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  1. They sure did haul some heavy loads with those old rigs. Thanks for sharing.
  2. DailyDiesel


    I always hear the one around my house but I never see it. Mostly because it is active at ungodly hours. Nice catch.
  3. Here is the largest crane shortly after finally assembly a few months back. There is actually a second crane on site now, slightly "smaller" in capacity. It has a pad on the other side of the dome. It's a very impressive sight to see both booms in the sky at the same time but very difficult to get in the camera frame!
  4. I take plenty of old truck photos from various shows around the country and enjoying sharing them with others. I put a watermark on my photos simply to point people back to even more of my collection. What I don't understand (honestly it pisses me off) are the few that enjoying taking my photos and cropping or editing out my watermark. Leave it alone! Share the photo the way you found it. I guarantee you will get the same amount of likes on FB. It didn't bother me that much in the start but at the years have rolled on and the thieves have become more brazzen I've started to share less. I suspect Hank had similar feelings.
  5. I was in MA a few weeks back and bought this very bag solely because it had a truck on it. 😂
  6. Here is a video I put together of the parade/track action.
  7. Looks like a major downsizing is taking place. It appears the main shop is up for sale? Camps? Trucks! Everything! https://www.lyonauction.com/auctions/auction/millinocket-maine
  8. Deleted I assume. Hopefully the original owners kept copies.
  9. Very interesting. Now you west coast guys can get in on the Brockway action!
  10. This old rig will bring plenty of eyeballs to your YT channel. Great work!
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