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  1. That is probably a good idea not to shoot them all up. It will allow more wood fiber to go toward the production of toilet paper instead of plywood...
  2. Some events are getting cancelled because of the insurers. Covid 19 is new and no one knows the damages and associated issues. So, they are covering themselves by pulling insurance versus having a bunch of people sue them because they went to X event and now have the virus.
  3. Racin' Ralph Nason from Unity, ME got one of those "kit cars" through Richard Petty in 1973. He then won 23 feature races in a row! Painted black and yellow with sponsorship from Partner Chainsaw.
  4. Not really happy about all sorts of events and shows getting cancelled. Better to be sad and inconvenienced than sick or dead.
  5. Certainly roomier than the standard E cab!
  6. Slides are dated 1959. International dozer getting dirty. Possibly a model TD-18.
  7. New cam? Definitely need to check timing and the top end. If your local dealer is some what helpful, see if you can get info about the truck like warr. history or any updates done. I would need a schematic or chase the ECM power wire from the fuse block.
  8. Bet it could pull a foundation out from under a skyscraper!
  9. Good for you! If it is boring conversation, I will fall asleep and on several occasion been informed that I snore rather loudly!
  10. That was a really bad thing to do. Check compression, timing, cam lifters, valve train, fuel pressure, bad harness(s), bad sensors, power to the ECU, bad grounds, corrosion in the connector pins, more bad sensors, corrosion in the harness, oil in harness,....
  11. Could check with a pump shop for a recommendation. Also check with Scheid. https://www.scheiddiesel.com/Custom-Bent-Fuel-Lines/
  12. Very clean truck shown in 2015.
  13. Nice job Robert! You all did it with time left over...
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