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  1. A friend of mine told me he had a pair boots made out of that and he could dance all night in them and it never wears out.
  2. That liner protruction needs checked with liner clamped down in case no one knows.
  3. I saw that one time with a cat.When who ever found it some one had at the paint shop let a hand full of paper get into one port like that.I think the paint shop had maybe some of the engine apart.
  4. Just me thinking out loud but i would have thought that you had that much in it for material
  5. make sure the exhaust port in the governor is not pluged.
  6. The B model never came with the 285 but could have been put in later.It has same bolt pattern as the 237 and old 673.Some one done what i did and install a latrer engine but used the push to release clutch.That way no problem with linkage.
  7. That is stop master wedge brakes and the adjuster is behind a slot in the baking plate just like your older cars had.I have worked on them many times and always you have to back the adjuster off and chances are its frozen up and will not move.
  8. To give it more fuel you need to adjust the top stop screw.It needs to be set forward to let the rack go more into the pump.Not over two turns on the screw.It is a 7/16 nut on the screw.
  9. She sure ruin that pair of blue jeans.
  10. you would be money ahead if you would spend a half of a day with them.Show them how and tell them how much its going to cost if they keep this up.
  11. Show us a photo of the pump being there could be two different pumps used.
  12. I think all gears are different but i have never look at the part numbers.
  13. I remember on the 2 valve with a Robby pump it had a bolted in pump drive in the front and a Ambac pump could be installed in its place.But around i am thinking now but 87 or 88 the 4 valve E6 block was changed to a design to were a pump drive could not be installed in the block for the pump.They was at that time changing designs Of the E6 to change over to the E7.The cam and trust was changed like the E7 used also.fjh i have a B61 with that 315 2 valve and its a robby pump.Its the one with a no smoke valve on the end of the front of the pump.
  14. fjh is helping me to get my memory back and i remember this and also remember that the last 4 valve could not use the Ambac pump because it was not drilled for the 3 bolts or could not have a pump drive bolted in front.
  15. Rob the 4 valve E6 used both pumps but was a different block.The last i think three years of E6 was when the block was changed and the pump also used a adapter between the pump and block.
  16. And look at that front spring bushing.I check them by putting a wood block between the tire and frame and turn the wheel into the frame watching the spring for movement
  17. First thing to check is look at the drivers side spring and see if its slipping on the axle.It is very common for the spring tie bolt to shear if ubolts get loose.Also look at the yoke which is splined onto the steering shaft to see if its loose on the shaft and slipping back and forth on the shaft spline.
  18. Like Joey said check for boost leaks and not just looking but with about 25 psi from the turbo hose up to the head.You can get that much pressure to the head if you turn the engine slow watching for peak pressure at the gauge.
  19. Rob i think they tell us that but they should say we like the money those hands has made me.
  20. No i cant remember it but talking about hands my wife likes working hands.My daugther in law makes fun of my hands with grease on them.
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