life in the Texas oil field. The VGT vanes were stuck. With some penetrating oil and a pry bar, I slowly got it working. The turbo sounds great. It responds perfectly with the throttle. Or seems to. But the truck is sluggish on the low end. The turbo doesn't start building boost until about 1200 rpms. I'm running at about 75,000-80,000 lbs, and it struggles hard on take off and pulling even small grades. I know that 12 liter is no 16L Detroit. But it just seems it's not making what it should. If the turbo in fact does need calibrated, would that help address this issue?
  8. Clutch Brake Adjustment

    Alright. I crawled underneath it. What I saw is this: The clutch cable comes down, and connects to a lever with a clevis. At the top of that lever, there appears to be something for making an adjustment. There's a bolt that rides thru a slot and locks. And a set screw opposite of that. The set screw/jamb nut, looks like it only has a couple of threads left before it's bottomed out. I took the inspection cover off and looked up in there really quickly. It has an electrical wire connected to it. It looked like there was quite a bit clutch dust caked on. I just did this really quickly outside the shop on the concrete slab. I've got a project to get out of the way before I can pull the tractor in and get underneath it. Any suggestions how to move forward from here?
  9. Clutch Brake Adjustment

    Thank you! Now we're getting somewhere. It would seem to me, if there was a problem with the adjustment lever, someone would have said something. But, as I have found out the hard way- truck and hydraulic service based companies in Lansing, MI, absolutely suck. You go in, tell them what you need, don't complain about their prices or wait times- and they start looking for reasons not to serve you. I guess they've got enough work servicing fleets.
  10. Clutch Brake Adjustment

    '04 Mack CX 613. !0 speed Eaton Fuller. AC 427. I've never looked at it before. But I'm hoping when I do, that it's pretty clear how it works. I just won't know what's considered "properly adjusted". I'm also going to check the trans oil. It's a little (not much) wet around the output housing. If I need to add any, I've been told the correct oil is synthetic SAE 50 manual transmission oil. Is that right?
  11. Clutch Brake Adjustment

    I have noticed that dropping into 1st does slow it down. And yeah, for me, the pto is also another reason I want it adjusted. On a normal day, I engage it at least half a dozen times. What I've been doing with the truck recently is hauling asphalt millings. Loading directly under the mill in parking lots. So I'm running in 1st quite often. But I'm doing a lot of city driving too. It just needs to be correctly adjusted. I've watched a couple of blurry youtube videos. Hopefully I can figure it out.
  12. Anyone have a detailed explanation/directions on how to adjust the clutch brake? The last two times I've had the truck in for unrelated service, I've asked that it be done. But for whatever reason, they seem to avoid it like the plague. It's bad. And I'm tired of grinding the Hell out of it to get it in gear.
  13. Remote Oil Cooler.

    It's a no winner. The engine is designed to need high temps to operate correctly. yet high temps damage other components in the system.
  14. School Me On CB Radios.

    Thanks guys and gal! Yeah, when you pull into a quarry or plant, there's usually a sign at the entrance telling you which channel to use. Now, as for an antenna, are the short ones any good? I'm out in the country a lot. My stack smacks the low lying branches sometimes. So I know a long antenna will get banged around a lot. Actually, now that I think about it, there's a short one on top of the cab already. I don't know anything about it.
  15. max hp

    We had a mid-80's International 5488 tractor that had the intercooled DT-466B engine. I believe it was 175 hp from the factory. The local dealership mechanic turned some screws on the injector pump. He said that brought it up to about 215-220 hp. It made a heck of difference. The tractor held it fine- nothing broke. It was a very reliable engine. Even after turning it up, we never had any issues with it.