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  1. Ford 300 6 one of best motors they ever made. They were used in a lot of airport "tugs" and I would bet a lot of them are still going. Also a lot of other industrial uses...that is before Ford lost their collective minds and gave a lot of business away.
  2. 10-4 on that Brocky...But when you buy a new pair of Vice Grips it says on the package....."Designed in USA"...and of course...made in China. Should say..."Designed in USA, in 195?)
  3. What is amazing is this asshole talks about the brilliant moves he and his "team" are now making to break up this log jam. Bottom line the key ports on the west coast-LA/Long Beach had been operating on the same schedule prior to the economic upturn. 24/7? "No No-cant do that, right here in the Longshoreman contract". One area where Trump for sure would have kicked ass and took names and the ports would have be operating 24/7 when the log jam first appeared.
  4. Ahh-very good-brings back memories-amazing what 3 box tops and a quarter would get you--I find it hard to believe however that a Biden decoder ring could be contained in such a small package😎
  5. Good shot-Detroit's "Big Three" represented in the old days!
  6. Do I see a tear in that old bulldogs eye???😎
  7. Thx- I was just thinking that getting th boom, dipper and bucket off as a unit would have to take a huge amount of weight off-which would lead to fewer tractors and axles?????
  8. Wow-any clue on distance of the haul? Any clue as to how many man hours it takes just to remove the boom/bucket?
  9. Looks great Matt. What is CA and what are you mounting??
  10. Guys, Courtesy of Jim Hancock- https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/55986-were-there-different-versions-of-macks-plus-3-cabs/
  12. Thx guys for the comments. Never heard the "no impact gun" rule as stated in Swishy's post. this guy was using a 1" gun! And I've always been of the belief when you tighten a "high" clamp you then spin as close as you can to the opposite clamp. This guy would tighten a "high" clamp and then proceed to go around to the next spoke. My fault-I'm saying "his job" and he is correcting his mistake not on my dime. I should have jumped in and said..."what about trying this"..... Hayseed...."couple of Bee's Dicks"?? More like .".Elephant Dick"🤣
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