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  1. Handy size to do landscaping jobs.
  2. Same here! There was supposedly lots of strength and safety built into the product but.... Lack of good visibility for the driver was a detriment. Nothing is more exciting than maneuvering a trailer when you are sitting as low as a sports car.
  3. Link-Belt Speeder loading a Euclid dump truck.
  4. Super clean 1975 Brockway F761LL. Born with a 1674 CAT for power.
  5. Here is a Mack LJ equipped with a Holmes 750 seen in 2015.
  6. That is one hell of a ride!!! Reminds me of the Strick Cab Under tractors that were tried years ago.
  7. The winch cable pulled the trailer suspension forward. This action made the dump body raise up. Release the winch and the body would lower. Steering wheel holders need not apply.
  8. Volvo management is horrible. They messed up heavy haul and super heavy haul. I understand that there is no huge economic advantage to super heavy haul but it was image. "Built like a Mack Truck" meant something. Has anyone ever bragged about buying a Volvo? Volvo wants production. Production is money. OK. PACCAR has volume production AND they can build a Kenworth to do anything you want. Daimler has volume and they can build a Western Star heavy hauler. Volvo.... pathetic.
  9. I would use 15W40 oil designed for diesel engines such as Rotella T. Depending on what you have, capacity is between 4 and 5 gals. What filter housing do you have? There is a Luberfiner type or the clarifier which is a very large canister with three lines. Two of the lines will be very large at 1" plus in size. The clarifier filter is old Mack 236GB311A which crosses to Wix 51233 with Wix 15114 gasket. I think the Luberfiner is 3090 (?). Depending on what you have, there is a screen in the oil pan that should be looked at.
  10. Kool Pic! Wrecker is an H model Mack. Time to do oil changes on the little trucks...?
  11. A couple of pups on spokes at the Bolton Fairgrounds in 2014.
  12. Yes, it is a B model Mack. A phone call or email to the museum may get the exact year of the truck. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/54888-b-model-the-human-cannonball/
  13. Good looking rig seen in Massena, NY many years ago.
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