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  1. Deleted I assume. Hopefully the original owners kept copies.
  2. Very interesting. Now you west coast guys can get in on the Brockway action!
  3. This old rig will bring plenty of eyeballs to your YT channel. Great work!
  4. LR11000 under assembly at Syracuse University.
  5. Cool. I was not aware of the "bullet" model.
  6. Guess these guys got bit but the truck bug back when Cat made trucks. 😏
  7. Chatted with him a month or so back on Instagram. Maddog is right, he is working the blacktop game.
  8. Some really nice stuff in this recent batch.
  9. The Autocar near the road is an interesting one. An early form of the AT64-F. You don't see to many of them around.
  10. I would say having an existing factory in place was the biggest reason Volvo decided to expand but hey, what do I know.
  11. Yes, July 27th, 8AM - 4PM 8118 189th Street, Mokena IL 60448
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