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  1. Not a great picture but some kids used to ride in style in a Mack E model bus. Was at Kemp's for years and is now in PA with some thoughts of a restoration.
  2. You are officially on your own. Lancaster Upholstery used to make a kit for the L model cardboard headliner and back of cab liner but they stopped producing it about 4-5 years ago. If you want to do your own. The cardboard can be purchased from Restoration Specialties as well as the edge welting. Also some folks have had upholstery shops do L interiors with vinyl, cloth or even leather! http://www.restorationspecialties.com/ They call it cowlboard.
  3. With the mirrors being on a sliding bracket, the H may have been a mobile home toter before it was parked.
  4. Good quality light is definitely on my list of critical shop equipment. Nothing worse than trying to do repair work in the dark!
  5. Interesting read. Mitchell's theory of maintenance needed some fine tuning...
  6. The sales of the H model from 1952-1962 for "regular" trucks. There was a limited run of the H-81 models used in some heavy duty applications until 1966. The G model ran from 59-62.
  7. That is a Mack W-71 built between 1953-1958.
  8. Fabulous project and looks great! Coastal has painted one or two trucks in the area.
  9. don't know where your are located but this one is in Cali. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/152067/Cabovers-Headed-to-Scrap
  10. Put a new shed on your list for Santa!
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