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  1. Grayhair's BIRTHDAY!!

    Happy belated Birthday! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. Happy Birthday Yarnall

    Happy Birthday Michael, I hope you have a Macknificent day! Ron Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. 1998 Mack ch600 odometer question.

    They are electronic, but I don't see anyway that replacing an electronic throttle module would reset the odometer back to zero. Ron Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. Farmer 52....hits retirement age!!!

    Happy belated Birthday Ken! I hope it was a good one! Ron Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. Also has a Turbo-Unloader on the exhaust for unloading dry bulk trailers. Ron Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. Info needed on V-8 864

    Just double checked myself, there were actually three "B" models that had four digit model numbers. Had nothing to do with what we were talking but I was surprised to see that there were any at all. Ron
  7. Info needed on V-8 864

    You can have a lot fun with numbers, can't you Dan? Just was looking for photos of the 864s and came upon this thread on BMT. Would a B-755 with an ENDT864 carry a model number extending out to fourth digit being a 3 to denote a turbo charger. I've never seen model numbers carried out to the fourth digit. Or if they ever made a B75 with a turbocharged 864 would it be a B759. As in F715 versus F719? I always thought that an H-61 with a Cummins engine in it (the only H model available from the factory with a Cummins in it) should have logically been called an H-71 as was it's western counterpart the W-71. The W-71 as far as I know was only available with a Cummins. Just thinking out load, that has been known to get me in trouble! Fun with numbers! Ron
  8. Happy Birthday mike69mackman

    Happy Birthday Mike! Ron Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  9. Sad offerings

    That's great! I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Hansen in I think it was 1970. I was fifteen at the time and didn't quite know what to expect? It didn't take long for him to put you at ease. A very nice down to earth gentleman! I'm repeating myself but one thing I'll never forget his how he called my bluff. I was kidding him about all the bulldogs he was wearing, suit buttons, tie clasp, etc., etc. and with a smile and a poke in my side he showed me the zipper pull on his pants! Last time I ever talked to him was in the early eighties, we were having a problem with a truck that was at Somerset Mack. One of my older brothers was trying to get some satisfaction from the Mack Co. with no success and wanted to talk to the president, no go. I called up to the office from the shop and asked our secretary to look up Mr. Hansen's phone number in Sebring, Fl. She called me back with the number and I called him. Didn't know who answered the phone so I asked if I could talk to Zenon Hansen, he said well this is Zenon! I asked if he remembered our company and me and I told him what our problem was. He said it was good hearing from me and gave me Jack Curcio's private number into Allentown, through Rosalee, and strictly off the record here's his home phone number too!
  10. Mack Dog Posters

    I liked the one "Nothing Breaks Wind Like a Bulldog" A very true statement indeed! Her name was Maxine and she was a real sweetheart, but she could clear the room in a Minnesota minute! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  11. Happy Birthday 39BabyMack

    #276 is now #26! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  12. Happy Birthday 39BabyMack

    Thanks Gregg, I had hoped he didn't sell it. DJ bought #276 and #154, a 1958 B-61 from us. He also bought the last 2 trailers we had built. '03 Ebys #s T-302 and T-303. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  13. Happy Birthday 39BabyMack

    That was #276 Gregg. What was it doing there, was it for sale? Ron Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  14. Happy Birthday 39BabyMack

    Thank you for all the Birthday wishes. Sorry we didn't make it to Macungie this year, we missed seeing a lot of good friends. Ron Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  15. Happy Birthday 39BabyMack

    Wish Victoria a belated Happy Birthday for me ! Ron Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk