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  1. 7th picture down....is that a White?
  2. After a few beers I could someone making a painful mistake with that seat.
  3. Looks pretty good blasting down the highway too.
  4. Did White have much of presence in Australia? Mack, International and Kenworth seemed to be the American marques with the most success.
  5. It looks like Paccar leaves the show responsibilities up to local dealers? I could barely find them on the map.
  6. Daimler and its subsidiaries have a very large presence at this show.
  7. For those so inclined, a shot of the wrecker body.
  8. The products never had the time to develop, either in Australia or the U.S.
  9. Yup, that is where I spent most of my time watching the trucks come and go. When I saw this on a trailer in the parking lot I figured it would be too much to ask to see it running and driving. Pleasantly surprised to say the least.
  10. This 1933 CJ Mack was a real treat to see at Des Moines.
  11. Perspective is everything.
  12. Spy shot from the factory.
  13. What ever you ran into at your dealer can't be worse than what was going on at my local branch the other night. Image sent to me by a friend.
  14. I was looking through some old photos of mine and came across the 1966 R-600 seen at the 2014 CNY ATHS show.