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  1. Steve L, Volvo has a conventional cab. I agree some American conglomerate should buy Mack back, however as conglomerates do they may sell them again in the future at the highest bidder.
  2. Vlad great story! Definitely need wide tires in the front. That would make one slow heavy camper. Post the specs when you get a chance.🙂
  3. Bob quite possibly to detune the cabs natural frequency. Not sure if that's the reason but I like it.🙂
  4. Does anyone know what the purpose was of the cab ridges on the back of the Mack B and L cabs. The 3 ridges on the back vertical corner of the cabs.
  5. Does anyone know what the purpose was of the cab ridges on the back of the Mack B and L cabs. The 3 ridges on the back vertical corner of the cabs.
  6. Do like the Black and Gray color combo.
  7. Mrs. Celli. Glad to have you aboard. Those Celli trucks made me into the Mack nut I am today. In Wheeling Illinois, while waiting for the school bus in the morning, I would see the Celli B-42 Mack gaser dumps and the B-61 tractor trailer dumps almost daily. They sure made my day. I missed out on seeing the many R models and CH models Celli had as I moved to Connecticut after the Navy. 57 BCR has posted several great Celli pictures on this sight. Feel free to post any old Celli pics that you may have. We would all enjoy them. Eugene Celli was quite the innovator.
  8. Would be good if they offered municipality specs for snow removal etc.
  9. Phase 1 : Thanks for the clarification. I guess that concern doesn't take precidence over aerodynamics now a days.🙂
  10. I agree with Tanto. No offense meant towards autocardc the originator. This is a great thread but the title could use some adjustment. What say you autocardc?🙂
  11. Yes the bumper cutoffs were to save the front tires. Most of the trucks at the time had bumpers real close to the tires. Most bumpers now are some sort of plastic. Probably not a tire killer. I am thinking the Mack Anthem is a three piece bumper. Might look pretty retro if the corner bumpers were removed.
  12. The perfect 92 in BBC Mack. Had the B-67 beat hands down. Too bad it never gained traction.🙂
  13. You know now that I think of it Mack dropped the ball with the C model and the B-67. They should have met the 92 in BBC limit with the C-600 instead of the B-67. The C-600 would have been much better competition to the White 9000's of the time. Actually the L cab with the B front end looked very tuff looking (like a Mack should). Actually this may be an idea for a new thread. "Where and when did Mack drop the ball over the years" 🙂
  14. That grill is not doing the original A-cars any favors IMHO
  15. What were the major problems with the early Cruiseliners. I have heard about windows and dashes.
  16. I wonder if any Mack historians know why the C Model Mack was ever produced. The B model was done in 1965-66. and the U &R models came started in 1965-66. It seems as though Mack was trying to use up B model parts and L cabs. The L cab should have been utilized more on the B's to compete with Whites A Car drivers cab.
  17. I wonder if they would fit in a Mack CH(Pinnacle)
  18. Apgar green and cream B-61's and U-600's. Red Horse Schuster was a White fleet, green coup cabs and then green 9000's. I used to live across the street from their Colchester Ct. terminal. Lots of White action. Then before going belly up they bought a bunch of brown colored U-Model Mack's and moved their terminal closer to Rt 2 and 11. Maybe Maislan bought them out.
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