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  1. Brocky and Paul- I guess my problem was I did not pressurize tank and for sure once level in filter dropped below the "drop" in the nipple that is on the bottom of the filter head, it would quit running
  2. Paul, Point of interest-in my case I was looking for leaks-nothing. I pulled filter and level was below the pick up. so I would refill filter, crank and it would fire up and run for a minute or two then quit. I finally noticed bright brass threads on filter head on what I thought was the suction line-tightened those and end of problem. So isn't the suction line a negative pressure and it will not show fluid???
  3. Looks great Matt. And the guy you took it to made all the complete headliner? Old stuff good enough to serve as templates??
  4. Excellent Vlad-keep the pix coming. Likewise on Brocky's comment on "countryside" pix-always enjoy the education😎
  5. No clue i'm not a wrench😎 other than the simple things first. Check all the fuel line fittings to make sure they all are tight. I had unbolted fuel filter bracket to get easier access to steering box and in the process of constantly moving it back and forth to keep it out of my way, I must have loosened fittings. I was looking for fuel leaks but it was a suction line that was getting air!
  6. That to me says it all. Usually my reaction to "site truck" is "hammered junk". You raise a good point. And as always, not everyone beats a truck because it has no road use.😎
  7. Wow- looks pretty good to me...good rubber, cab looks intact, same with dump Faded paint is an easy fix😎 Good frame?
  8. Yes-but don't those designations you cite specifically refer to a Mack produced fire truck? Mack chassis and Mack produced fire equipment. Nothing would stop a fire department from specing a B-61 and shipping it to an apparatus co. Just thinking-I do believe the C series Ford was the most widely used commercial chassis for fire trucks during its long production run. I wonder if any N series Macks ended up in fire service?
  9. ??So no B-61's went to Pierce, Farrar etc as commercial chassis?
  10. Hah!-waiting for the customer that needs a 28' box!
  11. The good news is he is well. The bad news is he is very busy. Hopefully he will soon see some light at end of tunnel and we will benefit from his views.
  12. Just decided its pointless to hit the "like" button. What is NOT to like???😎
  13. If you go to You Tube...4142M Concrete Mixer Truck (2019)...there is a video that shows the steps/grab handle system. Steps are all perforated so they are not "mud/snow" catchers. Looks pretty good-for a LCF. And there is even a guy attempting to explain things in English!
  14. No connection- your Sterling cab was an earlier generation Ford Cargo cab. I don't think there is anything in this cab that is a carry over from that early Cargo. Not that any LCF has good cab access/egress vs a conventional😎
  15. Looking at that truck says to me the Europeans haven't discovered the huge advantage front discharge mixers have over rear discharge. Rear discharge has its place where on a big project , the mixer backs up to the hopper on a pump truck and drops the entire load.
  16. I think they have a lot of well placed grab handles if my memory is right. Of course never seen one but have seen quite a few videos
  17. Well the MB is better..less height for your ass to fall from😎
  18. Courtesy of KSC-delivered in Spain
  19. If you haven't listened to this yet, tune in. He nails it IMO
  20. I do believe that was the primary reason-hit something like a deer at 55 MPH!
  21. When I sit in an L cab I say..."and what was the advantage of a B cab?" Oh yeah-it was more aerodynamic!
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