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  1. Everyone, thanks for the nice comments. It makes all the hard work worthwhile. Jim
  2. Can't find any tag on fuel pump.
  3. Just to be sure, it does not have a suitcase water pump like you said, Is the pancake pump interchangeable? It has two belts and an idler pulley. i could not check the front of crankshaft. Could have someone made a 335 out of this block? There was no tag under fuel pump bolts. I just want know what I am buying. Thanks again, Jim
  4. I did see the truck, The serial # is 10339687 and it has a VT 50 turbo. I could not read other numbers on turbo, should have gotten a magnifying glass. It has a pancake water pump. Thanks, Jim
  5. I'm going to see the truck in about three weeks . {1200 miles away} I'll let you know . Thank you.
  6. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between a 335 and a 290 if there are no tags on it? Thanks Jim
  7. Anyone know about this truck? I replied to CL ad, but no response. Thanks
  8. My 2002 does it about once a month since it was new. Always when driving for a split second, and always restarts it self. Never been able to fix. Have checked ground connections and everything else many times. No codes. If anyone has an answer ,let us know.
  9. Thanks to everyone that replied. Jim
  10. Has anyone checked this truck? Not much info on CL. Haven't called owner yet. I'm about 12 hours away from truck. Thanks
  11. Tandem tractor, not converted, good to excellent condition. Within 1000 miles of New England. B 60's series or B 70's series.
  12. Your air leak could be a maxi can. They sometimes leak past the shaft and the air escapes from the only place it can up the line and out a valve.
  13. Can someone tell me if a 300 plus is a maxidyne and what letters and numbers would be stamped in timing cover area. Thank you
  14. Name: Mack CH 613 (2002) Date Added: 08 February 2014 - 08:25 PM Owner: jimmygreek Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
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