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  1. The guys at Switchblade Turbo built me a new turbo supposed to be correct size. They said the other one was to big still don't know why the 171702 Borg Warner was to big for my engine when I've heard of numorus others running that same set up. Will update after I get it put on and see how it performs.
  2. Didn't come with injectors or jake or any external bolt on pieces eup's,starter,air compressor,and such
  3. I have an 01 doing the same thing anyone know where the alarm buzzer is located so I can unhook it
  4. Mack was 17500 Capital reman was 12500 on etechs
  5. Thank you for the input
  6. The bigger injectors will split I know I have split probably a half a dozen or so
  7. To keep steering wheel holders from tearing out transmission and rearends
  8. Anybody have any experience with Capital Reman out of Colorado? I was checking on new engines and they are about 5000 cheaper than what mack wanted for a rebuilt engine.
  9. I would buy one and know another guy that said he would also
  10. It's a RS686LST. I'll try to post pictures but usually don't have much luck at it
  11. I will have to check I know it's not regular R model
  12. I can get some but may be a while truck is about 20 minutes from the house. I'm usually gone during the week and busy with other home stuff on the weekend
  13. Would you be interested in a whole truck for parts with bad rearend and rusty frame 2 stick 6 speed and a 300 I believe 76 year
  14. Where in Arkansas are you located? I'm 50 miles north of Springfield Mo I may have what you need
  15. Are these trucks reliable or are they just a headache to stay away from?
  16. I never could see mine leaking couldn't find any other place leaking so I replaced the compressor and that fixed my leak
  17. Sometimes they leak around front seal of compressor and it's not visible
  18. Heres some pictures of the grill, there are a few small cracks and a broken piece in the middle of MACK, but otherwise looks pretty good.
  19. I have always heard them called nut certs or rivet nuts and they are supposed to be crimped to the metal tight enough so they don't spin
  20. I'll try to get some for you tomorrow
  21. I have a MH parts truck I'll look and see how good the grill is in it when I get home
  22. Not sure why it didn't work. It's a BW 171702 turbo that starts out with a smaller than 115 housing then is supposed to open up to the 132 at 8lbs of boost.
  23. Took the switchblade turbo off put my old one back on now getting about 34lbs of boost
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