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  1. Wow didn’t notice that at first 150 Gs you must be running wide loads
  2. Well those things were beat to hell The company didn’t believe in anything new for what I remember.Running junk 500 miles a night..lol....bob
  3. I put a few pairs of singles on trying to get down there from RENO but usually no more But yes I know what you mean Southern California they really don’t like anything lol I understand Massachusetts is getting the same way ...bob
  4. missed this R model post some how.....cool rig....the single drive rigs,,,always interest me....nice neat look....also like the ford.....bob
  5. But they did look like the right ones on the photo oh well let’s see what happens.......bob
  6. That car is really hard to chain up can’t get your hands and between the fender wells and you can’t lay underneath .....plus sucks to put in 14 Jr shift then chain the mustang to drive home .. Real happy I have a pick up now......bob
  7. I don’t know what they’ve done lately but for a few weeks or so containers went away and my area ... But here lately I see a lot of them coming out of Long Beach going north they’re all empty that means they’re picking up to export out so apparently both governments have a greed on something......bob
  8. Forgot to mention it looks like you’re having most of your work done that’s the best way if you can’t afford it since most of us don’t have a whole lot of time you wind up waiting a lifetime to see any results I bought marker lights from Amazon and they’re too big but I’m going to try to use them anyway.......bob
  9. Wow that’s way exciting......bob
  10. Love Christmas lights they never get old we have a lotta neighborhoods here that compete gorgeous... god love them for their efforts lotta people drive thru and enjoy....they make you happy...bob
  11. This was actually last year I have a 4 wheel drive F150 now we got the wife a new explorer and kept the pickup for a spare now I park the mustang when we got lousy weather....I’m sure some of you are familiar with tire chains ....hadda use them twice last year ... bob
  12. Looks like you fellas have been very busy turning out really great
  13. Ya the drive thru guy doesn’t look like he made it..bob
  14. You shouldn’t even bring up Volvo on this site.... ahahahahaha...bob
  15. Yes I find myself doing the same thing I try not to give too much of an opinion anymore because yes I also realize not everybody is the same party on this site...bob
  16. Thanks Paul... He was posting pretty regularly don’t know what happened to him The truck was coming along real nice...bob
  17. Someone on here is building one B model he also has an electric corvette,,,I think... he hasn’t posted for a while...bob
  18. That’s a very interesting facts captain I know most of you were wondering about charging stations I run from Reno to Anaheim California and there’s three of them that I know of on 395 Bridgeport Lonepine and Mojave Within 512 miles but when I get down to Los Angeles in orange county I hardly see any electric cars at all and believe me there is thousands of cars all around me some mornings I don’t see any at all you would think they would be more popular and that area....bob
  19. I saw that commercial myself wife pointed out a bulldog one this year is dog show competition So you’ll probably be seeing a lot of bulldogs because of it and yes it was a cool commercial...bob
  20. Me????? I think their hideous and don’t really care for electric cars .... I also heard nobody excepts the old batteries nowhere to get rid of them ....bob
  21. God love ya great idea coming along real nice all you need to keep out the weather good job...bob
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