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  1. not sure whats happening here,,,,,,,theres like nobody posting here,,,or commenting lately,,,like what happened to everybody??????...bob
  2. was thinking the same thing,,,,,,haaaaaaay wait a minite????????????....bob
  3. I’m sure you will have your hands busy but it’s all fun... bob
  4. Just spotted this one..... excellent... bob
  5. Wow I like the way you got it setup like an Australian rig... excellent and I’m sure you had a swinging time... bob
  6. Lucky you I have not seen anything around here entire summer.... bob
  7. Saw a bunch of restorative super liners Saturday morning Carson Valley Inn does anybody know anything about these trucks...... bob
  8. I don’t blame them that looks like too much fun no cars scales cops traffic lights tire chains... bob
  9. Right on man thanks for sharing . I could use that push bar on my lane lotta deer sometimes. Bob
  10. Oh by the way yes I wish I could go back to that time...... bob
  11. Great memories I owned a 64 pickup one of the best vehicles I’ve ever had but best of all, my pop was a city driver for beacon fast freight from 64-68 ... driving one .he used to pick me and my sister up in front of our house and drive us to the yard it was on the way to the terminal when he was finished with his route ..... good times... his boss was ok with it then we would all drive home in his 60 Chevy ... yaaaaaaaaaahooooooo ... bob
  12. I’m sure that new tomato he’s married to was influential.... god love him..... Apparently hes walking on air ... bob
  13. I am partial to both.... rode in my uncle’s brockways as a kid... great looking rigs timeless ...... bob
  14. Do you know that thing looks like it has a lot of potential and the weird thing is it looks like almost brockway fenders strange looking set up for 450 I’m sure it will move relatively quick..: strange thing looks like all the glass is real good shape that thing must be like way out In the boondocks otherwise the glass would be all smashed..: bob
  15. Glad to see it wound up a happy ending... bob
  16. OK well the Mack didn’t make it in there today but it is completely ready for it now ... bob
  17. Ooooooooooooooooo by the way..... both those R models are gorgeous... bob
  18. Yes you can take stuff off and just drop the bolts I am parts right where they are...... might be moving the Mack in today if I do my wife is going to take a video Of it I’ll let you know a little later on you fellas might be in bed bye then And the East Coast three hours later... bob
  19. Hey welcome back I was wondering what happened to you excellent photos thanks for sharing... bob
  20. Kind of odd it has rot on the front fenders ...... generally off road vehicles are in really good shape with very low miles... bob
  21. Kind of odd just my opinion I like the mirrors facing Inward But the mudflaps I think they look better if they are both facing the right side.... bob
  22. That thing is gorgeous thanks for sharing,,,,,,, I wish I had that garage and everything in it ... bob
  23. Nice looking fleet They certainly look like they work hard... bob
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