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  1. I'm located near Springfield Missouri and I want 1500 dollars for the neway
  2. Are you comparing American Bosch to Robert Bosch when you say one is 3 bolt and other is 4
  3. So if you can put the gear off the E7 vmac pump on a mechanical E6 pump to make a mechanical E7 engine could you put the E6 gear on a vmac pump and have a vmac electronic E6 then
  4. Sounds like the peanuts in the rearend are slipping.
  5. There have been several posts about using bigger injectors and detroit turbo but when I went to checking on the turbo the first thing they want to know is a part number they are several different ones but I have yet to see a actual part number. Detroit turbos on eBay for 400 dollars and up just knowing which one to buy is the big question
  6. Fullfuel what nonstock injectors are you running
  7. What about trying a Steinbauer power box according to their ad there box changes injector pulses
  8. I have heard of people using a series 60 detroit turbo they seem to be alot cheaper but not ever got an actual part number to know which one to buy
  9. I have used their injectors haven't used their injectors and turbo together never had any issues with them. I have also used injectors from K&S Diesel seem to be just as good only about half as much money
  10. I have a neway with 4.17 from a superliner I would take 1500 or a hendrickson from a CH with 3.86 for 2000
  11. Are you wanting the neway or hendrickson air ride and what ratio
  12. I think the only difference will be on the right side cowl where the breather is
  13. An idea of the year model would be nice also
  14. Will Mack let you replace the AC engine with an AI engine if you decide to go with the remack motor I hear they are alot more reliable and alot less egr problems
  15. I have used 2 PAI overhaul kits and quite a bit of other stuff from them and never had any problems. Also I thought I heard PAI would cover parts and labor on warranty where Mack will only cover parts
  16. I would check with a local machine shop on rebuilding your heads my local machine shop done mine for half of what mack wanted. Also a PAI inflame kit would save you some money
  17. I believe I only gave around 350 for some from K&S Diesel Schofield WI
  18. My fuel line goes to a valve in center of the frame then draws from both tanks and returns fuel to both tanks
  19. I know a guy that converted a 66 R model to hub pilot. If nobody on here has better answer I can get ahold of him and see where he got his parts at for you
  20. Will the fuel splitter valve on a 99 ch keep the fuel equal in both tanks if the tanks are not the same size or will the smaller tank run out of fuel first
  21. Does the new switches have lights in them and are they a direct plug in or did you have to change the wire ends
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