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  1. I’m sure the guy would be better off buying another one at this point... bob
  2. I always like them I didn’t know they quit making them I see quite a few in my area mainly cranes and trash
  3. I’ll bet it does good work what a monster... bob
  4. That thing is way cool my dad started on one like that way back in 1932 delivering ice... bob
  5. very interesting,,,,i was also wondering what they sounded like,,,,,the gasoline radial.....sounds real cool....thanks for the post....bob
  6. hey man almost missed this.....best wishes my friend and have a swingin time,,,,,or best you can do,with this weird society,we got now.....bob
  7. wow,,,that thing looks really clean,,,thanks for the post....bob
  8. didnt even notice the dropped frame.....but i think they were all wheel drive....bob
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh funny thing I was going to say looks like it’s setup for a set a joints . I remember UPS hadda lot of them... bob
  10. I called them the bird perch... we have them on all our trucks ... bob
  11. I’ve never seen them,,, lotsa MB’s back in the day..... bob
  12. I remember as a kid law transportation hadda lot of them great memories thanks for sharing... bob
  13. Thanks for all that. That was a big help. I wish everybody would get on the same page with that though Los Angeles area Orange County and Reno. Right now I think there is just too many people out there that don’t belong. If you don’t need to be out there go home... bob
  14. Sorry I just spotted this still trying to get over the music in CB on my lane there’s a lot of talkers I am just about on the CB Mike my entire shift sometimes ha ha God love you for fitting in those things... bob
  15. I was surprised I didn’t think it was anywhere near Old enough to pass on that’s messed up God love him... bob
  16. OK now you got a think that’s funny... bob
  17. Well at least with the two flat tires I have an excuse to sit on the sofa ha ha Ha my wife works for a Bicycle supply warehouse and they have mechanics on site she keeps promising she’s going to take it to work and let the pros go through it I am still waiting also I fixed one water leak under the sink now the garbage disposal is leaking there’s a no end ... bob
  18. Well when I was a young kid most of them I saw were six cylinder Mack or Detroit’s ..... bob
  19. Wow thanks for that just a lot of reminisce I guess..... nothing wrong with that .... bob
  20. Ahahahahaha my wife ran 5 miles this morning alotta times I tag along with my bicycle since she runs and I walk had to fix a leak in the kitchen sink plus I have 2 flat tires and the leak had to be fixed bob
  21. holy maceral.........im speechless....wow,,,......bob
  22. you know after viewing this video clip again ,,,i find it mysterious how they all got there all liked up perfect..that way,, and why,,,i mean what was his plan for them.......bob
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