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  1. thanks Bob. I use Chrome. I'll try using Firefox which I also have. I imagine that '94 in Reno is totally rust free too.
  2. Had more pix guys but as usual I have trouble uploading from my albums. In anycase, the guys in the water corral the berries that are floating and get vacuumed up into a machine that separates the berries from any "vine" and the stripped "vine" with the water shoots into the bed of the 650 dump. Water drains out back and truck holds the "chaf"- i guess that is what you call it. You'll see flats like the one pulled by the Louisville running all over the place at this time of year. Mass is 2nd to Wisc. in cranberry production and Mass crop this year is expected to be 9 million barrels. At 100 lbs to the bbl, If you assume 40,000 lbs per that is 22,500 trailer loads! In a short period of time. I saw another Ford (an LTA Aeromax) and what was either an HN -80 Louisville or a Sterling out on the edge of a bog off Rt 25 in Wareham.
  3. Well took these shots today at a bog on Cape Cod (Harwich). The dump is an F-650-by the grill, a 2000-2003, and the tractor is a 1995 LNT 9000, Cummins powered. Given their ages and appearance, both very well cared for.
  4. For sure- now tell me again Jim how I can post pictures that are not inverted!!
  5. And Denis-note one"n" is also a Ford guy. If you know what a Super Duty is he probably has more of them on his property than anyone in the country. The dump is the first new T-850 he bought and it sits inside.
  6. I may have posted this before but to add to Jim's picture of the B-81, this is the guy that did it- Danny Melone. And he did it virtually by himself including cab off and new rail sections that he got from Adams. Mack was new inn his family redi-mix business and pulled like a 25' tandem dump. And as for Macks, there aren't many guys who know more about them than this guy. Oh and he was close to 80 when he did this!
  7. Let's see. Mack buys Brockway, both compete for similar market share. Brockway union says.. "screw you', we want more". Mack says-...."Nah, think will just close the operation down". Hope the Swedes haven't been reading any history books. And do you think the union leadership is noting the continued number of fleets that are downsizing? You would think they would be in tune with the fact that this is probably not the right time to be banging on the table.
  8. F'liner and International should be looking in their review mirrors!
  9. KS- Internationals are even uglier than Chevys IMO but agree they should be the big winner in this deal. Local International/Ford Medium store has some in stock too. That dealership by the way was an original Ford Heavy Truck store opened under the dealer development program I believe it was called. The family that owned it in recent years just sold out so it will be interesting to see how much loyalty new owner has toward Ford.
  10. Did my monthly cruise through the local Altech facility. Saw a couple of new Chevys there for first time. Could not tell what model but they did not look like 4WD. As for big trucks, the utilities are going bigger and bigger. A lot of triaxles ion yard. Altech has added on to their space.
  11. Jim- agree on both your points-like I said, I was not taking a position on the subject-just a comment on this a-hole who rattles off the names from one side of the isle only- oh and this AM I hear another gem.."Everyone should be paid a living wage". I guess that seals the fate of countless jobs that employee, students, the elderly, and those clearly with no skill sets what so ever who will be replaced by a "better system". However I do wish there was some way to keep the "performers" vs. the "coasters". In my career I saw plenty of people who were up early and stayed late and made a contribution until their last day. On the other hand, also saw many who lived on their past deeds and were on cruise control until the end-or until you were able to get the goods on them and assist them out the door. Under our current system, the voters should be doing that but unfortunately that rarely happens- I only have to look at my state of MASS.
  12. Well this hack's latest commercial reveals his true colors. He rants about the need for term limits and rattles off a list of names that have served "too long" at least in his opinion. Perhaps, but shocker-they are all Republicans! I'm not making a point about term limits-good or bad, just a comment about this..." hedge fund/philanthropist/environmentalist" and his obvious bias.
  13. For sure-the hand writing is on the wall as to what China's intentions are with everything. Maybe we need a one day "Boycott Walmart" day. That would bring a lot of attention to the subject.
  14. Well never ran one but for sure they did not handle stumps. Just think of a razor blade as the cutting edge. Lower the bowl and raise the front apron as far as needed to keep up with the flow of material coming in. And that would be dictated by type of material and traction the prime mover had as well as was there a push dozer behind. Remember probably before the late forties, most scrapers were cable jobs pulled by a dozer. Then next generation had the pull unit as in this photo and they were either two wheel like this one or one with a four axle-like the Euclid in this photo that also had a rear pusher engine. Go to a site I think called "California earth movers" and you see the state of the art- big cats equiped with tow bars in front so two machines work in tandem and when one is in the "cut" the back unit has that raised and it is pushing and when the front one lifts the bowl and is clear of the cut the back machine drops the hook and gets an assist from the front machine-at least that is how I think is the "drill" Question I would have is what is that cage over the bowl?
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