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  1. DailyDiesel

    Pete Movie Truck in Junkyard

    Interesting that a truck was built for the movie instead of just sourcing any existing rig for an afternoon of shooting.
  2. DailyDiesel

    AOL Sucks!

    You should be able to change your browser homepage to be any website you want. So instead of going to aol.com it would load directly to bigmacktrucks.com
  3. DailyDiesel

    Help in the apple orchard.

    Is it late in the year for bear cubs? I don't know anything about bears other than to stay away from them in the wild.
  4. DailyDiesel

    Growing tired of the Kavanaugh show

    You are not wrong. Sadly our elected officials felt the best way to handle the issue was to make this woman testify and relieve those events before the entire world. Why the rush? Why this candidate? Is he really the best pick? I doubt it. Simply put he has been groomed by the establishment under Ken Starr, George Bush, and now Trump to be the lastest pawn that will tow the party line. Despite the screams of the Republicans that Democrats are playing games (which they are) let us not forget the little stunt they pulled with Merrick Garland. They simply refused to hold any hearings to begin the nomination process. Now that they are receiving a taste of their own medicine and they don't like it one bit. The system is far past broken.
  5. DailyDiesel

    Show Time

    Seems like there is some interest so here is a playlist of all the video I shot at the show this year. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoQ3gXdlBmUO-PIK2VfyRciCnCsj2aCGC If your nothing but a Mack guy this one will get you going.
  6. DailyDiesel

    Show Time

    You may not have made WOT (yet) but you made my video!
  7. DailyDiesel

    We Are Detroit

    Where are they building Detroits now?
  8. DailyDiesel


    I was in college at the time so naturally I was asleep when the first plane hit. When my dad called with the news I was annoyed with the wake up call as I had the same thought you did, just some dummy in a small plane. Even after turning on the news and watching the second plane hit in real time I never dreamed the towers would fall. At the time my wife was still in High School on Staten Island. Being a parochial school they were not allowed to watch TV coverage but when the towers collapsed she could feel the ground tremble beneath her feet. There was no hiding from that point on. Years later I paid a visit the NYS Museum in Albany where they had a fire truck destroyed by the collapse along with many personal artifacts of the many lives that were lost. A truely sobering experience. 9/11 was one of the rare generational moments that you never forget if you were old enough for conscience thought. I pray that something like this never happens again.
  9. Well, it rained nearly all day Saturday but we had over 125 trucks make the journey and park on main street. What other "defunct" truck brand can claim the same?
  10. DailyDiesel

    Chicago R models

    Speaking of Sid Kamp...from the 2018 ATHS national show.
  11. DailyDiesel

    Volvo Trucks Debuts New Heavy-Haul Model

  12. DailyDiesel

    New Chevy Class 4, 5

    How about this one? http://autoweek.com/article/trucks/chevy-expands-silverado-medium-duty-lineup-bid-outgun-ford-ram It looks better than the test mule shots from last year around this time. Wonder what the Navistar version will look like.
  13. DailyDiesel

    Internet Neutrality

    41Chevy copied that from FoxNews which is just as biased as CNN. BUT, if that fits your wold view than so be it. But anway, the exact situation you fear can now occur but at the hands of your ISP. If they happen to lean left or right they can in turn limit your access to certain media. I guess we'll find out if this really is the end of the world as we know it.
  14. DailyDiesel

    Internet Neutrality

    I hope so too. The internet and all the associated businesses that rely on it are a major part of the economy now. Billions, if not trillions of dollars of year. Without net neutrality you allow the big players to carve up the web to suit their needs will stifling or keeping out small or new ventures.

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