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  1. Talk about Icons.. Ever notice how many ads you see that feature Early Broncos? My son actually had his used in a recent ad shoot. They shot a total of 4 days. His is the Brown/tan one in the picture of mine that I recently posted.
  2. Complete dumbass move. But classic Ford-develop a nice package, then ignore it. I see more Fusions around my neck of the woods I'm surprised the annual sales figure wasn't higher-actually I think it was closer to 200 vs. 100. And its sister the MKZ? I have a 3.0T AWD. It averages close to 25 mpg. On a road trip, with a heavy foot it will do 28 MPG. Not bad for 400HP. And again, a great car IMO that was never advertised
  3. Stock up 3.14% as of 11AM. It better be up given the amount of money they have in this thing. In an age of condensed specs geared to packages the option list looks huge.
  4. Uh Maddog-ignore my dig on Visors-not intended to include Lunds😎
  5. Nice-have fun with it. rears 38's??? And the visor? ugh-but I'm an old guy😎
  6. I'm afraid it's like the tide! Or like Don Corleone said quoting a bird......." I just want a little taste, just enough to get my beak wet"
  7. And from both of my "Operation and Maintenance Manual(s)" No Print date- I think they are both "bootlegged copies Mack Trans Lube 5 (1).pdf
  8. You think so? You familiar with Fairfield County Connecticut? On Long Island Sound, last county on Conn coast before NYC. It is where the rich and famous live-. Well the area took a big hit when GE closed their corporate HQ there. Guess what, all of a sudden, wealthy New Yorkers who had very expensive NYC condos, town houses etc are bailing out and headed to Conn. Guess why?
  9. YOU NAILED IT HERE IMO. BLM is funded by who? The left claims when it comes to climate, Trump ignores facts. When it comes to BLM, the left ignores facts-or should I say statistics. Blacks comprise what13-15% of US population? Yet Blacks are involved in 40% of murders. 50+ % of robberies. Think it might be statistically accurate to say when a much smaller percentage of population is involved with let's say half of serious crime, isn't it logical they are more likely to be involved with Police? In the same week that Floyd died-and no need to beat that dead horse-cop involved was a POS- I think 10 blacks died in Chicago and I think about 40 were wounded. No police innvolved- but we don't hear about that. When we start hearing.."Black Fathers Matter", or "Black Families Matter" maybe we will see some real progress. Google Bob Woodson. This guy nails the problem-and it has nothing to do with us old white guys. I look at attention my grandkids get and then I think of black kids that are growing up with no family or father figure present. Not surprising where so many end up.
  10. Agree- so Gumby stick around- everyone is a contributor and you don't always have to agree.
  11. Unfortunately I think everyone has lost perspective on what the day is all about. It is like Memorial Day. I got a couple email solicitations wishing me "Happy Memorial Day" and then "buy my car" blah blah. I sent emails asking if they knew what the day was about.
  12. Now you did it! And I thought they made good stuff😎
  13. Well guys without taking "sides" this old guy likes both sides of an issue. Now at the risk of getting flammed, when I watch Hannity, Every now and then I say..."cut the bullshit" . Trump will say some completely dumbass thing and Hannity lets it slide. and lets face it guys..He does say stupid shit. Not senile stuff like sleepy Joe, but stuff that is let's say .."far from accurate"? Remember when Covid was going strong in NYC? Trump is making speeches that they are bringing in "Freezer trucks to store the bodies.!. Uh Donald, they are "reefers"- and you don't Freeze bodies! Then just recently.."I've saved millions of lives".....he was talking about all his good work in handling Covid. Be honest-your first thought .."millions?" The way I look at it, the people that want him to win, have an obligation to try to get his handlers to get him in control. The election is his to lose. I said to some liberal Left coast relative of mine the other day about all of his "lies" that supposedly get tracked by the left, don't confuse outright lies with exaggeration or mis statements. Example. He was talking about what a great company Boeing was. "They were flying covid supplies in the biggest plane in the world..carries 63,000 lbs." (Or maybe 61? i forgot) Uh Don, I think a 50 year old C-130 does what? 45,000? C-5? Over 200,000! Is that a lie? No its a misstatement. Ah but I'm getting sidetracked- my initial point was two sides to a story make for maybe a better conclusion And cut me some slack-I've been married 50 years and if I get divorced now it will be over my support for trump. But as I tell my wife.."did I work with assholes in my 44 years? Yes. Did I have subordinates that were jerks? Yes But always I would say were the results usually good? Was the objective met? If yes case closed. That is how I can support Trump. Arrogant guy who says a lot of stupid stuff, but look at the alternative.
