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  1. I've saw those after market LED lights advertised for the CH mack but I don't think they will actually fit better make sure b4 ordering. The olney LED ones I found that fit are the new ones from Mack
  2. Would the variable geometry turbo be stuck in wrong position?
  3. He didn't drive fast for sure averaged less than 2mph
  4. I would sure like to know what they did to reinforced the inside of cab to keep them from breaking. I called 3 or 4 mack dealers and body shops and no one had any clue
  5. The factory rawhide exhaust mounts to the cab I don't think there would be any other way to mount them. I had a Rawhide with a million miles on it and the cab where the exhaust brackets bolted on was not broken out. I built a set brackets similar to the original design and put on a 99 CH reinforced the cab some but apparently not enough because they broke the cab out in about 6 months. Not sure how mack reinforced the cab to keep that from happening and couldn't find anyone that could tell me how they did it.
  6. You could find you a Rawhide and get a vin# and order the brackets from mack or just make your own. The brackets from mack are not cheap. Also if you do this you better make sure you reinforce the cab good where they fasten to the cab or you will have problems with them breaking the cab out.
  7. You should try Grand Rock Exhaust they have mack factory exhaust kits I believe I saw on their website in the past.
  8. Not really hard to replace but the screws that holds the light in all twisted off or had to drill out because they were corroded in then had to put nuts on back side. As far as the wiring you have to get a pigtail that fits the light and cut your original end off and splice them together only 3 wires on each side.
  9. I converted one of my CH's to LED I bought mine from mack about 500 each they are all one piece. Another guy on here did one I believe he just put new headlights in and replaced the 9004 bulb with an LED replacement was alot cheaper probably a better way to go as it would be cheaper and easier to replace out on the road if one was to go out. They do make an amazing difference over the old ones.
  10. Are the new CHU's using the same frame as they used on the CHN or did they change them when they went to the CHU? If there is a difference what year did it change?
  11. Are you just needing cores for exchange
  12. 880joe

    Mack Parts

    If he doesn't still have it I have 1 I would sell
  13. All my CH's do that also I was hoping someone on here had a cure for it.
  14. He could have it ported and ceramic coated that is supposed to help exhaust temperature
  15. As far as the ride and turn radius I really don't know because I haven't drove it I built it for my driver and haven't drove it but he did say it rode better. Not sure if that was do to moving the axle or putting on new springs probably both. As far as the cost around 60000 pretty much rebuilt everything from front bumper to taillights and quite a bit of trial and error on getting the exhaust the way I wanted it so I did end up with extra stuff in the process. I also had the floorboards and sleeper Lizard Skinned and put in extra sound deadner and insulation. New door latches and handles a bunch of new air and fuel lines. Pretty much worked on everything.
  16. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth thanks for the information
  17. The 01 is a reman long block no ecm and would be going in a CH chassis
  18. Can an 01 CCRS engine be put in where a pre CCRS 99 engine came out of or will there be programming issues with it
  19. I would assume all electronic e7 would have cruise control
  20. I have a 93 MH with vmac 1 it has cruise control
  21. It will probably work if you also use the upright pieces that goes on the back of sleeper along with the top piece
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