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  1. If you think The Truckers Report Forum is something else look at Trucking Truth. Owned and monitered by a so called 15 year driver with a "my way opinion or the highway".
  2. Your patience, time and $$$ have surely paid off. What a beautiful truck! I really like the wooden knob for the air horn. Best of luck with her.
  3. I think this model would be great if they offered it as a tractor option. This would be an awesome "city or local" tractor. Get rid of those ugly hood mirrors and install fender mounted ones a plus too.
  4. I am a fan of any R model and your RD is absolutely gorgeous! My hat is off to you for a job well done. Be proud of finished product you have done a wonderful job.
  5. Also I remember L.J.Kennedy from NJ. had a fleet of U, R and F model Macks and flatbed trailers.
  6. Stop & Shop and Bradlees in Ct. and Mass. ran an all Mack fleet of U and some R models. H.M.Royal, Inc. from Trenton, NJ. is a chemical distributor and used to have a total Mack fleet. They had A40, B61, F600, R600 and an MH I believe and pulled dry van and bulk tankers. They were green cabs and red frames in the early years then white cabs with blue frames later. Today they only have 1 IH straight truck for local deliveries and a few trailers for storage in their yard. Herms trucking was another Trenton NJ. company that was mostly Macks. I remember 1 Brockway C/O, 1 Diamond T conventional and a few B61, a B67, a B75, several R600 and F600. They pulled a mix of dry vans and flatbeds.
  7. Mowerman, I don't know what the problem was but the harnesses for the differential and trans temps kept shorting out. The windshield leaks were eventually cured by removing both sides, new rubber gaskets and resealing with some real sticky black sealer.
  8. It has a direction plare for an exhaust turbo conveyor but the turbo conveyor is missing from the exhaust stack. This would indicate that it was used to unload dry bulk tanker loads thus also the reason for the underslung rear springs. They rode smoother than camelback but didn't last nearly as long. My father had this set up on R685 years ago and had the main leaf break while under load and caused a rollover on I80 near Hazelton, Pa. about 1968.
  9. Drove a 1978 Western Star COE with a KT450, 13 speed O/D, 4.10 differential. Came off dealer show room floor with lights in all wheels, full instrumentation. Ran like a raped ape but the wiring harnesses were always failing and the windshields leaked every rain storm.
  10. Beautiful color choice Skippy! You, your son and husband should be proud of all the effort you have put into this project. I can't wait for the finished puppy.
  11. Back in the 50's and 60's the fleet I drove for had all their Macks (LJ, A, B, F and R's) were Mack green cabs and red frames and wheels. Years later they changed their fleet colors to white cabs and blue frames and wheels.
  12. Brocky, I used to stop there on my way from Trenton, NJ to Boston, Ma back in the early 70's. It was fine then even with the bunk room upstairs. Heck the Mayflower was OK too before it became the Pilot. Today I would not go there even if broke down.
  13. Good luck with your U model. According to your photos it appears it might be a E-6 Maxidyne with extended service capacity. Does it have a 5 speed or 6 speed 2 stick transmission? I'm envious and sorry that It is not in my yard. I hope you have fun with her.
  14. Great looking Peterbilt towing the Mack. Didn't know Secondi Bros. truck stop was still open.
  15. Nothing better than an R model Mack and your family agrees. Very nice
  16. Not quite Hayseed. At 6'1" and 210 and 71 years young I still work out a little and exercise as often as I can. I should proof read my responses better because it sure sounds that I do. Caused a good chuckle on my end.
  17. Now that would be something, getting slapped in the face with a setbof boobs and losing my false teeth. Life is good.
  18. Looks like a seat from a B model. I saw them when I used to ride with my Dad. I think that they were made that way to clear the 2 stick shifters. They made for a good bed area and a lot more comfortable than a piece of plywood.
  19. The only attention that she needs is a salute. ATTENTION!! Beautiful, be proud.
  20. What a gorgeous B model! How about some more pics from the sides and interior? You can be proud of this one.
  21. james j neiweem, Me either. Every seperate post has that little box in it.
  22. SkippyMack, Great color choice! The hammered effect is excellent and it will compliment the entire finished project. I look forward to your finished project. Your shop assistants and you are doing some excellent work on bringing the old girl back to life. I'm envious and happy for you.
  23. That sure is a sweet looking Dog! Any pics of the inside of the cab and under the hood? I'm sure it won't last too long.
  24. Thanks for the updated information Vlad. It sounds like you have quite a bit of work ahead. It will make for some real good reading on this site. I always enjoy seeing your work as you are indeed a craftsman and strive for perfection. Keep the pictures coming too. Thank you sir.
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