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  1. Some really nice stuff in this recent batch.
  2. The Autocar near the road is an interesting one. An early form of the AT64-F. You don't see to many of them around.
  3. I would say having an existing factory in place was the biggest reason Volvo decided to expand but hey, what do I know.
  4. Yes, July 27th, 8AM - 4PM 8118 189th Street, Mokena IL 60448
  5. My man wanted AC so he went and got some AC!
  6. Thank you! I've always been a vocational truck fan. A long nose Peterbilt with a lots of chrome does nothing for me.
  7. Wow, I gotta head to St. Louis!
  8. Here is a DS sporting what appears to be ACL style headlights.
  9. It's amazing what can happen when you listen to your customers!
  10. I echo Kevins statement. In all of Upstate and Western NY, with the exception of two dealers, Autocars are distributed solely by International Truck dealers. Where will their true loyalties lie when an undecided customer walks through door? Of course if the truck is as popular as social media indicates any dealer would be a fool to not sell what the customer wants. I'll give Autocar the benefit of the doubt, they seem to have tackled their first problem, actually making a truck, with a solid plan.
  11. While I find the headlights to be a little goofy looking I like it overall. It really does seem to be a design that the DC/DK could have evolved into over the past 30 years. Congrats to Autocar for actually building a truck and getting themselves setup to produce a truck instead of just producing vaporware and computer generated photos.
  12. It will be interesting to see how this sells. Most Autocar "dealers" sell primarily other makes of trucks that would be direct competitors to this model.
  13. I'm sure attorneys for both sides are already busy billing hours. 😂
  14. Yes, many trucks. I was only able to look at a few that day. Plenty of heavy equipment as well.
  15. A buddy of mine picked up this R-Model with a 8V71 a few weeks back. Fired right up with some fuel and some good batteries. He is unsure of the exact year. How long did the steel dash exist in the R-model?
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