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  1. I do know the owner-I'll see what I can find out
  2. when you say "new Mack upholstery" I'm sure you are refering to new high backs? My B has two antique Bostrums- an Air Viking and a 905. Both have Mack logos on seat backs but the seats themselves (cushions) are shot. The seat mechanics work fine. I'm thinking for a lot of cash, my best bet is a custom upholstery shop. could probably cut out the seat back logos and stitch them into new cushions.
  3. Anyone here ever go to BON site? Tried logging on tonight and message for "GoDaddy" says site has not been "renewed"????
  4. Jim, Part of the Gargolinski Construction fleet that operated here in Worcester County. That truck was in care of grandson Matt when I took those shots in 2010. There was a ton of other stuff then too, twin engine Euc scraper, Letourneau scrapers, shovels, dozers etc. According to Matt, the truck may have a future as Matt has been working with Jandris Mason Supply who also has some beauties that have been restored. Hopefully between the two of them we have not seen the last of this old dog. Matt by the way is in the heavy truck business-frame replacement his specialty. More 2010 shots -all went under the torch
  5. And Jim, here is a shot of that beast in its "natural habitat" taken 9 years ago!
  6. Thx Kevin- I can't believe the Cat design is that old As always , imitation is the best form of "flattery"-or a good idea for sure. Komatsu won't be far behind. And Deere for sure given their Liebherr connection.
  7. And Horns on the roof....buuutttt-that will cut MPG by .0000003!
  8. Ahh- so how long have they had a "HI DRIVE"? NOT SURE IF THAT IS THE CORRECT TERM, How about..."Cat final drive design"?
  9. Beautiful-just something about a V-8 with the distributor on the correct end😎
  10. So the cat peed on the cushion-is the seat structure sound? Just take cushion to an upholstery shop and have them duplicate. Unless you are spending a lot of time in this seat and want the latest technology. Seems to me all the old Bostrum air rides did a decent job back in the 80's -assuming bags weren't blown.
  11. Well my intro to driving in metro NY was the big strike in 71 when the majors took on the PTEU-the big union that represented most of the petro drivers in the metro area. Anyone in management throughput the country that had ever driven was placed on the "MOCO" team.."method of continuous operation"-The prep for that was we had to take the NYC Fire Dept Certificate of Fitness test that was needed to haul gas/oil-"haz mat" wasn't a term then. Well I spent 51 days driving out of Mt Vernon-at times on 5 axles in Westchester county, other times in a "city spec" 10 wheeler delivering in the Bronx. After a while you learned the shortcuts and I remember one day going through a decent neighborhood (near Gun Hill Rd.?) I pass a group of people standing around a VW bug. I dropped the load and on my way back there is the VW-all the doors and "hood" open sitting on blocks, papers blowing all around it. Stripped clean-and this was a "nice' neighborhood! Welcome to the "Big Apple".
  12. Makes you wonder right about the current practice of incorporating the turn signal in with the headlight bucket. "Let's see-is he turning left in front of me?" If they are going to do that with class 6-8 trucks, IMO they should have a canceling feature like some cars do that kill the headlight when the turn signal is powered.
  13. Never thought of it that way but it makes a lot of sense.. All about having a competitive price with a dog on the hood!
  14. And next to the Binder looks like an old airport refueler on possibly a Louisville?😎
  15. Hmnnn?? Trailer made solutions. Hope they have been working on what pulls the trailers. How about it Kevin. Are a good percentage of these TIP locations currently either heavy truck dealers or into heavy truck service? I know in the old days I would not take my power unit to a Fruehauf Branch.
  16. So destined for US Market? Another cab over in medium market that Ford and International insist does not exist. ?????
  17. Matt-If T-800 not a Super Duty (401, 477,534) If it was a 477 would have been a T-850 or T-950-and 477's were not known as being dogs. Depending on year I think a T-800 would have been a 391-which would explain why it was a dog compared to say a 549.
  18. Kevin point of info, not sure of how it breaks out but Case and Deere are very big players in construction equipment. NH to a much lesser degree. My bet would be Case construction sales are greater than the "red tractor" business. As for Deere, on a world wide basis "green" equipment probably outsells "yellow" but not by much. Who would you see as a likely partner for Iveco?
  19. Well the upcoming negotiations were I believe being viewed as tough ones. Now with this distraction, another complication. Bad enough when the membership doesn't have the best opinion of management. Now when there are sure to be doubts about the integrity of their union leadership, sounds like a circus in the making.
  20. Makes no sense. If nothing else, a big negative to anyone thinking of a military career
  21. We need a chart to keep the Hake/Barnhart/Marino deal straight😎And I guess add Bay Crane to that??
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