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  1. Interesting Allison over M-Drive. Nice looking paint scheme.
  2. Will an electric Anthem follow? If not Volvo will be putting the squeeze on Mack regional and bulk haul.
  3. Real nice. What year did the Granite get the longer hood?
  4. Gee how did my tow hitch get bent and my springs come up through the bed and all of my tires are flat?
  5. Throw some crumbs to Mack while you are at it. Some Mack engineering crumbs are long overdue.
  6. Thanks for the Wolfmeyer working dogs. They are awesome. I wonder if they have any old dogs for sale. Google maps shows a lot of Mack iron in a small area. Superliners, R's and CH's
  7. That shouldn't be hard to find. Is that an 864 V8?
  8. I would say 30,000 pounds plus. There were B-61's that came in at 23,000 pounds with heavy frames and rears.
  9. Thats an ex Celli trucking B. They had A"s B's R's G's F's and CH's. May bee a vision or 2. They were a major contributor to the Chicago area interstate system build. Look up Celli on this sight and you will get an eye full of green and grey Macks. 57BCR on this sight new Mr. Celli. Nice catch. Probably one of the last Celli B's around.
  10. Is there a Scania V8 option in Navistars future?
  11. Actually saltines may have been a better choice for cab material. They must have been light weight.
  12. Trip on I 395 and I 495. Noticed a lot more IH's on the road of the LT variety. Cutting into Freight shacker's dominance. Mack presence in bulk haul was quite noticeable. Saw quite a few Mack Pinnacle axle forwards more than Western Star and Kenworth. Peterbilt is still dominant. The only Mack Anthems I saw were for the Market basket food group. Mack granite and Paccar 880 & 357 seemed to be split about 50-50 Saw more Mack LE and MR's than Pete 320's. This was a totally scientific observation. Ha Ha.
  13. Is that Bernie Sanders opening the passenger door. Looking for the solar /wind engine.
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