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  1. Rebuilt price is about $400.00 less. I would rather go with new.
  2. I just got my first over the phone quote back. $2500.00 If that's the going rate, I'll drive to Virginia and use your mechanic. He told me 14 hours on labor.
  3. My clutch and brake are adjusted as far as they will go. Time for a new one soon. Truck's an '04 CX-613, AC-427, with a run-of-mill Eaton-Fuller 10spd. Just curious what you guys are paying for a straight up clutch job.
  4. What Are Y'all Using For Filter Brands?

    My real issue rather than being cheap is the distance to the dealer. And they won't ship to my door. I suppose, just get the numbers, call ahead and make sure they've got 'em, and go waste 1/2 a day on the road.
  5. What Brand Oil Do Mack Dealers Use?

    That's very interesting. Thank you for the info. I certainly don't have any problems using Mobil. In fact, they make a great gasoline engine oil.
  6. What Brand Oil Do Mack Dealers Use?

    I do plan on doing that. I guess the direction I was going is if Mack has a certain brand it requires its dealers to use. I bought the truck in Texas, and it had been serviced by the same dealer in Ft. Worth its entire life. Then I brought it to Michigan last year, and had service done at the dealer in Grand Rapids. If I found that Mack only used 1 brand across the board, I was certainly going to stick with that.
  7. I'm getting ready to do an oil change. The truck currently has factory oil filters on it. I've always been a WIX person. And with retail sources like Amazon, etc, you can save some serious money buying them online. Anyone got any good reasons why I shouldn't use anything other than factory-branded ones?
  8. AC-427 Injector Type.

    Cool. Thank you.
  9. What Brand Oil Do Mack Dealers Use?

    If found this from Mack: https://www.macktrucks.com/~/media/files/pv776-89149448.ashx
  10. What Brand Oil Do Mack Dealers Use?

    That surprises me some. I've been using Rotella for my diesels as long as I care to remember. I'm not advocating for the quality of one oil over the other. And I know how stupid this probably sounds- but I'm a believer in keeping with the same brand IF an engine has only had 1 brand used in it all of its life. Which is probably very unlikely. As I stated above- the engine hasn't burned any oil in 6000 miles. The truck's not abused. But hauling heavy loads of gravel, asphalt millings, grain-etc, up and down back roads, in town, and in and out of gravel mines does cause a lot of starting and stopping type driving. I guess I'm just being superstitious. But I'm also pretty anal about doing things like kicking my AC on to get the cooling fan engaged to help keep my coolant, oil, and exhaust temps down. And that does work. I also ALWAYS warm up my engine before working it, and cool it down before shutting it off. No matter what the outside temps are. Also, because of the dusty environments I'm working in, I've gone thru 3 air filters this season. This truck and trailer was a huge investment for me. I saved my money for a long time to be able to buy it. I'm hoping if I pay attention to the little things, I'll get a lot of good service out of it!
  11. AC-427 Injector Type.

    My engine is an '04 AC-427. I'm just curious- do these engines use a hydraulic-unit type injector? Thanks.
  12. It's time to do an oil change in my truck. This is the first one I'll be doing on it myself. The truck has always been serviced at a Mack dealer, and I would like to continue using what the engine is used to getting. The truck's an '04 CX-613. AC-427 engine. Not looking to start a heated oil brand/type debate. Just curious as to what oil the dealers use. I've got to say that even though I'm not super impressed with the engine's overall power and performance, I have been very impressed that the engine is not an oil consumer. While I've only put about 6,000 miles on it in the 12 months I've owned it, they've been hard-worked miles. And the engine has not burned 1 drop of oil.
  13. VGT Calibration.

    Should I feel power building before 1200 rpm's?
  14. VGT Calibration.

    "04 AC 427.
  15. Clutch Brake Adjustment

    Thank you for the good info, guys. I learned a lot. I'm going to see what I can do with it. But more than likely the entire clutch is going to need replacing. It's got several inches of free play in the pedal, and almost no room for adjustments in the places talked about. It's not slipping or anything. It still grabs nice and firm. I spend a lot of my time in parking lots and city streets doing bump and go under an asphalt mill. Stop, move 25 feet, stop, move 25 feet, stop. Over and over. It's hell on a clutch. AND your clutch leg!! How much (just a rough figure) can I plan on paying for a clutch job? Material and labor. I plan on using all new parts. No reman. parts.