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  1. I believe so. I think this truck was one of the aluminum frame and cab setups.
  2. Neat old tanker. Photo from scanned slide purchased on eBay.
  3. Clearly. These wall street guys know how to play the game.
  4. Is the deal really done yet? I though the DOJ had to clear purchases like this for the very reason you mentioned.
  5. Here is the Buffalo crash truck in later years.
  6. Saw this at the Mack Customer Center back in 2015. Export only...or so the numerous stickers all over the truck said.
  7. Gotta start importing from the exporters. 😆
  8. Yes, just the other day I spotted 2 IH and 1 KW COE on the NYS Thruway. IN THE SAME DAY! That's 2020 for ya! 😆
  9. Saw this in a Facebook group this past weekend. The cat is out of the bag.
  10. Here is one from the ATHS National Show in KY a few years back. If I recall correctly it had an insanely low amount of miles, possible under 100, it was purchased by a readymix company and garaged. Never used.
  11. Wow....leaves much up to speculation. I would say this project is pretty much dead now.
  12. I never thought much of these truck as the often replaced a much tougher and better truck, the Autocar DC or DK. But as the years wear on they don't seem that bad compared to the ugly new junk.
  13. This reminds me of the U.S.S. Miami fire in which a civilian worker that was out of vacation/sick time set a fire because he wanted to go home. He lit a bag of rags on fire in a state room and effectively destroyed a 1.56 billion dollar sub!
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