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  1. Looks good. I have the same year and model truck.
  2. Oops yes that’s correct. I forgot to add the plus. Does anyone know which was more popular back in the day, the ESI or the ESI+? I see trucks both ways so never really know.
  3. R686ST. ENDT676 285hp with the ESI. Truck build was completed 10/12/79. Currently has 118k original miles.
  4. Here is my 79. Color is a dull red. Seems like mid to late 70s was when the red color was used on the engines.
  5. I need a Caterpillar D7 hauled from Missouri to Minnesota and looking for a recommended company. I have a local company that I have used a couple times but would like to get another quote or two. Thanks Jeremy
  6. I contacted Barry at Watts and he confirmed these are no longer available.
  7. Looks great. Perfect amount of patina. Show some pics of the seats and interior.
  8. Here is a heater cover I pulled from a DM at a scrap yard. I’m not sure of the year or engine. Would 1600-2100 be the operating range for a 237? Anyways there is the part number for that decal in case anyone needs it.
  9. Does anyone have the part number for the decal on the heater cover inside the cab that displays the operating rpm? It’s for an R model. I need one for the 285 hp motor so it should be 1100-2100 rpm I believe. Mine is no longer legible. Thanks
  10. Thank you. It has 5.73 rears. Im Not totally sure what top speed would be.
  11. 1964 B613, 673 turbo, Quadruplex, power steering. The truck runs, shifts and stops as it should. The rear suspension has been professionally rebuilt with all new rubber components. (I have receipts) This truck was delivered new without front brakes as is with all road tractors of the day. A few years back brakes were installed on the front axle with newly lined brake shoes, freshly turned drums, new chambers, air lines and QR valve. The engine is original and starts and runs excellent with minimal if any leaks. The truck has power steering that works fine but does have a slight leak. The cab is in fair shape for its age but there is some rust through on the bottom rear panel,driver floor, as well as a few other small areas. Overall a decent cab. The fenders are surprisingly solid throughout but again could use some small rust areas repaired. The frame is solid and straight although there is a one inch crack on the top of the rail behind the cab. It has been there for many years and has a support bolted over it per the Mack manual. All of the lights, wipers, gauges and heater work properly. The truck is still using the series parallel switch that works great and it also has the original generator that charges fine.The steer tires are good 22.5s and the drives are old 10.00x20s that are worn and need to be replaced. The truck currently have a flatbed on it as seen in the pics. This truck has some of the more desirable components such as the factory turbocharged engine, factory/dealer added power steering, matching 55 gal aluminum fuel tanks, quadbox, etc. This would be an excellent truck to restore or simply enjoy as is. $4,250 Located in MN.
  12. I was looking at a 1985 DM dump truck the other day and it had a 237 in it. I figured everything in the mid 80’s would be a 300 or 350. Got me wondering when did Mack quit using the 237?
  13. Mine have the X pressed on the ends as you can see in this pic.
  14. I am going to have to disagree with you on that. I am positive these are original box covers. I was also at a local junk yard the other day that had 2early 70s R models that had the exact same covers although they were rusted.
  15. It appears that all the new units are of a slightly different style. Here is a pic of mine, these is an original from a 79 model year truck. Anyone have one like this with the three protruding dimples on the sides?
  16. Looking for an original battery box cover for my 79 R model.
  17. I ordered one and should have it by end of week. I’m glad they’re still available. I’m pretty particular with things and matching gauges is a must. My truck was missing the plastic filler cover over the extra gauge hole so i figured instead of finding one of those I’d put a boost gauge in. Who doesn’t like more gauges anyways right !?
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