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  1. j hancock

    Triplex transmission mount bushings

    Widdle? No problem. Take a short lunch and play with some of those gizmos on the shop floor!
  2. DOT 3 brake fluid would be the closest to the original spec available today. DOT 4 could also be used and it has a higher boiling point. Both are glycol based. I would use the DOT 3.
  3. I took a picture of the air six speed X107 sticker that I would like but I haven't checked to see if a vinyl shop could reproduce it. Hmmm... it has only been about 8 years. Haven't found the stickers available anywhere. Possibly find someone to take a picture of their 12 spd sticker and try for a repop?
  4. j hancock

    Allison automatic

    Ratio is stamped with "Carrier Assembly Number". Right front of housing.
  5. j hancock

    Mack CF-600

  6. j hancock

    Mack MV 620 D

    I have never seen it but it sure looks ahead of its time for the late 50's. Being a prototype, it probably had various components tried and evaluated. I had never heard that the V8 was installed! I was thinking of the linkage or air actuated cylinder needed for the Duplex transmission. I would image that the Duplex got swapped out to an automatic transmission in later years.
  7. Does it look like this? If so, the NAPA # is NMC M2842. Used on Diamond T's and Internationals. https://shop.industrialbrakeandclutch.com/BRAKE-MASTER-CYLINDER-1-3-4-BORE-FE777-M284249.htm
  8. j hancock

    NOS door installation

    Last I knew Watt's had them. For various Mack and non mack projects, I have been able to match up sizes for the glass run channels, whiskers, rubber bumpers, weatherstriping, etc. through Restoration Specialities. Purchased items for both the DE and the B with L cab and quality is very good. http://www.restorationspecialties.com/ Noticing the size of the work stall, I will have to wait outside...
  9. j hancock

    "New" Tow rtruck

    Very nice addition to the fleet!
  10. j hancock

    Mack MV 620 D

    Here is a picture of the bus when it was called MV39. http://articles.mcall.com/1999-08-06/news/3264861_1_tour-bus-greyhound-lines-bus-for-several-years https://www.bluehoundsandredhounds.info/barscen.html#mack620 Built with a Duplex transmission! Two sticks, no waiting...?
  11. Heavy duty hauler on Cape Cod. Kodak Instamatic picture circa 1977.
  12. j hancock

    2019 Ford F550 Jerr-Dan Wrecker

    Had a chance to check the truck on Friday. Chassis was built 8/18 and the date identifier in the VIN is K which indicates a 2019 model.
  13. j hancock

    1941 Mack EQ tandem TK **Exceptional Condition**

    Could be Mike. Think that was a 519. The END 672 started in Mack buses in 1948 and there was a push by Mack to advertise the use in trucks a year later with the EH and trailer. Pretty much the end of the line for the E.

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