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  1. holy shit,,,,,,,,,,,,im sure they will go real quick,,,wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..bob
  2. antiques are usually in a different category...non commercial use.....you will probably be paying alot less than you expected...good luck...bob
  3. Excellent photos,,,,,; thanks for sharing . Beautiful job on the tank and manifold... keep it up..... and thanks for keeping us informed. Outstanding progress... bob
  4. that is a little steep,,,,im certain,,,the guy is just testing that price....see what kind of bites he gets...bob
  5. ive heard a lot of fellas through the years,,say most of the time,guys write thier own tickets...im sure most of you have heard that.i know myself,i have gotten way more warnings that write ups....bob..
  6. i wouldnt be afraid to put that to work,,,except i wouldnt want to get it dirty..lol.bob
  7. oooooooh,,forgot to mention,,,it was around 1964,,,and yes i was only 10,,,,i think i was just a little to recognize,one rig from another,,,but i think it was a GMC,,,but as i said it was a very long time ago.and i only saw it a few seconds..and i cant quite remember...bob
  8. dont think ive ever seen one that long,,except back in the 60s,,,,something passed us on the highway,,it was very loud,,dont even remember what it was,,exceptmy pop told me it was a double detroit,,the guy had,,,and my dad was actually excited to see it pass us...bob
  9. Thanks for that I have two good ones but I’m sure somebody could use the info thanks for sharing And yes that is very exciting when they tell you yes I have one right here on the shelf you know how it is with these oldies you hardly ever hear of that....bob
  10. Wow that’s like really weird took me a few seconds to figure it out very detailed thanks for sharing.... bob
  11. I was 2000 over on my drive axle couple years ago and made it right through still can’t figure out that one except sometimes strange things happen glad you made it through bud that could’ve been expensive mobile mechanics are certainly not cheap... bob
  12. Thanks for keeping us updated that video was way cool truck sounds excellent you scored on that one Bubba have a ball... bob
  13. Yes the wheels of success turned mighty slow sometimes between honeydews and barbecues and vacations and work I am going along with wife’s marathons and basically getting through life in general Mack usually takes back burner And yes if you’ve got kids never mind no time left at all ha ha.... bob
  14. Wow I would have thought he was gone a long time ago.... I remember them, quite well.... 95 god lovem...: I hope I make it that far....:bob
  15. Mainly haven’t had a garage till recently it’s almost ready to drive in and start on getting electricity starting tomorrow Electrician, coming over tomorrow morning to start wiring ...: bob
  16. Thanks for keeping us posted looks like you’ll have it completed in like 2 months....... 👍👍👍.bob
  17. Check it out,,,,,,, 26 years ,,,,; and it don’t look any different.....
  18. Geeeeeeeeeeesus......: already paint and upholstery????like wow man,,,,, now your just embarrassing the rest of us... ahahahahaha .....bob
  19. The air regulator goes out ,,,, very common issue especially when sitting idle,,,, thier very inexpensive and very available..... good luck and congratulations on the firing.... you must’ve been pissing yourself..... especially the way it performs.... great news... bob
  20. Thank you fellas for all that you did and all your sacrifices.....: most of us that didn’t serve can’t even imagine ..... hats off to all involved .... bob
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