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  1. 12v71 singing

    Ah Big Kenny, this might be the most popular Kenworth on Youtube. Conservative estimates place the load of the crusher at around 140K, the truck is about 24K. After recently speaking with the man who was in the cab I can assure the Deere was there for moral support only.
  2. Interesting. you can see the hinges on the rear doors suggesting the possibility of rear facing seats.
  3. Charlottesville

    Moral equivalency is poor defense or argument to explain current events. The Nazi and Soviet regimes were both equally abhorrent in their beliefs and actions and I do not have to denounce both of them on equal terms to be upset with one group more than the next. But you're right, I do have a bias against Nazis, Neo Nazis and all their feeble minded brethren.
  4. That would have been an interesting jury to be on.
  5. Charlottesville

    Nazi's killing people on American soil in the year 2017. Absolutely disgusting. I guess I am too young or maybe delusional but I thought this type of crap was in the past. It was a rude awaking this past weekend to realize the hate is still alive and well. I can't believe my grandfather and his five brothers fought these losers all across Europe only to have them pop up again here.
  6. Navistar, Paccar, Other Truck Firms Risk Obsolescence

    As of 3 or 4 years ago most manufacturers were pursuing some sort of hybrid technology but with the return of low fuel prices those projects went onto the back burner.
  7. They didn't end up in my backyard.
  8. Hartford Pulls

    Brockasaurus will be on display at the National Brockway Truck show this coming weekend (August 11-13th) in Cortland, NY.
  9. Now that Saunders has been sold to Lehigh Hanson let us remember the happier times.
  10. Seen this one before on here but good to see again.
  11. Crew Cab PayStar 5000's

    Good question. I'll have to flip the IHC bible by Fred Crismon and see if these are mentioned.
  12. How Navistar became a rolling stock manufacturer

    I'm surprised Navistar still has a hand in this project after shedding "non core" businesses over the past few years.
  13. Bunch-O-Macks

    Could be. I swear some trucks registered, made a loop of the fair grounds and then left. The travel companion of the B.
  14. For my 666th post some more from Des Moines
  15. I saw this at the ATCA Uncle Sam truck show a few weeks ago. Fantastic.