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  1. Very good example of building credibility. Be interesting to understand why? Is the Firemaxx air? I know nothing about aerial ladders but if I was 85' up a ladder that was perpendicular to the chassis would I want to be held up by air bags or a stack of steel springs- I think I would feel better with steel springs😃
  2. Thx-very interesting. About how many employees work in that plant. Judging by all the trucks in the shot of the green F'liners, plant must have some serious sq. footage. So "Hendrickson" chassis for non-fire use are still built?
  3. Bob- The poster IS an insurance guy-he is trying to come up with a value on the vehicle before he quotes insurance rate.
  4. Hippy-very good-never heard that one-but I'm sure it was pretty close to the truth.
  5. Well the Mack community lost an old customer the other day when Arthur Imperatore died at age 95. Coming back from WW II, he and his brothers started A-P-A. Their red Macks were always very visible in the Northeast. In today's WSJ...."Under his stern direction A-P-A prospered, partly by fending off mobsters and taming unions."..."The trucking industry," he sometimes said, "is not to be confused with Sunday school". I do believe we have a few members here who drove for A-P-A.
  6. Well if you look at what Skip McKean's went for, and it did not have the heavy specs this has, that should put this well over 125? Assumes double frame has no "puff"?? Again, the pix shows a faded truck but assuming it has a decent new paint job this is a home run IMO. If I wanted a new heavy hauler, what would I pay-close to 200? And I would have a new POS!
  7. Well if looks count its a winner IMO. Like that "Lund style" VISOR. Get rid of the vertical grill bars" and just keep the mesh and for sure its a winner-again IMO.
  8. Paul, As I said, the guy is out straight. And in his world, he has to take advantage of opportunities when they come up. For sure I too miss his knowledge as it pertains to the global truck scene and with the end of Navistar as we know it right around the corner, that view will be that much more important. The BMT info Bot gives us good info but it is more or less press release info . Good stuff too that complements the views offered by KSC.
  9. Uhh-what am I missing here? M'M Paul started the thread asking what's up with KSC? Who is the "banned" individual you are referring to??
  10. thx-probably a 1950's "Euc" would fit but not the beasts of today.
  11. I've been meaning to ask. This operation is completely "off road"? Or should I say on pvt. company roads? If so wouldn't articulateds or even ridgid frame off road trucks be cheaper to operate at those weights?
  12. Guys, Heard from Kevin. As suspected he has been involved in a couple of projects that have him out straight. Got the feeling he was in one of those situations where it is feast or famine. Hopefully we will get some of his observations on the bigger global picture soon. And with the Traton/Navistar news that may involve the US more than some of us would like-or maybe I should say-more than I would like. Hate to see another IUS Icon lose its identity.
  13. I understand the rental of the costumes was $$$$$!
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