  14. Just waiting for them to land in US. Better yet, for the sake of my stock I'd settle for that 9L Duratorque landing in Ohio Assembly Plant
  15. How true that is. Amazing how clueless they are as to the history of their party
  16. Correct-brain dead. when was the last time you saw an ad for a Lincoln Continental or an MKZ? I have a 3.0T MKZ. 400HP, AWD and it gets typically 24 +mpg average driving. I reset it yesterday for a short road trip and it hit 30 MPG. But have you ever seen an ad for one? Truly if ever there was a "Hot Rod Lincoln" from the days of old this is it. But no one knows about it.
  17. Ok Kevin, Now how about a picture of an R-700 or LT-9000 in Big R colors for old times sake😎
  18. Nice Jim...a thing of the past. Best one I ever had was an AC HD-21- then I looked down one day and the leather was there and the FOB gone. That was back in the day when sales guys would visit job sites and if they thought a sale was in the wind, AND you have a say, you might get one. I was a summer kid hire but operator I worked with was generous...and had no use for pocket watches😎
  19. No- WAS a disaster with the launch-or are you hearing of new problems. Friend is a small dept LEO. Love the first one they have and ordered a second this week
  20. Such a disappointment??? according to who?
  21. OD- save the group photo and use it again next year-we will all look good for our years😎
  22. Well tonight was our town mtg where we got to vote on warrant articles. I sent our town administrator an email today with cc's to selectmen.and in summary advised the 57G for a DPF would not correct the problem, result in poorer performance of the generator, and in the end have the effected employees asking.."what is that smell"? I indicated there were several other things that could be done to correct the problem but at far less cost than was proposed and would be glad to share my thoughts . He quickly responded that 6g of the 57 g was for a feasibility/study/analysis and 51 g was to perform the actual work. But he would be asking for other alternatives "that could be considered". I also acknowledged that rather than give a 60 second comment that you are allowed to make at town meeting (mind you we are in COVID mode!) I would not object to the approval given fact standard procedure in this town has been to push overinflated proposals but then use the surplus in the next year to fund other bullshit. Not right but the game always played. Well some woman who resigned (out of frustration) from the advisory committee that screens proposed articles asked.."why couldn't the generator be moved" to get it away from building and air intakes. The Administrator answers question and says .."Too expensive" . I know others have been told it would cost 100g to move. I should have jumped in at that point and asked him what that number was but i'm interested in winning the war not the current battle. Bottom line, it has to go about 70' across a parking lot. So I figure saw cut 18" wide trench, 3' deep and an 8' x 15' x 8" floating pad. Under 3 yds of concrete. Floating slab works as genset is typical Generac skid. Plus I'm 99% sure power lead from Genset feeds adjacent distribution panel that feeds all proper building circuits. So trench contains the new power feed to that panel as well as what ever control wiring is needed. The physical move? Big hydraulic crane sits in middle and its one pick and swing. 10g should be more than enough. Stay tuned. Typical small town bullshit.
  23. Thx-Keep in mind-i'm just a dumb taxpayer who fortunately can afford to pay my taxes. But the town has enough people-in particular seniors-who are pinched. To some people 57K is chump change. They don't give a shit.
  24. Thanks- I had that feeling but you have confirmed No clue-I'm sure though it does smell when its running
  25. Jim-you are far too suspicious!
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