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  1. The power couple make an appearance around the 30 mark of this video.
  2. Kenworth 963

    I guess Western Star and their 6900XD is the only other competition in this market?
  3. The Last B Model

    The last B-Model makes an appearance around the 50 second mark but the rest of the video is pretty good too.
  4. Ford 9000

    Great looking truck. Style wise it blows away anything being offered today.
  5. New Engine or New Truck?

    Like that old IHC wrecker! A silver lining to every cloud.
  6. Thank you. I believe I have a few shots and videos of it buzzing around the test track too. Glad to see it home safe.
  7. The Last B Model

    Looked good buzzing around the track.
  8. Good idea on the photo Red Horse.
  9. NFL What a disgrace !

    The worst part....I don't think the guy has any clue of what he is doing.
  10. In the weeds....for good?
  11. NFL What a disgrace !

    At least this guy stands for the anthem.....
  12. New UPS Fords

    All the ones I've spotted here in Upstate NY have been gas as well.
  13. Crew Cab PayStar 5000's

    Well, I read the late 70's through early 90's section of IHC Trucks by Mr. Crismon and found no mention of crewcab trucks which if produced in house by International I would have expected to receive full coverage. There were plenty of photos and notes regarding the daycab units purchased by Saudi Arabia but never mention of Egypt. How are relations between the two countries? I wonder if Egypt bought these units second hand. Either way, the main question remains unanswered....for now.
  14. Navistar executives looking ahead

    The HX with a sleeper is good looking machine. Hope Kenworth is paying attention.
  15. Thanks for the laugh...I need that.