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  1. The B-405 and B-475 were ordered by the US Navy, for state-side base deployment. They were spec'd with the same 354 engine, trans and axles, for parts commonality, as the Dodge M-8 C-700/D-700 trucks in use by the Navy at the time.
  2. "The Tidewater N is one of those sad stories in fire truck collector circles. One of five N model fire trucks built by Mack it was cut up to make the pictured box truck." The Hicksville Floodlight Unit wasn't actually "cut up" to make the box truck. The FD remounted the Floodlight unit body on a Sutphen fire chassis in 1976, as a service life extention project. The surplus Mack N chassis was sold to Tidewater, saving it from languishing on a farm or in a boneyard.
  3. Although Radnor's website is undergoing revision, They have lots of photos. Also try BMT member vinniemiller, he should have pages of photos.
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    Firemack, From OldMacksrus; from a '57 B85F - 707 w/5spd 'runs very,very good' 16K mi. CJ5FRED@AOL.COM (no posting date). Good luck
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