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  1. There seems to be a distinct lack of stations along the east coast. The concentration of those littles will have to increase 10 fold.
  2. Some health related news from our President and his views on exercise. From the book Trump Revealed I knew there was a reason I hated the gym.
  3. I just started watching this on Netflix last week. Much less contrived drama than Ice Road truckers. I give it a thumbs up.
  4. I guess we'll wait and see. Hopefully I am proved wrong.
  5. Was it red..or was it blue?
  6. So you both don't consider it a red flag that a sitting president requested that an active investigation into his administration be stopped for no other reason than he said so?
  7. Also ironic that Comey was the darling of the Republicans for a week before the election. Clearly since this guy was able to piss of both Republicans and Democrats he must have been doing something right? Sorry, I don't consider spring cleaning to be asking the head of the FBI to stop an active investigation against a member of your own administration. That is typical D.C. behavior through and through no matter how you spin it. It clearly requires a deeper look. Maybe we can ask Russia for the transcripts of what actually happened? I have reason to believe that if any of this had happened under Obama's term, people would not be willing to dismiss it so quickly.
  8. OH come on guys which of you can honestly say that last time you were under investigation by the FBI that you didn't fire the head of the Agency?
  9. Wetzel Road in Cicero, NY. Just down the street from the Fisher HQ. I believe the for sale number reads 315-652-3772
  10. Congratulations! I guess you really didn't have a choice as to go or not.
  11. Some days I feel like spring is ahead of schedule....others days not so much.
  12. Ummm, the Volvo looks nearly the same as before? And isn't the International RH just the old ProStar? Nothing make sense anymore.
  13. My grandfather was an engineer on B-25 in the pacific during WWII so this plane will always hold a special place in my heart. This past summer I was able to see one in person for the first time at a local air show. It certainly was not as large as I imagined and simply awe inspiring that a crew of six crammed into them and flew across the ocean while dropping bombs and dodging fighters. I don't know how they did it! Amazing that 16 could be assembled in location.