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  1. I am thinking about switching over to a dry air filter system on my B61. I am still trying to figure out the exact engine specs on it but I know it is the in-line 6 turbo diesel. What do you guys and gals think? Keep the oil bath or convert to dry?
  2. The smaller one with the hole down the center was press stamped "WIX 51235" so I have that one on order. Are you saying you use the same filter in both housings?
  3. The filter with the hole in the center had a pressed stamp "WIX 51235". They still make that one so it is on order and should be here in a few days. The other one, the tall on, had a painted stamp on the top, I could not make it out but the guys at NAPA Auto Parts figured it out. Apparently it is a good number but is no longer in production. They found me one that "looks like it would work" but is is over $100 and weeks away. I am looking for an alternative to the taller filter at this point.
  4. I am sure my green horn is going to be showing here but I own it. I just got my B613T - title saw 1961 but I am guessing it is a late 50's manufacturer date. It is a 6 cylinder turbo diesel. Question 1 - She has two oil filter housings? One of the cartridges had a Wix number on it (51235) but the other did not have a number on it and the guys at NAPA are having difficulty finding a part for me. The taller housing has a large line going in on the side and another large line coming out of the bottom center. The smaller housing has two small lines, both in the bottom center. Can someone break down this system for me and any clues on a part number for the taller filter? Question 2 - The fuel filters are easy replacements but what is the history here? Just looking to understand the system.
  5. it looks it. I am new to the Mack world but it looks original and factory, if it was actually an option.
  6. Hey there BMT, I just picked up my first old Mack. I have always been a lover of the old Bull Dogs. Mine is a 1961 B613T TD. The odometer reads just over 13,000 miles but I am guessing she stopped working along the way. The truck is solid with a couple small holes that will be an easy fix. She fires up with WD40 / Ether but wont stay running long. IT was stored about 10 years ago with heating fuel in her veins. The first project is to change all the filters and fluids so she get purrrr. I attached a few pics so everyone can take a look and give me your thoughts. I have already posted about tires and I am sure I will be a consistent question on here, so thanks in advance. Stoked to be here.
  7. Thank you everyone. I am stoked to be on this forum.
  8. Do you think the depth of the new 8.25 rim will work on the rear axle? Do you think I will need a new spacer? I am a total newbie with the spokes. I guess I could just order the new rims and tires and see. If the worse thing I run into is needing new spacers, I will be in good shape.
  9. Hey there everyone. I recently picked up my first MACK. It is a 1961 B61 6 wheeler. I will snap some picks and post in the introduction forum soon. My first purchase will be new rubber for the old girl. It currently has 11.00 - 20's on split rings. I am looking to get the split rings out from under the truck due to ease of finding rubber as a reasonable price. It seems I can get a 11R22.5 way easier and cheaper than a 11.00 - 20. I will also not have to deal with the garage preaching about how dangerous the split rings are. As you all know, this forum is great and I think I have it almost all figured out. I am understanding that the 11R22.5 is a direct replacement for the 11.00 - 20. My question is this, am I looking for a 8.25x22.5 open center wheel? I am looking at buying a 8.25x22.5 open center wheel and mounting a 12R22.5 tire on it. Why the 12R? Because it seems a bit easier to get than the 11R. I think that covers it, thanks in advance for the help.
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