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  1. Looks good from here!
  2. Nice! It's OK, I am sure Swishy had all the proper paperwork.
  3. The trailers are still good for weekend work!
  4. Couldn't say. It isn't mine. I thought it made a good picture with a small trailer parked out front at the Worcester Sand and Gravel Show.
  5. See what the have to say. https://liteflex.com/
  6. I said it is a Koehring 1066 and to bring the BIG trailer....
  7. Sounds and looks good Mike. I know you will find a suitable new owner for the pup.
  8. Back at a time when Mack put "Mack" on everything to do some promotion and advertising.
  9. Sounds good! A candidate for some preservation repairs. Glad it didn't go under the torch. When the price of scrap was high, LOTS of stuff came out of the woods and back pastures.
  10. Excellent Bob! What is the history behind it? Company? Do you know of future plans?
  11. OK.... You are working on a space dog???
  12. Big Mack Trucks member 70mackMB AKA "Hippy" has a treasure trove of trucking and transportation memorabilia. He pointed out a red pen he found at Macungie while searching for new items to add to his collection. Kemp's Mack Museum has since been disbanded but for Mack fans it was one hell of a place to visit. Nice memento from days gone by!
  13. This Brute got a ride to the show. Offset cab LM with modified fenders and a supercharged Cummins in the engine room. Model LMSWL 6 X 4 Chassis No. LM 2 DL 2454 D
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