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  1. God love you for trying I would call a professional at this .10 four on the proper equipment.....bob
  2. I always liked the small cab over city versions we had here for a while... they didn’t seem to last long ... haven’t seen one in years here...: bob
  3. i took a cool one of larry taking off from watts show...few years back,still cant figure out how to get it on here..bob
  4. Oooooooooooo,,,; also you make it look easy lol. Bob
  5. That was excellent Larry thanks for sharing I didn’t know it had an air start and I don’t know how I missed this one I would’ve guessed 20 speed with the low low...bob
  6. Well if it’s still a two stick probably can’t find anybody... bob
  7. Wow look at all that beautiful new paint excellent detail that’s not a bad price at all for all that actually relatively cheap ...:: last I checked rebuilt pump was 1500 by itself,,,,But that was 35 years ago looking real good ... bob
  8. Ooooooo hell I forgot about the parallel parking I had to do that in Massachusetts but not in California or Nevada.... out here the pretrip is easy to fail .... and seems to be the hardest part... bob
  9. Yes the pre-trip is very difficult I took mine and a triplex U model in 1976 kind of cool to brag about it now .good luck.. bob
  10. And yes it’s pretty hard to go through all the gears when it’s empty you could probably eliminate all the first gears also there are two gears through the pattern that you completely skip on the transmission that might be most of your problem.The faster you go the easier it is ......mastering a two stick is not that easy to begin with take your time.... bob
  11. probably same thing over there....when i broke into trucking, trash trucks were mostly DM and R models,,,now thier mostly MR or mainly autocar cabovers.....just about everywhere...bob
  12. Sorry it’s late Hope you had a swinging time ....: we were just talking about how nobody even brings them up lately sorry bud hope you have many more.... bob
  13. I know his is right before mine and mine is the 18th..... bob
  14. Husband probably got tired of her bossing him around and ran away from home... she’s out looking for him now...... thought it was kind of odd myself nothing from them in quite a while now.... bob
  15. Kind of like the rest of the Cabover especially out here those things were everywhere a few years ago but all of a sudden they all disappeared.... bob
  16. You have a lot of cool stuff Rob and cool go kart rowdy ... bob
  17. Seems nobody has been bothering with them lately... have a swinging time and best wishes... bob
  18. Blank checks they are right back where they wanted to be make America broke again. Assclowns
  19. And they thought Trump was out of control this whole con is really getting disgusting free money to all the deadbeats wow how about hooking up both working people I can’t even really afford to retire at 65 what a country like wow man... idiots... bob
  20. Tom you are a show off off
  21. OK gotcha I was thinking it should’ve been smoking a little bit first start thanks for the response..... bob
  22. I also loose prime but I haven’t done anything to the lines (very ) old plus the primer leaks that engine sounds great no Smoke nice work bud thanks for sharing With us good luck with the prime issue . Bob
  23. I liked the gray myself I had two of them 83 and 87... bob
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