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  1. Remote Oil Cooler.

    It's a no winner. The engine is designed to need high temps to operate correctly. yet high temps damage other components in the system.
  2. School Me On CB Radios.

    Thanks guys and gal! Yeah, when you pull into a quarry or plant, there's usually a sign at the entrance telling you which channel to use. Now, as for an antenna, are the short ones any good? I'm out in the country a lot. My stack smacks the low lying branches sometimes. So I know a long antenna will get banged around a lot. Actually, now that I think about it, there's a short one on top of the cab already. I don't know anything about it.
  3. max hp

    We had a mid-80's International 5488 tractor that had the intercooled DT-466B engine. I believe it was 175 hp from the factory. The local dealership mechanic turned some screws on the injector pump. He said that brought it up to about 215-220 hp. It made a heck of difference. The tractor held it fine- nothing broke. It was a very reliable engine. Even after turning it up, we never had any issues with it.
  4. My truck's an '04 CX-613. My question is: is there a way to mount and and use a remote mounted oil cooler? Just a regular run of the mill tube and fin type?
  5. Unknown Dash Switches.

    I grew up on a pretty good sized dairy farm. Your equipment dealerships played a big role for farmers in those days. And the car dealership we bought all of our pickups from. We deal with the local Deere dealer now, for what little equipment we have. The service is nothing like it used to be. As far as the silicone hoses go- I seriously doubt I'll ever be sold on them. I've had 2 split on me. And I don't think belted rubber hoses the same age would have. I absolutely could be wrong.
  6. I need to choose a CB. While I'll be doing some OTR driving in the future, (both U.S. and Canada) most of my driving will be in state. I pull an end dump, and I'm constantly in gravel pits, and concrete and asphalt plants. Communicating with the dispatchers in these places is a must. The signals in those places can be weak. So if there are any features to help deal with that problem, I would be interested. Weather channels would be nice, but between the Weather Channel app. I have on my phone, and available channels on my Sirius Radio, they're not necessary. I'm not looking to spend hundreds of dollars. Just something effective.
  7. Unknown Dash Switches.

    My biggest problem has been with parts, parts numbers, and availability. I live south of Lansing, and the only Mack/Volvo dealers are in either Grand Rapids, or the Detroit area. One is 98 miles away, and the other is 87. And they will never ship directly to me. It all has to go thru the dealer. So I either have to go pick the parts up, or wait for them to come to the dealer, and then have them ship to me from there. Which means in many cases, I have to pay for shipping twice, and end up waiting anywhere from 5-10 days getting them. And cross-referencing Mack part#'s is difficult, at best. Right now I'm trying to find any cross reference source I can for cooling system hoses. I've had a couple of those cheap-ass silicone hoses split on me. Causing me to break down and spew coolant all over. Whoever the engineering morons are that thought silicone was a good idea for cooling systems, should be in the unemployment line. As we've all seen with intercooler silicone hoses, they aren't always reliable. I think for the parts issue alone, I can say I've bought two Mack Trucks- my first, and my last. It's too bad. I like the truck. It drives and handles great. While the 12 liter lacks a little on the low end torque, It's a very smooth and steady engine. The turbo spools up nicely in the 1200-1800 rpm range. But parts availability is my problem. Mack thinks they have to keep everything close to their chests. If you buy something that has a Cummins or Detroit in it, you can damn near got to Walmart and get parts for it!!!
  8. Unknown Dash Switches.

    Thank you, Chevy.
  9. Unknown Dash Switches.

    Well, this is all fun. But does anyone have an answer? Too bad it's not a liberal snowflake button. I would wear it out!
  10. Question for married members

    Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner. Go for it. Buy once, cry once!
  11. Unknown Dash Switches.

    Well, if I'm reading your subliminal message correctly, I would guess the circle switch is the engine shutdown override switch? But you got me on the magnetoplasmadynamic drive system.
  12. Unknown Dash Switches.

    The truck didn't come with a manual. At least it didn't come to me with a manual.
  13. I've got a couple of switches on my dash panel that are a mystery to me. Both are intermittent rocker switches. One has what looks like a snowflake on it. The other one is a circle shaped arrow with an X running thru it. When I push them, I can't tell that anything specific is happening. Anyone got a clue?
  14. Mack concrete pumper

    There used to be a lot of those old Mack pumpers around. And I've probably been on the business end of 1/2 of the ones here in Michigan!
  15. OIl Cooler Thermostat?

    Thank you.