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  1. Guys, anyone have an idea where you can get an owners/operators manual for one of the FL chassis? (Ex Fed EX)
  2. Brocky,. GA_D Thx guys. Just think of how expensive that was. Same trucks and for a limited number of sales they had to duplicate the assembly process.
  3. Sad fact- I'm writing my Congressmen-er "ladies"
  4. Just wondering if there was any real reason why Ford rebadged their trucks as "Mercury" and Dodge rebadged as "Fargo". Real reason other than some marketing guys thought it was a "brilliant idea". Anyone have a clue?
  5. Blackdog2's birthday today. I thought birthdays were officially acknowledged on this site but then I figured it out....must be an upper age limit to avoid legal liability issues😎
  6. All very good-tough to pick a winner!
  7. Sorry to hear this. I never met him but did exchange some messages. Was he originally from Danbury Conn.?
  8. Thinking of you both. your reactions to this are what caring people go through.
  9. Sorry- meant to say..."Beware of emails......
  10. Before of emails asking you to take a quick survey asking you to rate your recent purchase at Home Depot and you have a chance to win a prize. I have also seen same thing for other purchases at other merchants as well. Look at the address where the survey came from-it is obviously not HD. They are clever-they use the HD colors etc They will attempt to get your CC number as you "only pay shipping fee" for your prize. I spent 20 minutes on phone with someone at HD weeks ago putting them on trail of this scam but I continue to see the solicitation
  11. Speaking of embarrassed, I saw no Network TV coverage of Joe's fall on AF 1 stairs. And the good people at AOL what did they have as their top story when you log on-item 1?...Trump's Mar- a Lago has reported cases of Covid. They did manage to post Joes misfortunes as item 7. "Nothing to see here folks...move along!"
  12. Beauty! Now around here they would be calling the "fish cops"...Rabid fox!!!
  13. Well Donald did not like the Journal's position in which the paper blamed him for the loss of the two GA Senate seat so he fired a salvo at the paper. Attached is the WSJ's response. IMO, they nail it. While I voted for Trump, IF he lost I felt our hope was to retain the Senate. Well given the two candidates the Dems put up- a phony preacher and a loonie kid, it should have been a slam dunk. But the Donald goes down there and instead of attacking the two Dems, and pointing out to the voters the importance of keeping those two seats he focuses on HIS situation-plowing the same groun
  14. "JM"- Hang in there. sounds like you have a good support base-starting with the pup. Good things happen to good people.
  15. Well it will be interesting how Trump comes across this Sunday. Key question...Did he learn anything on Nov 3rd?Trump's Loss (1).pdf The attached was a WSJ editorial last week. Note that much of that editorial focuses on what Trump's own pollster came up with. Stay tuned.
  16. I don't think you are a cynic -I think you are correctly putting your finger on it. My view?- everything at a measured pace-but that is not what these guys are willing to live with-in particular if they think government will subsidize all this stuff.
  17. CloseJames..534!😎 Biggest of the three Super Duty V-8s-401, 477, and 534. The big gassers-Ford, International and 413 Mopars together with the V-12 GMC were a good alternative to the diesels of the day considering their up front cost.
  18. Blackdog dug up this picture the other day. 54 years of truck design progress- or is it?
  19. James, Blackdog sent me this picture-he snapped it at one of the Ballard Mack locations. With an aluminum dump body of this size ZI would say a landscaper's expensive mulch hauler.
  20. good point but you have to admit, the new Cascadia looks a lot better than the previous one- IMO
  21. Thx for posting. She nails this issue. this was yesterday. It will be interesting to see if the press responds in next day or so. This lady I think has a future. I'm a firm believer that politicians who have served as governors have much more relevant experience that qualifies them for higher office. They have to live with their mistakes vs those in Congress??? Eh.. Of course Cuomo blows my theory out of the water😕
  22. How about Falcon equipped 1967
  23. Hah! I thought the lyrics were....."driven my life away"
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