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  1. Internet Neutrality

    41Chevy copied that from FoxNews which is just as biased as CNN. BUT, if that fits your wold view than so be it. But anway, the exact situation you fear can now occur but at the hands of your ISP. If they happen to lean left or right they can in turn limit your access to certain media. I guess we'll find out if this really is the end of the world as we know it.
  2. Internet Neutrality

    I hope so too. The internet and all the associated businesses that rely on it are a major part of the economy now. Billions, if not trillions of dollars of year. Without net neutrality you allow the big players to carve up the web to suit their needs will stifling or keeping out small or new ventures.
  3. Internet Neutrality

    So instead you'll allow corporate America to manage it? Please realize the internet we have today was built around the premise of net neutrality. Under the guise of "reducing government" regulations we have essentially allowed more regulations to come into effect....except they would come from telecom monopolies of which you have little to zero control over. Don't forget, the current FCC chair once worked Verizon and used to lobby against net neutrality on their behalf. This whole deal stinks to high heaven.
  4. Internet Neutrality

    HeavyGunner your assessment on the matter is correct. Without net neutrality telecoms like Verizon or AT&T can limit where and how you go on the web. For instance, Verizon owns Yahoo. If you have internet or mobile service through Verizon they could in theory block you from accessing any Google products as Google is a major competitor to Yahoo. Or maybe they don't block you but charge you more for certain parts of the web. Splitting the internet into packages similar for cable. Just 19.99 for email! LIke facebook? Add that package for 9.99 more! Nextflix? Just another 10.99 extra a month. General web browsing? Only 29.99! It will be like cable all over again.
  5. Englishtown Truck Racing

    And International! But yeah, everyone wants a Petercar nowadays. You've seen one you've seen them all.
  6. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    Damn, that poor thing was plugged up! I subscribed. After working on my Youtube account for about a decade my best piece of advice is to have fun. Don't worry about views or cranking out a video everyday. Film it and they will come.
  7. dkjfoiweoi23noi4noin042389y04jvorpjnpsidgu09wegnj3409ng094nb04390thjisrgh. RS700L
  8. Pictures of the Week

    Looks like you find another one of those triggered liberal snowflakes....oh..wait.
  9. Was the Amelia Earhart story a cover-up?

    Apparently the photo referenced above turned up in a 1935 travel publication. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/07/amelia-earhart-lost-photograph-discredited-spd/ Either this theory has been debunked....or it's part of the cover up.
  10. Hmm, from that first shot I'm getting a more White corporate cab vibe. And are those headlight wipers? Very European!
  11. The power couple make an appearance around the 30 mark of this video.
  12. Kenworth 963

    I guess Western Star and their 6900XD is the only other competition in this market?
  13. The Last B Model

    The last B-Model makes an appearance around the 50 second mark but the rest of the video is pretty good too.
  14. Ford 9000

    Great looking truck. Style wise it blows away anything being offered today.
  15. New Engine or New Truck?

    Like that old IHC wrecker! A silver lining to every cloud.