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  1. My 99 CH is about the middle of rear head on left side on the intake manifold
  2. I think I just gave about 150 for some Atro torque rods for my 99 CH with air ride
  3. Are you needing a copy of the 1 on the firewall with the fuses in it or the 1 inside the cab that has all the breakers
  4. There's 6 individual unit pumps on the right hand side of engine
  5. Oil pan is turned half around and sump tube switched around on axle forward but do know a guy that moved his axle without changing pan and never had any issues but he also didn't keep the truck to long afterwards so I don't know long term effects
  6. Yes I did have organ donars and a fair sized project
  7. The first picture is how the truck looked when I bought it from Superdog, and the last two are with the axle moved and a new paint job and some chrome.
  8. Bottom end should be the same I believe the only difference in the two are in the fuel system
  9. You will need front bumper bracket that will bolt on top of front spring hangers once you move it forward,shock towers are different mudflap hangers and brackets that goes behind front wheels,two small L shaped pieces that goes on bottom of cab that holds small rubber flap,there will also be a bracket that bolts on where front cab mount and lower front cab corner is different and of course a bumper and hood.
  10. Do you ever miss the older truck you had before this one?
  11. Probably not impossible but would be alot more work to make it look correct
  12. You can get them new from Mack or at least you could a couple of years ago
  13. Isn't the center section where turbo bolts on slanted on the CL's if so you will need a different part number
  14. There is a reporting like carfax for big trucks called Rigdig
  15. Is Mike Morgan racing Mackvader in the Bandit Big Rig Series this year?
  16. Thank you for the reply but I'm needing abs fault code not engine fault code
  17. I have a 99 CH Mack with Wabco abs brake system can anyone tell me what the 2 3 Blink code is?
  18. Does the e7 have an offset and straight cam key like on the etech if so that may have to be changed to correct the timing
  19. The last e7's was also made in a 355/380 but I'm not sure if the torque on them is the same as the etech
  20. I don't think the 380/410 program is available for the early etech
  21. David if you have your truck reset to a 355/380 you will have 1560 torque same as a 427 instead of the 1460 you have now with the 400 setting
  22. How much did the blixton improve the 99? Did it improve fuel milage and power or just power?
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